There goes my plan for the day…

We were supposed to go up to Maxwell Hill/Bukit Larut/Kopi Sua this morning.

But this CCB news forced me to stay home :

TAIPING: Blooming tulips on Bukit Larut have been drawing thousands of holidaymakers to the hill this past week.

Kreaaakkkk ptuiiii! Of all day, why must they feature this today? I am so not gonna jostle with thousands of holidaymakers. There is nothing worse than going to touristy places during Chinese New Year. Last Sunday, on the first day of Chinese New Year, my crazy sons wanted to go skateboarding. So, we dropped them at the Municipal Park, thinking that no Chinese can be found in parks on a Chinese New Year day.

But noooooo….they were there in throngs, dressed in their sparkling beaded, sequined, lacey, flowery qi-paos and whatnots, sitting on the brown, dead grass eating kueh kapit! We would have been caught in a half-hour jam just to get out of the park! Lucky, my hubby, the stuntman, drove against the traffic on the one-way lane and get out from the other end.

My whole island is infested with tourists. Which leaves me with nothing but hugging the bolster, my toddler, husband, cans of Carlsberg, jars of pineapple tarts (alternately) and do nothing but whine ‘sienzzzzzz.

Oh ya, I also hugged a buffalo! Meet my keatah gu. We, Penang people call Kedah-ans, keatah gu which means kedah’s cow/buffaloes because long time ago, the whole state was occupied by lots of buffaloes which were used for paddy farming. Sadly, I can’t find a single real buffalo to take photo with. Only this cardboard thingie from the Kedah Paddy Museum.


Back to eating Chinese New Year cookies, drinking shandy, bugging my poor hubby and whining.

16 thoughts on “There goes my plan for the day…

  1. wahahahaa!! you really very sien hor. go and hug buffolo.
    why you don sit on it’s back and play the flute? with your topi, looks like “niu lang” what. then your atm and you can sing new year song together. hahahaha!!!

  2. LMAO @ ATM = Zhi Nu LOLFOC!

    Aiyah lilian, how many times I have to tell you ‘if a cow don’t want to drink water, you can’t force the cow head down’?

    Or instead of ‘old man push cart’, you were trying to ‘old auntie pull cow (up the tree)’???

  3. ayoo lilian olang taiping pigi makan ayam inche cabin sama prawn keropok. please get me the recipe…

  4. Cocka Doodle – Matador meet head on, I just wanna ride buffalo.

    fire80 – Taiping tak jadi pigi la.

    foodcrazee – kahkahkah, i no photoshop la. If my photoshop skill so good, i would photoshop Gallen Lo (HK star) nekid instead of a buffalo la. LOL. It is the photo gallery in the museum where we can put on hat and farmers clothes to take photo. That buffalo is made of cardboard.

    wings – You see la, everyone is equally bored, use my comment board to make animal p0rn.

    dsaint – take my advice, stay away from to much p0rn. You are seeing things. Danger!

    doc – i know nothing about chinese folklore so i seriously dunno what you all talk about la. Got pic to show? Is it like the tongshu where the farmer got wear shoe means rainy season, no wear shoe means dry season kinda buffalor ah?

    kiasi – dunwan la, got bloggers mahjong session i want la

    failer – scratch head la, dunno who you talking about

    ahpek – i very malaysian mah, we got lots of kerbau what. sing rasa sayang hei

  5. Waaaa, blissful New Year lar… bugging hubby for what?? If you don’t elaborate, I’ll have to make a guess. šŸ˜›

    This New Year things were slow and the usual CNY atmosphere was lacking. The most exciting thing for me was the 3-person mahjong sessions!! LOL Me, my mother and my reluctant hubby!!

  6. wu ching – šŸ™‚

    Failer – Hey, tks for the link. Now I vaguely remember having watch this on TVB Astro Wah Lai Toi. Wah…today is the 7th day. I hope the heaven queen did not come and take me back to heaven. LOL.

    helen – Yalor, i did not gamble ‘cos the big kid has gone dating and left the small ones, no fun to gamble with them.

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