Edited Feb 13th 2008: Exactly two years later, I read from BBC that the Mohammed Cartoon issue is brought up again.

First, happy Chap Goh Meh. Have a bowl of pengat please.


My sister cooked this for me. Yummm…

Yesterday, I was around the Komtar area and saw some banners hanging along the fences. I didn’t get a picture because I know putting them up may blow the issue even more out of hand. But it is something like ‘Damn Denmark, Damn America, Damn….’ You get the idea.

So, there goes my Kjeldsen Butter Cookies and Famous Amos Double Chocolate Cookies.


But hey, I can bake. So, I made myself a batch of sultanas and coconut cookies like Kjeldsen and another batch of macadamia nut, chocolate chip and chocolate cookies like Famous Amos. So, jahanam kah, tak jahanam kah, I won’t be short of cookies. When I finished my supplies of Carlbergs left over from CNY, I will stop drinking beer. And I promise I won’t list Michael Learns To Rock 25 minutes too late as my favourite love song. (heard from Eyeris that MLTR is Danish). My kids don’t play Lego anymore.


Making cookies is like playing Playdough. You can do anything you like with the dough. So, I decided to be snakey….. Made a batch of heart shape ones.


Called my little cupid (toddler la) and whispered in his ears. “Go give this to papa and tell him Happy Valentine’s Day.” So, little cupid took just one cookie on this red plastic cover and said, ‘Epi blebentie day’.

Aha! Now, that papa has eaten the cookie, time for me to chop the radish!


So, I told him I actually wanted a jar of Creme de la Mer which costs RM700. But since I am the practical wife, I shall settle for a zoom lense and/or a flashbulb for my Dynax 5D (psstt…which is twice the price of La Mer). Failing which, I want a two-tier, industrial size oven. So, that poor man is now wondering if he wants to eat butter cookies for the rest of his life or spent the price of a good digital camera to buy some lenses just so that his wife can zoom big-big every walking object or by some lame Lamer.

I am a genius! I thought. But instead, he gave me all the reasons why he doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. He either read Simontalks or Simon learns the excuses from him or all men are programmed likedat wan. Grr…hope he gets lots of pimples and bisul on the butt for eating my single, heart shape cookie and didn’t reciprocate with a Lamer.