I am into video too!

First, click on the pause button of the video and wait for it to download fully before clicking play. This way, you won’t get disjointed video.

Ok, I finally got my lazy butt moving and uploaded last year videos. Don’t worry, readers of 5xmom won’t be tortured with family videos nor crappy shot of 5xmom showing you how to skin a sausage, remove hairs from mussels etc.

This is a video I shot last year at the Thaipusam procession. Our whole island is now abuzz with the prepartions for Thaipusam which falls on this Saturday. I like the atmosphere of the street dance, makes me very tourist-y.

During the processions, some devotees were drunk and sadly, they sort of spoil the sacredness.

Few days ago, I read in the papers about the temple restricting the devotees on what can be carried into the temple and what are forbidden. Some devotees have spears which they pierced through their cheeks that are far too long and accidentally hurt the by-standers. There is also one guy who carried a bicycle in the place of a kavadi.

Personally, I feel very overwhelmed when I see the devotees being pierced. It is a show of their devotion to Lord Murugan and faith shines through as each hook, spear and sharp objects are pierced into their skins and cheeks. The devotees have to fast and be on vegetarian diet for a period before they carry the kavadi. The men aren’t allowed to shave, no sexual relations and must live in sparse condition, i.e. no comfortable bed, entertainment etc.

Each time I see a heavily pierced devotee, I wonder what penance or vow they are carrying out. Each time I see a mother carrying a small baby, slather in tumeric, I know that she is rejoicing the birth of that child. When I see a young child carrying the milk pot and walking barefoot up the stairs of the temple in Waterfall, I know that she/he has recovered from an illness etc.

If you have never seen a Thaipusam procession, you aren’t truly Malaysian. Go see for yourself and I hope your respect for other religions will increase tremendously.

10 thoughts on “I am into video too!

  1. i like watching them dance , full of energy but is truth some purposly get themself drunk and create havoc.
    KL Batu Cave great too

  2. A chinese friend of mine used to carry the kavadi. He no longer does it now, if not, i sure go video him and out it u p on my blog.

  3. Samm – aiyor, look properly and see what I am trying to feature in the video? the first few seconds?

    9394 – Yalor, some of the youngsters are scary man. I took that video with very good zoom (‘cos my Konica Minolta Z3 can zoom 300x! or whatever you call it). I dare not go near-near, afterwards, old aunties oso kena molested! No offence to the devotees but this is a problem that the Hindu temples have often mentioned. Even Samy Vellu oso talked about it liao.

  4. When I was budak2, it was a ritual for the whole family to go to Waterfall. For me it was the banana leaf rice at PPC booth. I look forward to that. 3 years ago I shot the ritual involved in the procession. From the night before, right up till the devotee return home. Priceless, especially the day before Thaipusam

  5. The crowd is always too much for me!! I watched Thaipusam many years ago on video tape Shocking Asia. I bet many Gwai Lows also watched. lol

  6. The Kavadi procession should be done properly…and thus many of the improper aspect of this religious festival should be removed. The true essence of this festival should not be forgotten and the temple autorities as well as the devoties should do their part to ensure that the true essence with its religious meanings followed. Like many things in hinduism, each symbol represents something deeper. Attaching the wrong symbol will detract people from the true meaning. Good on you 5xmom…you’re indeed a true malaysian.

  7. Suresh – Tks for the comments. I agree that sometimes people can get overboard in wanting to do too much, hence making the sacred, religious affair into some stunts.

    Seng Kor – Over here in Penang, we have a lot of Chinese carrying kavadis.

    ah pek – I tell you, if you see a weak woman (in trance) being pierce, you can cry la. But once the process is over, they are ok immediately.

    wuching – Hahaha, I got a comment at Youtube asking me if this is some gay pride parade. It’s my fault, I should have filmed some women carrying milk pots. But usually, the men have their group, the family have another and the women in a separate one.

    helen – Our island is like an endless Mardi Grass. Every weekend oso got some colourful event to see. I very busy kpc, taking photos, more for my other blog.

    muteaudio – yeah, the long queue for the vegetarian rice was at the Botanical Gardens/youth park exit. Maybe I should venture there and try out, huh? It must be good because the queue is very, very long.

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