What price happiness?

Sometime back, I wrote about jumping aeroplane.

The other day, four regular persons were missing from my CNY gatherings. I did not notice and thought they just refused to come to my house ‘cos I am not exactly ‘auntie material’ who showers them with motherly care.

Only yesterday, I heard from someone that these buggers have really gone ahead and jump aeroplane (working illegally) in UK. Their moms (two of them) dare not make a squeak about their missing kids. I guess they knew better than to tell me in front of 40 people that they allowed their kids to do something like this.

I would have told the moms about the lucrative job of prostitutes. Or their sons can earn easy money ferrying drugs. Because, tiu, if their kids can survive waitressing (that’s what most claim), they can easily earn decent money in their own father’s establishments. (the fathers have small businesses of their own) They can do legal work, albeit a harder one here in Malaysia. Why do something as risky as this?

I cannot comprehend them, never can, never will. It is all about money. It is not that they are starving or without home and car. Yet, they want more. They want more money. For what?

So, tell me. If you are young and reckless, with little education, not fluent in English, never travel out of the country, do you dare to fly all the way to UK?

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  1. Never ! Rather work here.

    Have a lot of friends who jump aeroplane and now they are suffering there. Cant go anywhere. They are scared sh*t

  2. Let me ask you another question.
    If you know your parents treated you very well while you grow up. You have moderate education and have plenty of reletives who are living in luxury.

    You know that no matter how hard you work here in Malaysia, you will not be able to earn much due to the level of corruption and monopolization here, won’t you try doing something else to earn enough to repay your parents? To earn enough to plan for the future instead of working from 8 Till 6 everyday till you’re 55 just to support your children’s education?

    Sometimes, the enviroment here just forces people to think that doing illegal business is actually more worth it.

  3. i wonder how ppl dare do something like that..! that’s too scary..! the life they lead.. would always be a dark one.. being an alien.. in somewhere foreign.. so pity..!

  4. Don’t speak too soon. Who knows what your sons will be up to in a few years time….

    When you are not in the same situation as other people, it’s very easy to judge..

    Everyone’s just human.. they are not killing or raping.. just trying to secure a better life for themselves.

  5. toxicle – agree with you. who knows what the future holds, right? But not to have an opinion (i.e. expressing it) and go with the flow and blindly agree that yeah, it is good to earn a living, no matter how, is dead wrong. I am not judging, but knowing how to judge a situation, having a principle. That is is not right to do illegal things just for the sake of earning more money.

    MamaBoK – Yeah, they are fooled to believe that if they are caught, they will earn a comfortable place in jail, with plenty of food. It is actually a syndicate that draws these young people there.

    n305er – We mustn’t blame the environment or anything to drive us to do illegal stuffs. That is a pretty lame excuse. Does that mean robbing, killing, kidnapping are all ok if the criminals are doing it to feed their children, parents, save the blue whale etc? No, right? So, what I am saying is it is darn wrong for the young people to pull one after another to do the same thing. Now more and more cousins are going there and their moms are pretty proud that their kids are ‘working overseas’.

    foodcrazee – Last time, I heard many people work to death in Japan in the construction areas.

  6. those things that some ppls will do for money you will be suprise!!!! look at “somebody’s” blog now got phonesex ad ledi LOL!!! i wonder if she works there too!!! I wanna call !!! u think they got 3G video phone sex serbis also ar ?

  7. Wingz & Doc – yahor, I got so hot blog, with ready customers, just need to find a few cun chicks only and I become online mamasan. Wingz ah, what kind you like? Speak Hokkien or Teochew one? Virgin or sexsperience one?

  8. I have a neighbor staying 2 doors away who claims to go to Japan to work as a waitress. Every few months she would return here and splash on renovation, new cars etc.
    Looking at her laundry line, my wife and I can’t help but wonder why waitresses in Japan wear G-string, crotchless panties, sexy lingerie etc. LOL. Later we learnt that she is actually working in those karaoke cum farkshop in Japan.

