Manties – Perfect gifts for Valentine


Ooolala, I just discovered a new word. Manties! LOL.

They are made of nylon and have the extra room where
you need it, for the most comfortable fit there is. Once you try a pair, you will wonder why you never tried them before.
Panties are for the gals
MANties are for the guys

This one, the peach coloured one, I buy for AhPek. He wrote the greatest poem.


This blue one, I buy for Wingz because I think he is more conservative than AhPek.

I get special offer if I buy in bulk. So, guys, anyone of you wanna place an order with me? Or any of you gals want to buy as Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriends/someone else boyfriends/husbands/someone else husbands?

Let me see…Wuching, Simon, Cocka Doodle, the two Joes (dizzyJoe & JoeC), Jeremy, KS Tang, SengKor, Tok3Tok4, Nine3Nine4, Narrowband, Andy, Kiasi, Failer (ok, these are names I picked up from the last few comments only)………Ei, you all wanna order one anot? Huh? Huh? What karer? With or without ribbons? Want lace anot? Huh? Huh?

Disclaimer : This is a humour post only, ok? Please don’t preach to me.

Damn, now I gotta teach my toddler new word. He is just learning to differentiate that panties are for girls, underwears are for boys. Manties are for…….

I don’t know, you tell me?

32 thoughts on “Manties – Perfect gifts for Valentine

  1. BBWBAAAHAHAHAHA!!!! yar yar, i’ve seen this before!! not THAT new leh. i dun think it’s laku here though. LOL 😛

  2. doc – Aiyoh, competition is so keen. But nvm, mine is for males, yours is for females. When you find one hi-tech model with vaccum, then, you tell me.

    Cocka Doodle – Crotchless? Balls hanging out likedat?

    P – Right choice!

  3. oiyo suma rebut bisiness sial … i kena beef up my promotion 1st!!! kakakaka!!! wei this V day thing is even better than CNY wei !!!

  4. Wingz – Oi, oi what else can you think of ah? Be a pimp? Or duck? LOL.

    MG – Ahpek mentioned somewhere he jogged 5KM each morning so high cut more sexy for his fit-fit body. LOL.

    Sengkor – OK, I will take note of your requests and tell the supplier.

    wuching – You are twisted! You want to live in a cave (comment in Malaysiabest) and wear manties.

    dizzy – Want anot? If you shy, tell me on MSN la. LOL.

    JeremyC – Macho is not in their vocab. Sexy is.

  5. Simon – Like that oso can? Got pickchures anot of bro?

    fishtail – If you do that, I can expect to see you on the frontpage of all papers. “Pensyarah masuk lokap kerana pakaian tak senonoh”

    ahpek – I am sure she is going to be so turn on you don’t need to buy her doc’s remote control model.

    Yvy – I actually got the link from KS Tang through BryanBoy. I just discovered BryanBoy last nite. Shows how innocent I am hor?

    Romantic & MamaBoK – Here, take some hong-eu (medicated oil) to avoid pengsan.

    wingz – You said it for me.

  6. OK ! here’s the offer ! I buy and will wear it for private viewing by any of the ladies (chics, aunties) here. Of course only can buy if any of you ladies here want to see 😉

  7. Yvy – yeah, that bryanboy is a riot.

    LinPeh – You go ask king’s wife to buy for you la. Your current fav. si lai mah. LOL. (runs and hides from King’s wife)

    gbyeow – Oh no, you don’t want to know. You gf will pull your ears long-long.

  8. I want to give Ah Pek, Wingz and Cocka!! So, I’ll take 3.
    I wanted to give Desmond but he’s single so, nobody sees… rugi only.

    ** Actually, just between you and me, it is actually the 3 guys’ punya Lou fu nah who ask me to buy for their husband. (they shy wor…) They say those guys day in day out blog blog blog… damn sian. Hopefully manties will spice things up..**

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