What’s good on StarWorld (Channel 70+)?

We finally stop subscribing to Astro Wah Lai Toi, Cartoon Network and Movie. In order to get that KNNCCB sports network (which is a must for the man in the house), we have to take two more packages. So, for the kids, we picked the Documentary package consisting of National Geographic, Discovery Channel and that waste time Animal Planet. (none of us like to see people spending thousands and millions saving dumb cats from trees, ok?).

And we are forced to pick the only package left, MTV and StarWorld. Well, I got the subscription working on the same day of the Grammy. And I missed it ‘cos it was aired sometime in the middle of the night/early morning.

I am still blur-blur whether the American Idol is a re-run, in it’s finishing leg or what? Someone please enlighten me.

I am watching America’s Next Top Model because I want to learn to be bitchy like the big lips whatshername so-yesterday white model. Next time I get a flaming comment, I know how to tembak balik ady.

Oprah makes my stomach churns, my skin crawls and I still don’t understand why people watch her show. Damn, I’d rather choose Bollywood movie. Same drama minus the scary face.

Charmed consists of three stone face, not even beautiful chicks. The only reason I watch is because (on whispering mode) I was told that it is not a good show for us Catholics. Heh! Anyway, it is boring.

The other sitcoms are pretty usual.

I have yet to see a good show equivalent to Dr. House (when is he coming back huh?)

I have enough of grandma Madonna prancing around in her underwear.

I am beginning to hum ‘Don’t you wish your girlfriend is more like me? Doncha? Doncha?’ which unfortunately traumatised my teenage son like how a huge Barney mascot traumatised him when he was 3 years old.

So, any help in recommending some show and time would be perfect. I hate switching on the TV and watching the same show day in day out. Arrgggh…their repeats are insane! For a few moments, I thought my life is caught in a rut with the same repetitions. Oh wait, my life is a repetition! Oh wait, my life is a repetition! Oh wait, my life is a repetition!

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  1. I don’t watch much TV either (since all my son wants to see on the dman tube is his power rangers and his high 5 vcds) but the American Idol is no re-run; as far as i know

  2. Sports Channel…..yeah, yeah…..i like (without the KNNCCB thogh). That’s probably the only channel i watch.

  3. The comedies are nice on monday nights. And they have re-runs of friends. I’d do anything to watch Jennifer Aniston ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok well not anything la. And hmmm. I do remember frequently flicking to that channel though. But then half the time I flick through all of them, get bored and go surf ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Nowadays no need to watch TV. I read your blogs enough liao. LOL Cheaper summore and entertaining. Got 3 channels lagi, Life, Lies (like the news we watch anyway), and Rated X.

  5. the current season of ‘American Idol’ is the… uhhh… current one, lah. Eh, Channel 70 is okay, whattt. got ‘Ghost Hunters’ (hehehe…) and the Monday night comedies. Other than that, I’m more of an AXN freak, myself.

  6. The American Idol is NEW one lar… Live summore!!

    Since your’re on the topic of shows, I just want to tumpang your blog (coz your one high traffic mar)…to say


  7. America’s Top Model S4 (actually they’re doing S6 now) is every Monday at 8pm Channel 72. Re-run is at 2am on Tuesday and dunno which day summore. I think Wednesday at 11pm. Janice Dickinson (the judge) is damn bitchily honestly funny. I like her. Kutuk ppl and let ppl kutuk her. Crazy woman.

    American Idol (Channel 70) – Live is 6pm on Wednesday and re-run is at 8pm on the same day and 12.30 midnight. Results on Thursday, same time and re-run also same time.

    Why take away Wah Lai Toi? My dad cannot live without that channel man! That’s why we subscribe all the packages.

  8. Helen – OK, OK, I heard that, all the way from Ipoh to JB and to Kangar. Kota Bahru, Kuala Trengganu and Pekan too. (eh, Pekan is Pahang capital ah?)

    Seng Kor – I hardly watch WLT. Whenever I watch, I know the Chinese good traits are going down the drain. LOL. Only when got very chiqik series with lengjai actors only I watch. Othertime, it wasn’t even tune in for months. Save me RM600 per year.

    wuching – Yalor, the older we get, the more cynical we become. Watch TV time go ‘cheh…where got like that in real life?’

    zyrin – Wow, I love AI. That cowboy looking guy voice good wor. But for a cowboy, he is rather gayish la.

    Wingz – Sei lar lei. I never let my kids watch wrestling at all. It is like a forbidden show at home.

    Cocka – And not to mention the Oprah with yellow skin.

