Sobs! I don’t get to go to the bloggers meet!


There is a bloggers meet going on somewhere and I am home. Digging ears. But you know, digging ears is a pretty orgasmic activity that I enjoy. *slaps the boys and girls’ hands* Don’t try digging your ears, kids. You can become deaf!


Tonight all the Hokkien clans will be praying to the Thnee Kong, which is the heavenly god. Do you know that to-date, there is no statue or replica of any thnee kong? It is the highest level of gods. In case you guys don’t know, there are three levels to the Chinese gods. The earthly ones like the tay choo kong, the mid level ones like Kuan Yin and the ‘sky’ one (thnee, tay, tiong), which is the Thnee Kong. It is said that the birthday is on the 9th day of the first lunar month.

Yeap, I have a gut feelings that this is the same god that that we refer as God. Only thing is the Taoists worship differently. In the Bible Old Testament, that spans 4,000 years ago, long before the birth of Jesus Christ, the people also worship God with sacrifices of animals and such. Of course, now Christians do not do that because God has made Himself Man and born as Jesus.

Do you also know that our old, old grannies used to pray fervently and faithfully to the Chinese gods and ask for mere good health and safety? They only ask for the protection of their offsprings, good health for all and good luck. Back then, they don’t crazily ask for wealth and certainly, never meddle too much with changing their lucks. It was more of a surrendering kind of relationship than the ‘I am in control’ type. Like the current trends of changing fengshui, face luck, pat chi, yadda yadda yadda.

I took over my mother-in-law’s ritual of making offerings to the Thnee Kong and did that faithfully every year. It is a lot of work, involving many steps and I had to individually wrapped each fruit, each banana, yeap each batang of banana with red papers. Sometimes, the whole process takes me a whole day and night. Moreover, the costs of buying the stuffs are not cheap as a whole suckling pig can costs almost RM400 during these festivals.

But I did it diligently because my mother-in-law was very passionate about this. She told me that Thnee Kong had helped her and her family, including my used-to-be sickly atm (baby time la). So, I did it year in, year out. She died sometimes in 1999 (gosh, I can’t remember!) and we weren’t supposed to pray to Thnee Kong for three years. After that, I had Vincent, Vincent died and I turned to Christ.

So, now my Thnee Kong is my God whom in Mandarin we call as Thian Zhu (Heavenly Host).

Be prepared for lots of crackers at the stroke of midnight.

Aiks, I diverted too much from my blog title. Ok, I did not go to the Penang Bloggers meet because I don’t feel like taking my grouchy toddler who will probably scream the intended podcast siao-siao.

BTW, the above digging ears photo was taken last night at the Khoo Kongsi courtyard during the Malaysia Open House. And the god of prosperity is a staff from Sunway Hotel, Penang. Tks, dude for lending your pic! You are more like Justice Pao! LOL! And congrats for winning the best decorated stalls (or something award).

13 thoughts on “Sobs! I don’t get to go to the bloggers meet!

  1. U wouldnt believe the number of invites we’ve received for this 1 single event. Seems to be the highlight of CNY, hoh. I’ll just attend the first on the list, cabut back home with Gordon, and leave the rest to hubby. Prolly last him till 4am.

  2. As usual my family did not celebrate anything though my parents are not Christians. The next door neighbour and the one at the back are having big big event with many many ppl coming later!! They are big shot business men so, every year also they are really doing it in STYLE…. pity my dogs having to endure those firecrackers!! lol

    Anyway, tomorrow, they’ll probably give some roasted pig to my mother…..

  3. lynee – You are still here?

    Yvy – Aiyor, better la, or else everyone listen to my voice until jemu and jelak. Hahaha.

    wingz – Whoa, news travel fast hor? I better blog it or else you think I very kaya now.

    helen – Over here in Penang where there are more Hokkiens, the night is more festive than CNY’s eve. Once has to take a ride through the areas dominated by the Hokkiens to feel how chiqik it is. Wah, they stacked the gold until mountain high. And there were like 20 roasted pigs!

    doc- If I kena flame time, you better come to my rescue hor. You spark it, not me.

    Samm – me anti-social so save me from getting burnt in the hot sun.

    Cocka Doodle – Hahaha, doc got new name for you!

    n305er – Best la you all.

    doc – I very admire the guy ‘cos he has to endure the heat and the crowd in that costume.

    wingz – Shhhh…

  4. Wah, here the suckling pig costs RM588 leh.

    Noe no more use the real firecrackers liao loh. All using the pre-recorded type of firecrakers.

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