Valentine’s Day – you can’t run, you can’t hide

If you observe well, from the blogs on PPS :

The bloggers are churning out post after post about Valentine’s Day. Simon teaches you how to take the bulls by the horn. AhPek penned a poem for his loupoh. Wingz kept going and going about what to buy and what not to buy for Valentine’s Day. Errm…that single and available loktor oso helping out with his radio, playing love songs. Helen even changed her blog template for the day. LB has his Top 50 love songs. And Valentine’s Day thoughts are just a click away.

Few minutes ago, I went out to pick my son from school. On the way back, along Jalan Burmah the florists are putting out stalls, makeshifts one on the road side. My son remarked that even a blind man cannot run away because he is likely to bump into a Valentine’s Day stall.

What a grand thing, to be loved!
what grander thing still, to love!

Victor hugo

You know who is the hardest person to love? Yourself. Your very ownself. If you do not have someone loving you, probably, sadly, unfortunately you are not loving yourself enough.

You punch me, I punch back. I do not believe it’s good for ones self-respect to be a punching bag.

Victor Hugo

(5xmom cannot stifle any more sniggerings at her own ‘this is a message brought to you by Dr. James Dobson’ style of talking)

Hahaha, wonder why I Hugo this, Hugo that? ‘Cos my atm just sent me a lovey-dovey card with Victor Hugo’s quote. Otherwise, I didn’t even know this Hugo ego person exists. Hahaha.


See? Rojakz? Chocolate good mah. It makes me hiao until grow tahi lalat (that black mole). So hiao like Wu Chin. (Oi, not Wu Ching lah!) Psst…the photo I already use ‘Smart Blur’ filter in photoshop. Or else can see my misai a bit.


(Wu Chin is the foxy, vixen in old, old movies. Her signature is the mole on the chin. I tersilap location put my mole adi, hahaha.)

So, what are you waiting for? Go pick up something for that someone. Remember to phone the people that mean a lot to you. Or if you are afraid the other person may mistook your wishes as concupiscence (google word of the day meaning lust), sms them on this Valentine’s Day. Whatever it is, just tell them la!

To love another person is to see the face of God.

Victor Hugo (all quotes CnP from Brainy Quotes)

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – you can’t run, you can’t hide

  1. its been a long long time since someone made fun of my name with reference to that old movie star! i used to get teased about her when i was in primary school but since then nothing until today! 5xmom, u make all the emo inside come out now & i’m crying my eyes out! not wu chin again! no! noooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  2. What la Victor Hugothe great French dramatist also dunno ar, I kaki Lima people also know..kekeke.

    Faster Faster pass some loving doly to me giving me hug hug..I still not highly loving doly yet,still not decide what to but for lopor..i sure die this time

  3. Mole on the side reminds me of Cindy Crawford! Yeah, love is all around. Think all the shopping centres are gearing up with roses and what nots. Last weekend we were at the Curve, got free red carnation from Vista Eyecare too.

  4. I thought La Mer is working wonders…. and you go and spoilt everything by confessing u blurred it!! lol

    Waaa, got Valentine card from ATM liao… no wonder fatt hiao eat chocolate!! I bet tonight OT lor….?? 😛

    Ei woman, one Valentine card make you so ‘lum’ you’re letting ATM off the hook on other stuffs ar?? lol

  5. helen – Yamah, I damn gong-gong, non-materialistic wannnnn.. But wait la, over VD liao, I baru conned my way into his pocket.

    boo – Cindy Crawford, cannot ler, I too oriental looking with mata sepet. LOL.

    9394 – Easiest is to run out and get the most expensive chocolate you can afford, the more expensive, the less pieces there is so she can’t complaint of diet. Haiya, tell you la, wives dun care what you give, only how sincere you are in doing it.

    Wu ching – Good lor, long long time you still remember this VD.

  6. see!!! i told u all ledi !!! woman eat chocolate bcoz they want those satisfaction which knot be provided by their man anymore!! KAKAKAKA
    *pack his bags n run to thailand*

  7. wingz – run to thailand is sei lou yatt thiu ‘cos you forget i learn my thai khong tau (black magic) from there. Later, maggots crawl out of your skin and your kkc oso drop off on its own.

  8. The last one, “To love another person is to see the face of God” it is one of the lyrics to one of the songs in Les Miserables. I’m just crazy over these kind of muscials.

  9. Kancil Girl – Hi, tks for dropping by. I have never watched musicals ‘cos they made me fall asleep. Hahaha, probably when the kids are grown up and no one demands for my attention, I will have that luxury.

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