    Bawang Merah – I’d prefer reading blogs. Real life and very funny too.

    Prometeuz – Hehehe, CNN and BBC.

    Rodney – Dun have them over here yet but we got lots of Uncle Ho so no need for movie channels. Now they even have sitcom and HK series. 1DVD with 10 series, shiok eh? But I am NOT guilty. ๐Ÿ™‚

    fishtail – Good la, healthy living.

    egghead – Wuah…you no sked kena traced by FBI? LOL.

    P – I am soooo glad those power rangers, teletubbies, barney craze are over. My funny toddler don’t fancy those at all. In fact, he doesn’t bother about the TV at all.

  9. Wingz รขโ‚ฌโ€œ Sei lar lei. I never let my kids watch wrestling at all. It is like a forbidden show at home.

    WHAT?! No wrestling? Then for what you get sports channels. Monday night RAW’s the only thing good about it. lol.

  10. simon only watches the following show on MTV – Cribs, Pimp My Ride, and Room Raiders. The last one not suitable for children.

    American Idol is now stage 2 – hollywood week, got a few more months to go.

    on star world, i watch friends, 8 rules, scrubs, raymond (mon 830). shows to avoid – taps, medical investigation (cheap csi ripoff)…

  11. Monday nights and thursday nights have some nice comedies. Medical investigation isn’t that bad the few times that I hv watched it.

    What do ur children think of taking away their cartoon channels and replacing it with discovery? or are they too old for cartoons already?

  12. aunty u dont let your kids watch wrestling then later they turn gay then u jialat larrr!!!! must cultivate the male hormon abit then oni kira secure one lol!!!

  13. Sumo Wrestling XXX rated one, cannot simply see wan.

    Btw if you know how to download from HK latest TV serials from bitcomt better, no need see Astro outdated HKTVB serials.Too bad I can’t read chinese or else I won’t waste my time download Jap AV

  14. i got no astro and it is fine, i have been without astro for 2 years and i dont missed it anymore. watching free tv is not bad. tv3, tv7 & tv8 all have quite up to date shows.
    my top 10+2 shows on free tv
    1. lost
    2. 2 & a half man
    3. ncis
    4. ghost whisperer (got jennifer love hewitt, sure must see her big eyes)
    5. without a trace
    6. amazing race
    7. malcolm in the middle
    8. american idol (taylor hicks for american idol 5!)
    9. oliver’s twist
    10. charmed (got leng lui where can miss, lilian are you sure!)
    11. lax
    12. las vegas

  15. Leng Lui LILIAN — Aiyoh! No more WLT ar… U don’t wanna see Chan Ho on WLT meh? For your info, Channel 34 also got Chan Ho there. Ha! Ha!
    9394– How to download HKTVB serials?? What’s the URL??

  16. Forgot to tell you… my darling Medical Investigation is on tonight on CH 70 at 9pm. Fark Gallen and those TVB reruns lar! You can definitely do without WLT. lol

    BTW, I meant to ask you… blogger lb looks like some actor from TVB. I won’t say who.. you tell me. lol (I know his profile pic is half covered lar.. but just for the fun of it, go guess..)

  17. I always want to take off the Dynasty Package as my sister’s result drop nosedive because of that. But my mother keep repeating my sister, “If next term exam hor, you don’t do well again, I will cancel the Astro.”

    NATO (No Action, Talk Only). ๐Ÿ™

  18. Try watch channel 71 MTV whatever things aired every sat at 4pm.. wicked! um.. for kids like me la maybe hehe..

    Srubs on channel 70 not bad too.. but the best has got to be AXN – Amazing Race is there, all CSIs are there.. cool!

    But ultimately I think one can still survive Astro la.. cz local TV stations also quite up to date – like TV3 currently airing latest season of The Apprentice..

  19. Who needs WLT when u can download all those movies via (sssshhhh….p2p)….. I stopped subscribing to Astro when i stopped 2 – 3x nighttime breastfeeding when Gordon’s about 1 or so. Dont have screamyx then mah, so, astro is a must have thing.

    Helen – hurry, tell, which HK idol our dear lB looks like. i’m so dying to know lehhhh

  20. hi lilian, i think you would love the evening monday sitcoms on ch70:
    -my wife and kids
    -everybody loves raymond (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
    -frasier (BLOODY FARNIE)

  21. Of the really new stuffs,
    Ghost Whisperer, The Amazing Race, American Idol.

    How to live w/o WLT ?(unless you rent the lastest series from da cut throat video shops)

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