Someone posted some mushy love song on his blog.

So, it got me thinking. I am sure people out there, whether young or old, senile or alert have a few unforgettable love songs that stay with them through the years. It may be the first dance with some puppy love, a first serious slow dance with some crush, the ‘couple’ song etc.

I will be a sport and share a few songs that have special meaning for me. You know la, to drum up the lomantik mood of Valentine’s Day mah.

The deal is : If you read this, you gotta share a few special songs of yours. No need meme-thingie, just drop in the comment board. If you are shy-shy and scared your spouse may be reading and go ‘wtf, wonderful tonight, room at the top of the stairs, secret lover are my wife’s special songs, how come I never heard it?’, then….just leave a nickname, ok? But you must at least leave three songs and max, 10 songs.

Here’s my list in no particular order, just whatever comes to mind :

1) Careless Whisper (wuah that time damn heng, man. Every disco must play this song wan.)

2) Lady In Red (‘Cos I used to wear red dresses and perasan all the men are fighting to dance with that lady in red)

3) Angel of the morning ( it is about some one night stand song, bad moral for kids, just listen to the song, don’t follow the aksi ok?)

4) Woman in Love – That brabra big nose sing wan. This wan hor, got one Indian guy from Rawang sang and dedicated it to me at some student exchange concert when I was in Form Four. Anyone knows a Sri Ram from Rawang, age 42?

5) Smile Again (I think la) by Jackie Cheung ‘cos I got one neighbour who looks like Jackie Cheung. 🙂

6) I will always love you by Whitney Houston from the show The Bodyguard – Chiqik ‘cos in the 90s, you don’t often see black/white couples and therefore, it leaves you wonder whether the samurai (Kevin Costner hold) only cut the cloth or anything else.

7) Wonderful tonight by Eric Clapton – This is a must.

8) Have I told you lately by Rod Stewart – That old man’s voice is damn sexy ler.

9) Sekuntum Mawar Merah – Alleycats : Chewah, this one got another ex-colleague sang at some contest, dedicated to me again. He married twice already and has got white hairs now. *sobs*

10) Negaraku – This one we must declare openly wan. Hidup Malaysia, hidup 5xmom!

Hey, this is my own blog. So, I can add a few more songs:

11) Sometimes when we touch
12) Yeh liang tai piau wa ti sing (hehehe, that moon song from Teresa Teng)
13) A thousand sad reason by Jackie Cheung again
14) A lot of songs from Air Supply

Eeekkk…I am getting carried away. I hope you have some nice memories when you dig back that treasure of old memories. Please, please, please share your list of love songs!