What’s most precious about our blog?

For me it is – The comments.

That’s the reason I bought my own domain and hosting. You can see the friendship blooms or dooms. Kehkehkeh, I have both.

And yeah, the records. Just two nights ago, my eldest son whom I never like to mention on this blog (‘cos his friends may be reading) asked me where is my old post about him doing houseworks. Chewah, do one time only, he somemore remembers wor. So, I told him I have over 1,000 postings and he can go search my archive. He found it and probably show off to his peminat-peminat sekalian what a hardworking guy he is. And hell, I still can’t find which post is that.

Not to mention the internet presence. I got discovered by the eldest’s friends because they were searching for ‘handphone in schools’ (schools in plural) and stumbled on my blog.

What’s yours? What is most precious about your blog?

(my thank you list and I lap u list only coming tomorrow, so don’t wish me anything yet, ok?)

20 thoughts on “What’s most precious about our blog?

  1. hahaha.
    yes, its true.
    the reponse you get from the people who actually make an effort to read your blog matters most.
    it technically shows that although you’re having a bad day, there’s people out there who still cares for you. thats the best part about blogging and a better part of PPS.

  2. i dont deny i love it when ppl leave me comments, buden thats not the primary objective of me blogging …. I m blogging for something that i cant see … their laughters 😛

  3. chewah. maybe that’s a subtle hint from your eldest son to mention him a bit more in your blog, hehehehehe…

    the most precious thing about my blog is probably the records. looking through the archives and just reading up what went through my mind months before.

    … and yeah, getting an sms msg at 3 am from a friend who i never knew read my blog asking about my car after i blogged about how devastated i was when my gate knocked into it.

    … aaawwww…

  4. It has to be the friendship… Though I’ve not met any of the bloggers who visit my blog, you can tell so much by the way they write and rant. lol (I know, it’s not a foolproof way to assess somebody’s character, but, hey, it’s a start…)

  5. I started blogging ‘cos I needed somewhere to blabber out what I felt, what I did, who I met, share my stories and photos. not so much for the comments initially, but now it’s getting more and more precious knowing that I’ve touched someone out there. and someday, I could look back and see how much I’ve grown (or not).

    hmmm, should I go dot net myself? what’s ur advice?

  6. may – GO GO GO! ‘Cos the comments disappeared after a while on haloscan and that’s it. I usually returns to a few blogs a few times just to read the comments they received. Buy la, cheap-cheap only.

    helen – Yalor, lately the married ones are really a riot. Must seriously think about Tok3Tok4 ‘conference’. We can ask Ah Pek 120 ft yatch to sail from PD to Penang. LOL.

    zyrin – The surprise element still surprise me until today! We never know who is watching.

    king’s wife – It is almost like a community now.

    Wingz – yalor, if no one leaves a comment, how you know they had laughed wor? So a LOL is priceless also mah.

    chengsim – Agree, agree.

  7. yalah, i concur with you. the comments keeps us going. and i oso agree with helen, i ceratainly made a lot of new friends.
    but i’m not so a saint like wings. i want laughter and satisfaction for meself first. then if the world laughs with me, all the better! if ever one day, the satisfaction and the laughter is gone within me, i’ll stop blogging that very minute. even if the whole world is crying oso, wah chi kui.

  8. I don’t Blog. So, no comment lah. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL. Happy, auntie. 🙂 🙂

  9. For me, its a record of what’s happened. I notice that I’ve become increasingly forgetful since I joined the workforce some years back. Blogging’s a nice way for me to keep track of the important (and maybe petty) things in life.

    Being the egomaniacal self, the comments are always good and welcome. It sometimes makes your day when you find one where you least expect it (or when you’ve had a badass day).

    A third plus is knowing that somehow, your blog may be influencing other people’s lives in a very hollistic sense. The information you divulge, while nonsense to you, may be useful to someone who happens to read it.

    Believe it or not, I rely on some blogs to keep abreast with what’s happening in the world.

  10. Most importantly, for lazy bums like me I can maintain my blog on other people’s blog like chanlilian.net by pretending to reply on something. So madam after this don’t start to delete all my replies yah!!

  11. Comments and friendship. Not to mention it really does keep me more sane, great place to rant and share thoughts, lol.

  12. My secondary school life is logged in my blog, every single occasions and stories, good for me to refer/recall in the future. Nostalgia~

  13. i looked forward to the comments each day after i post my blog. it gives me the understanding of what i am writing in the eyes of another person. what we feel and write might not be felt by the reader, hence the comments, to agree or oppose. thanks lilian, wingz, cheng sim, nicktay and many more and of course yoda for all of your comments.

    lilian do apologize in advance for using your space here for some personal greetings.

    yours sincerely

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