Valentine’s Day special – Flashbacks of love songs

Someone posted some mushy love song on his blog.

So, it got me thinking. I am sure people out there, whether young or old, senile or alert have a few unforgettable love songs that stay with them through the years. It may be the first dance with some puppy love, a first serious slow dance with some crush, the ‘couple’ song etc.

I will be a sport and share a few songs that have special meaning for me. You know la, to drum up the lomantik mood of Valentine’s Day mah.

The deal is : If you read this, you gotta share a few special songs of yours. No need meme-thingie, just drop in the comment board. If you are shy-shy and scared your spouse may be reading and go ‘wtf, wonderful tonight, room at the top of the stairs, secret lover are my wife’s special songs, how come I never heard it?’, then….just leave a nickname, ok? But you must at least leave three songs and max, 10 songs.

Here’s my list in no particular order, just whatever comes to mind :

1) Careless Whisper (wuah that time damn heng, man. Every disco must play this song wan.)

2) Lady In Red (‘Cos I used to wear red dresses and perasan all the men are fighting to dance with that lady in red)

3) Angel of the morning ( it is about some one night stand song, bad moral for kids, just listen to the song, don’t follow the aksi ok?)

4) Woman in Love – That brabra big nose sing wan. This wan hor, got one Indian guy from Rawang sang and dedicated it to me at some student exchange concert when I was in Form Four. Anyone knows a Sri Ram from Rawang, age 42?

5) Smile Again (I think la) by Jackie Cheung ‘cos I got one neighbour who looks like Jackie Cheung. 🙂

6) I will always love you by Whitney Houston from the show The Bodyguard – Chiqik ‘cos in the 90s, you don’t often see black/white couples and therefore, it leaves you wonder whether the samurai (Kevin Costner hold) only cut the cloth or anything else.

7) Wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton – This is a must.

8) Have I told you lately by Rod Stewart – That old man’s voice is damn sexy ler.

9) Sekuntum Mawar Merah – Alleycats : Chewah, this one got another ex-colleague sang at some contest, dedicated to me again. He married twice already and has got white hairs now. *sobs*

10) Negaraku – This one we must declare openly wan. Hidup Malaysia, hidup 5xmom!

Hey, this is my own blog. So, I can add a few more songs:

11) Sometimes when we touch
12) Yeh liang tai piau wa ti sing (hehehe, that moon song from Teresa Teng)
13) A thousand sad reason by Jackie Cheung again
14) A lot of songs from Air Supply

Eeekkk…I am getting carried away. I hope you have some nice memories when you dig back that treasure of old memories. Please, please, please share your list of love songs!

29 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day special – Flashbacks of love songs

  1. i love the way you love me : it’s just special. by boyzone.

    the song from “my left eye sees ghost” : sammi cheng

    beautiful : by james blunt. i can relate.

  2. Hi, Lilian. Although I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, here’s my list of love songs.

    1. We Could Be In Love (Lea Salonga & Brad Kane)
    2. Truly, Madly, Deeply & I Knew I Loved You (Savage Garden)
    3. More Than Words (Extreme)
    4. Runaway (The Corrs)
    5. Eternal Flame (Bangles)
    6. Can’t Help Falling In Love (I like the UB40 version, not Elvis Presley or Julio Iglesias)
    7. Awan Yang Terpilu (Ning Baizura)
    8. If You’re Not The One (Daniel Bedingfield)
    9. Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? (Bryan Adams)
    10. Dreamlover (Mariah Carey)

    P/S: I’m not a Mariah Carey fan, but I like Dreamlover. Okaylah, I cheated. The list has 11 songs. I can’t help it-lah, there are many songs that I like. I like Wonderful Tonight as well.

  3. Almost half of what I have in mind already inside Skyjuice’s list liao. Ok, add two more:

    Something Stupid (originally by Frank Sinatra, remake by Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman).

    Back For Good (by the now disbanded Take That – oh, Robbie Williams is a former Take That member :P)

  4. Eh not love songs can onot? Hehe, dun care lah! I already write down liaw ha ha!

    1. Whenever you call
    2. Lady in Red
    3. Truly Madly Deeply
    4. All I want for Christmas is you
    5. Miss you most at Christmas
    6. Sometimes when we touch
    7. The promise (in buffy)
    8. I don’t wana miss a thing

    Ok ok, I know 4 & 5 are for christmas but – also love song ma 😛

  5. 1. Sim Shu Xia Lang Chai (Promblem in heart who knows?)

