Definitions of a good blog

Someone asked me the above. I can’t give the person the right answer. So, no posts from me until there are some constructive descriptions. HELP!!!! I get constipation when I can’t post. Please tell me how do you define a good blog.

(and don’t give white lies with phrases like ‘there is no good or bad blog, all blogs are good’. It is like saying, ‘all men are good, whether they are murderers, adulterers, etc etc’. Only Jesus, Prophets, Saints, Lord Buddha, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and other mighty people like them can think that way and say such things. And definitely, they wouldn’t be reading blogs. LOL.)

30 thoughts on “Definitions of a good blog

  1. there is no good or bad blog, all blogs are good.

    Dammit, lilian alreadi say kenot say that…

    ok, good blog = blogs that are not bad. šŸ˜›

  2. A good blog is one that is cleverly written, funny, informative and the blogger quite handsome. Hahahah… Mine lah! šŸ˜›

  3. A good blogger does not plagiarise (instead, attribute sources accordingly).

    A good blog should be original, it’s appearance has good/clear readibility.

  4. A good blog is one that has humorous contents but the writer also slots in serious topics of interest such as health, environment, food, etc. Hope that helps.

  5. Aiyo, liddat also dunno meh, redirect them to my blog and they can judge for themselves what a damn good blog is. you say right or not????

  6. ok ok my turn!

    A good blog does not sins!! kakakaka eh where got good blog or bad blog one la diu …

    I gibe lu example, like your blog, to your fansee its a good blog but to your enemies your blog sucks! same thing applicable to every bloggers in the entire world. If a good blog can be a bad blog at the same time then all blogs can be good or u can say all blogs are bad. No other way around it!

    One man’s meat is anoders man poison … period(tai yee mah)!

    so conclusion is there is no good blog or bad blog .. there is only different angle of looking at the same subject ok!!111oneone

  7. Wingz – cipet you don’t have to be so jealous, ok? But you got a point there.

    A good blog is a blog hate by many and yet love by many.
    (Sinseh 5xmom has spoken)

  8. For someone who don’t blog, a good blog is one that I link permanently in my favourite links and click on at least once a day or when I am on internet. A Super Good Blog is one one that I click on more than two or three times…….5xmom’s blog ROCK!!!!!!!

  9. Well said Wingz! I’ll go with that.
    *raises glass to offer toast* (not roti toast lah ,wingz)

    If one can identifies with your weird sense of humor and laugh out loud, then to him/her/it would be a good blog.
    Otherwise….its bollocks!

  10. Blogs are like emails to the whole world. The right message sent to the right audience = good blog lor …

    If you like funny messages a good blog is a funny blog, like Rojaks. If you politik-politik, read lor …

    The verdict depends on who is reading, and what the reader is looking for lor …

  11. looks like ppl sums all.

    To me its the topic, if you blog accordingly like u, Humour, Life, Lies, Sex blog – then stick to it and humor us. U r indeed a good blogger. Thats why so many ppl read.. If not, lu ban ban tan lar……

  12. It is depends how do you define the words “good” and “bad”. If you define “good” as jokes, then jokes blogs are good. If you define “good” as sex, then sex blogs are good.

  13. bad blog to me maybe good blog to you. How to define?
    Personally, I prefer funny blogs. No serious shit for me. I love to LOL in front of my screen.

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