Valentine’s Day coming liao

I very shiok that it is once again Valentine’s Day. Before I started blogging, VD (it’s not venereal disease but Valentine’s Day ok?) is just VD.


But now, with blogging, I can kaypohchee and see all the reactions of the sour-grapes, the wall papers, the too-poor guy who wanna belagak kaya, the sui yee (some stupid reptile or is it amphibians with no brains) who kena conned by commercialism, the ‘pretend to send flower to ownself’ women etc in full glory.


1) I had one colleague who was in her late 30s (by now must be 50 yrs old) who really sent flower to her ownself! ‘Cos the florist was my pal and he told me so. Don’t ever do that. I bet you are going to feel ashamed of yourself until your death bed. I wonder if people like these would order and pay their own funeral wreaths in advance? If you have none, so what?

2) Girls. women, ladies, females – Don’t be stupid by spending lots of cash to buy something for some guy. I tell you, they are not going to parade amongst their male buddies and brag, “Oh, my girlfriend gave me this tie with hearts.” That will be so gay, don’t you think so? So, save your $$$.

3) Guys, don’t act gay and do something mushy like baking cookies for her or worse still, place message in the papers or yikes, sent sms messages via those lame TV programmes. For goodness sake, it is just a day in remembrance of some dead guy! If you love each other, just make each other feel special every day.

4) The bottom-est of all are those giggly Bengs and Lians carrying bouquets of cheap roses walking along Petaling Street (or Prangin here in Penang). Not one but several. You think that is a real profession of love? Nah ah. That is sheer blindness and extreme sui-yee-ness to commercialism. There is no greater turn-off than being a follower, a yes-man.

5) Ultimately, don’t spend money at all.

“So, what do we do wor, aunty?!?!?!?”, you ask.

OK, I heard that. Continue next post….

(P/S : February 14th is the first anniversary of this domain. is going to be one year old!)

17 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day coming liao

  1. Hahaha!! I totally agree with u. Give me a tattoo anytime and it will last me my lifetime but flowers? Meh….longest can last is 3 days. After that, into the bin it goes. Plus it’s so blardy $$ sum more….really siao lar!!

  2. oi aunty dont sabo my bisiness!!! i baru start only u ledi ask ppl dun buy things for their gf/bf mana boleh lidis !!!! rugi lar akuuuuuu šŸ™

  3. Wingz – I already got my present from ahpek, dun care if others dun get theirs already lor.

    Yvy – Tattoo? Go la, got lots of place to do it in Penang.

    wuching – Aiyor, you got only one wifey, why so kancheong? Wait la, I haven’t think of part two yet. kehkehkeh

    fishtail – Me only interested in cash, cold hard cash that I can burn anyway I like. šŸ™‚

  4. Heard Shazmin of talking about how VD is so overrated yesterday, which is another 8 days from the day…well, she was right.
    And I was expecting this post from 5xmom;)

  5. Wingz – Yahor, can use for funeral oso. Great idea! Shall I send some plastic kekwa to you?

    Cocka – Your MOHA is what ha? She never whack you with it ah?

    Che-Cheh – Yeah, Godiva or something more expensive.

    m.o.t.t. – I damn hate diamond ‘cos I used to work in OE Design, final QC and packing before despatching.

    mama23beas – Stressful days ahead for some people….

  6. Cut mothers’ fatt choy pants—After get whacked for breaking their luck…LOL better use those teeny red thongs (comes with string to loop round the jar summore)

  7. I used to have this cleaning lady (angmoh) .. Hubby very romantic– red roses, hotel room with fireplace bed strewn with rose petals ,depending on his budget sometimes even limo to take her to hotel.. Rest of the year, she comes to work with black eye, bruises…

  8. I really love sending flowers to my loved ones. I specially like sending Tulips and Roses.:,”

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