Beware what you throw on Chap Goh Meh

In the olden days, during my grandma time, girls and boys don’t get to go out dating ikut suka hati. So, on the 15th day of the lunar new year, i.e. this Sunday, those girls would have the chance of their lifetime.

Under the fullmoon, they would wear their sarong kebaya. For some strange reasons, women of the olden times, seem to have bigger boobs minus all the boobs enlargement creams, curvier hips and looked damn feminine. Don’t believe? Go ask Ah Pek la.

So, along the moonlite Gurney Drive and Esplanade, chaperoned by someone elder, the available girls and guys would strutt their stuffs. Singing Dondang Sayang, which is a flirty way of getting to know the opposite sex. Nowadays, you got the nudge on MSN Messenger. Back then, they got ‘Rasa Sayang hei, rasa sayang sayang hei’.

They would throw the followings into the seas and make wishes:

Fungi ridden mandarin oranges – Tim kam, chuar hor ang (it rhymes in Hokkien)
Translation : Throw orange, marry good husband

Small drums (heck, how da fark I know where you can buy drums nowadays wor?) : Tim loh kor, chuar ho bo
Translation : Throw drum, marry good wife

Peanuts : Tim thor tau, chiak lau lau
Throw peanuts, eat till old age

Well, my friend Soon How insisted that he once saw a woman secretly threw oranges into the Air Itam’s river. So, I guess these beliefs still exist till today. However, heed these warnings from the ever wise 5xmom.

Throw mandarin oranges : You will get a husband with acne ridden face. As rough as the oranges skin.

Throw drum : You will get a wife which go pi-li-pa-la, pokpokpekpokpek the whole day, as noisy as the drum.

Throw peanuts : You will only earn peanuts income for the rest of your life.

Well, then, what does one do on Chap Goh Meh then? I don’t know….. You got any suggestions what the desperately single looking for partner people ought to throw into the seas? Tongkat Ali?

17 thoughts on “Beware what you throw on Chap Goh Meh

  1. never heard of throwing drums and peanuts before for chap goh meh, i thought it was a all citrus affair. mandarin oranges for the norm, lemon for those who want a little xtra oomph, lime for puppy love, sunkist oranges for ah moh boh and pamello for roseane barr !

  2. ducky – LOL. I got one more. Kaffir lime for Bowie Lam. (heh, this joke is from my old post)

    Wingz – No need la, go throw yourself at some rich spinsters and you will get a Boxster.

    MG – Throw manties, get aquas?

    king’s wife – Last year, I did take one photo of oranges on the beach. Forget which blog liao.

  3. now i won’t talk about throwing oranges. i talk about big boobs and curvier hips. you know why? because long long ago, they all must go to the padi farm and plant padi. so every day they bend down and poke poke poke. everyday, their boobs hanging down and because they don’t have good supportive bra, the longer their boobs hang down, the bigger and longer it becomes.
    same theory with their hips.
    so if all the ladies want bigger boobs and curvier hips, go bend down and poke poke poke. results guaranteed in 3 months!

  4. An orange is too small now for the purpose of being thrown. Throw a full size pomelo – fungi’ed or otherwise – cos a pomelo has more space for writing the handphone number, second handphone number, email address, blogger’s URL, and even a recent photograph. Besides, a leng chai down the river is likely to pick up a pomelo than an orange when both of them come floating by.

  5. Every morning as I throw my newspaper route I find a lemon in the street at the same spot. It’s a game to me now to get to it before it gets squished. Am I taking some disgruntled husbands discarded lemon thrown daily from his lunch sack or worse some voodoo laden lemonaide ingredient? Any one know any myth about tossing a lemon on the way to work each morning except Sundays? would love to know about it! I’d hate the thought that I’ve got a bucket full of someone elses good/bad luck in my fridge!!

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