Love bun


This little guy posed with glee. I tied the red cloth I took down from my door (the chai for CNY) and made him the present for papa! Our love bun.

After that, he phoned the father before I email this pic out. Hahaha, he kept pointing to the wall with the piece of paper and asked his papa to see, see, see! Must install webcam liao like dis.


And here’s the standard Johnny English pose for everyone!


This is the results of the sugar and choc high. I ate Belgian chocs for breakfast, you see.

So, how’s everyone day?

20 thoughts on “Love bun

  1. Cheh, I thought you’re giving out this young fresh boy for us for Valentine!! lol

    You had chocolate for breakfast, but ATM must had TOngkat Ali + harimau whip lar…. LOL Wow, I wouldn’t want to be your next door neighbour tonight. This is gonna get loud… (louder than bai thin gong!!) LOL

    Happy Valentine!!

  2. MamaBoK – Please do! I wanted to put the bow and ribbon on the head but that made him like a girl. LOL.

    Helen – Not for a million or ten! I hope the noise doesn’t go as far as Johor! LOL.

    wu ching – Waiting to see what you get for the wifey.

    contended mum – Free somemore!

    egghead – Door to door delivery.

  3. Kak lilian, kat belgium itu guylian sangat lah murah…mau rambang mata beli …. Saya dulu balik msia kasik souvenir guylian kat semua orang. One big box filled with guylian.. nyum nyum. Dugaan sungguh lah kak lilian tayang itu guylian. I like…

  4. Wah, I haven’t met a boy who could pose like your son! So cute! šŸ™‚ Like my little niece, your son can put some professional models to shame lei! Hehe.

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