    2. Ai Lin Te Lang Chao (Lover runaway with other people)

    3. Long Si Wei Tiao Li (All because of you)

    4. Jiu Hao Eh Sim Cheng (The feeling after drinking)

    5. Wei Ho Li Ai Dio Pah Lang (Why you go love someone else)

    All the above are hokkien songs. If you listen to the lyrics, it’s all about lover runaway wan. But somehow, Lin Peh heard all these sung during wedding dinner mia kalaoke session. So, must be lomantic lor 😉

  6. Wu Ching – True is a classic

    Lillian, what about Nothing Gonna Change My Love For You

    80’s got a lot of love song ler….too many indeed

    Platters – Only You – chuckle

  7. Hi there.. been catching up to read your blog for quite a while now. Though I don’t celebrate valentine’s day won’t mind sharing some of my fav love songs though 🙂

    1) How deep is your love – The BeeGees

    2) My Valentine – Jim Brickman feat. Martina Mcbride

    3) Close to you – The Carpenters


  8. no jazz fan here ? for love songs, jazz is a must.
    wynton marsalis, he has a lot of album, but there is 1 which is particular good for that kind of ..ahem mood. “standard time vol.2 intimacy calling” cannot get lamer or zoom lense, never mind, ask him get this cd, dont worry pirate dont sell jazz one, so have to get original, govt claim this cd is imported, so price is rm50-60.
    2nd, i would go for toto= i’ll be over you; and
    3rd, true = spandau ballet
    somehow my music knowledge is stuck in the 80s and early 90s only, after that stop oledi. wait somemore got
    4th gary moore = still got the blues for you
    5th kenny g = song bird (only this song ok)
    6th any anita baker song (ppl used to call her my grandma)
    7th any chicago song
    8th any lionel ritchie song
    9th any al jarreau song
    10th and i love her – paul mcCartney/beatles

  9. Wo Wo Yeah Yeah
    I Lup You more than I can Say
    I Lup you twice as Tomorrow
    wo wo
    I Lup you more than I can say

    Madam You Lup me mai ??

  10. 9394 – Aiyoh, I must ask Helen first. LOL.

    ducky – You know what? After I posted the above songs, I can’t sleep last nite ‘cos the songs list kept playing in my mind. Like Lionel Ritchie, Hello? Elton John, Sacrifice? Michael Bolton mushy songs. Arrggghhh… Jazz? I can’t stand jazz ‘cos it sounded like my dentist’s drill. LOL.

    butt – Hi and thank you! Why don’t celebrate VD? No need to celebrate wan la, just kept yapping till Feb 15th.

    Cocka – That song you sing for your gay lover ah?

    Failer – Ayam buttock full oso?

    venus – Elvis fan? Aiyoh, I can’t stand his voice, I feel choking.

  11. Doc – Make you your mind, ok? Is it Carol or Mandy? Or both? Or more?

    foodcrazee – yaya, nothing gonna change my love, I know how to sing thim…

    ah pek – You better change to ‘How can you mend a broken jaw’

    CLF – I got that song in my PC! In fact, I got most Michael W Smith songs. Friends are friends forever, Above All

    may – I love LB’s compilation! He must have spent a long time doing that, and enjoying the flashback, I bet.

    Lin Peh – How come you got only Hokkien song yet your Yingrish so pahwer wan? Hokkien song – I only know the Ai phia cha eh eia (that lim kit siang song during some election?)

    wu ching – Me too. A fan of Spandau Ballet, especially that lead singer, leng chai ler. Through the barricade, gold….

    yingci – Aiks why some so old-old songs? Kehkehkeh.

    narrowband – Catchy songs you got there.

    reallybites – Wuah, so many first times, how many first time baru jadi second time? LOL.

    skyjuice – Nice selection! It is fun, isn’t it? Thinking back.

    romantic – LOL. Have you stated that in your will?

    Alex – Your wifey must be so nervous. LOL.

    jimmy – Wah, romantic lu.

  12. I love Caruso though I got no freakin idea what the lyrics is all about. (lb did a partial translation so confirmed it’s a love song…)

    in no particular order
    1. Caruso –
    2. First Love – utada
    3. nei dek meng ji ngo dek seng si – Jacky Cheung
    4. ni se wor jui shen ai de ren – yung pan (i hope I got the title right)

    Ah pek – apa ini?? You choose a song with another woman’s name for me?? Then I’ll have to dedicate this song to you!! “heartbreaker – Dionne Warwick”

  13. helen – Caruso? Ok, ok, must go ermmm find the songs now. Yalor, this Ah Pek…. I must go sing ‘Why does the sun go on shining’

    kiasi – Not outdated. It means you appreciate fine wines.

  14. My fave are ‘Dreaming Of You’ (never heard the original version by Selena, only the version J.Lo sang) & ‘Miss you Finally’ (is it by Trademark or someone else???)

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