Kena Da ma cai! Kena Damacai!


Last Thursday morning, I told my hubby to place a bet for the number 8525. I dreamt that I struck the third prize. My dream was something like this :

Kena third prize. Holding the results from the newspaper. Wanted to check how much I won by surfing the net. I just cannot find the URL and no matter how I search, I can’t find. End up so frustrated and woke up the next morning.

Atm wasn’t impress with the dream though I insisted I saw the number 8525 clearly. He did not buy the number on Saturday (the first available day to taruh 99). But somehow, this evening, around 6+ pm, he itchy butt took the bike out to place the bets at Magnum, Sports Toto and Da Ma Cai. The counter closes at 7 pm. Just in time.


Oi, oi, I don’t gamble ‘cos Christians aren’t suppose to gamble for money. I only tembak song-song and have no part in this gambling, ok? I am not a partner in crime, ok?

Now, I wonder why I didn’t blog about my dream or else my dear readers will fatt tatt lor…… Kahkahkah, the prize is only RM60 (for each RM1 bet). So you can see from the above chit that atm only bought RM1, ok? Don’t come kidnap me, ok?

To celebrate our RM60 winnings, we went out for wantan mee supper. The whole island is full of activities as all the Hokkiens are busy praying.


This is the scene from the Chew Jetty in Weld Quay, Penang. There is a festive air there and RELA members (voluntary peacekeepers) are there to cordon off part of the road.


Whoa….look at the size of the bottles of liquor. Hic, hic, hic.

P/S : Don’t ask me to belanja, ok? RM60 – RM12 (bets capital) = RM48 nett gain. RM8 for supper, left RM40 only. But the joy of striking is priceless, no? BTW, I had previously babble some number and it came out third prize in Magnum.

21 thoughts on “Kena Da ma cai! Kena Damacai!

  1. 5xmom, I’m afraid have to kidnap you lar…

    Even if you haven’t struck a million ringgit, kidnap you just to get your dream numbers is enough already… So accurate one! šŸ˜›

  2. wah! congratulation in order, thot the winning is small it is also fa choy! choy sun really came to your dream that night! kong hei fat choy!

  3. LOL…..Auntie should setup a “$5 For 5xmom Last Night Dream DaMaCai Numbers”….Guarantee to make more than $60 each time….hahaha.

  4. Congrats!! The amount is trivial, the syong factor is priceless!! lol

    You and Ah Pek are off to a good start this year!! I also always got dream but never kena…. lol

  5. helen – Yalor, damn kick ler. Feel like choy san only.

    Prometeuz – Yalor, my atm told me that oso. Wanna die ah? Afterwards I get kick out of my church for running gambling site. LOL.

    wu ching – Yalor, my choy sun very lerng (accurate) one.

    simmie – Got to pay a fee, you know? You want anot?

    andy – Haha, like the golden goose story, cut open the goose to take all the golden eggs?

    wingz – 40 McEgg will kill you, you want anot?

    Cocka doodle – Don’t forget to offer chocolates, and only very expensive ones and three joss-sticks. Baru can come true.

    Failer – Coming soon, coming soon.

  6. Congrats, Lilian.
    CHAN HO is back !!!! “War & Beauty” 6PM, WLT.
    *Waiting in front of the TV now, at 4.30 PM*

  7. Once in two months, I would fork out RM100 – purchase a number. Some how, luck is not there.
    Next time, you have such dream, let us know.

  8. Whatever the amount, winning is already a very lucky thing! But then this CNY I’ve heard many people winning lotteries… Like, one after another – Haha, really lucky fellows.

  9. i wondered..i never dream any number..i always buy many number but didn’t have any lucky yet..hoping that all of you especially those who read this mail, will pray for my name andy william..hoping that when you pray call my name..i will pray to who pray for me first..thanks my fellow friend..

  10. i always dream number n i buy it, toto n magnum.. but thd problem is, when i buy the number, it tak kena.. but wheni dont buy it, n i c in d newspaper.. my number is in thr!.. so bad luck

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