  9. Auntie Lillian,
    Usually plane jumpers, even if it looks like they choose to do so, are forced also by family economic circumstances. So I think they’re more brave than stupid. Yeah, things can go wrong, but they dare to do something for themselves, so that’s admirable.

    Cocka Doodle,
    Maybe the f/shop is closer than Japan, no? If can so often come back, every few months, possibly the place of work not so far away leh…. Greater KL is a HUGE geographic spread…..

  10. Yvy – yalor, so berani and reckless.

    WFH – If the dad drives a Merz, you think it is for economic circumstances anot? BTW, did I use the word stupid anywhere? It is more like a shortcut to earn big bucks, whatever it takes. So, there is nothing admirable about it.

    Cocka Doodle – Lucrative bisness hor? Abuden, how you peek until can see crotchless panties. LOL.

  11. better to work oversea with a permit. That way ensuring safety while in oversea. Its good for Embasse or Consulate to know ur whereabt in any country u study or work in.

  12. Baru aired on tv couple of weeks ago about people like these from China. Came over with promises of work and better living for their family back home. All for nuthing. Nak kerja tak boleh since they can’t speak no English to save their lives. Pitiful pun ada sbb how can they even percaya all those promises, beats me. And they had to fork out like £5000 at least just to get here. These parents who let their kids come should first look at some other realities osso, not just what others cerita ceriti…

  13. I share 5xmom concerns. Am publishing an article on sisuahlai in response to 5xmom points. I think stricter immigration rules are one way to curb this. Speaking good English cannot be a criteria as some will claim that are coming to the UK for the purpose of improving their English.

  14. i have a fren who jump plane a long time ago, he’s an asutralian citizen today..i also know 2 frens who got deported but they’re doing very well in malaysia today..i would not recommend it to anyone but will not discourage others not to do it either!

  15. nope, no go overseas to work like a indon 🙂 there are consequences that we do not anticipate if we do this until too late…. illegal = no rights = abuse = jail, cheers!

  16. lol… I agree they are really brave to go overseas when they cannot speak English….

    Maybe looking at it from a different angle, from your description, they are not from really poor and desperate families. So, I guess money is not the main factor. Perhaps these kids wanted to just leave home to find breathing space…. or crave for the experience of staying in a foreign country. lol

  17. Chinatown down London is packed with too many Chinese. The thing is, they can’t differentiate which are the legal and illegal ones hence, usually the illegals get off the hook much more easily. Not sure about other countries though. They are actually brave in a way as they dare to take the risk and all.

    Usually when they arrive in a foreign country, it really depends on what they want to do and how desperate they are. Some stick to legal jobs such as waitressing in a small restaurant. Desperados who goes for illegal ways usually end up the wrong way and get deported la. My friend’s cousin jumped aeroplane 10 years ago and now she has a 3 room house in London working for a tv company or something like that. She earns like the higher end of 4 digit pounds some more.

    You can’t stop people from jumping, you can only advise them to do it the right way 🙂

  18. No need to say-lah. They are already there. If still here means say, still got can take into consideration.

    If already there means just wish them the best of luck.

    If they do good you can be happy for them. If they get into trouble, they will learn a lesson. And you can still offer to lend a helping hand or ear short of saying I told you so.

    This kind of thing ah, If they make it, you jahat for not being supportive. If they don’t make it also you jahat for being bad mouth. Never can win one!!!

    Sorry ah Lilian if you think that I am out of line…

  19. i got a fren who went there to do the same thing.. i really wonder what can she do there… well i am not being mean but her english is way beyond par.. n she expect to earn there.. she is a degree holder btw.. n she can’t really find a decent job that she wants here in malaysia.. she expect she can do so in UK.. hmm… i wonder…

    for me i would prefer working here and if my performance is good then my company would send me there.. just like what my cousins did.. tat’s the real accomplishment to me.. no point hanging there with a blue collar or a no collar job and worst of all.. away from home n friends..

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