Ever imagine the looks of bloggers?

I had been playing soccer mom, driving here and there, fetching this and that these few days. Hardly have time to rot at home. By midnight, I drop dead. So, cannot write profound and deep stuffs. Hahaha, as if I do that.

Now, Helen asked me who LB looks like? We only see a quarter of his face. LB, if you all do not know is the ladies’ man. He lives in Italy, take great photos, in the fashion industry, list 50 love songs, yadda yadda yadda. So you get the picture? Every lady is wondering how he looks like in person. My answer is Jordan Chan. chan_jordan_1

Then, we have Wingz. I don’t have to imagine what he looks like. He is just like his Patt Leong Kum banner, I am very sure. And then AhPek, I thought he is a graying man but Cocka said he is not. A Hasher somemore, fhweeet!

As for 9394, well, I had a glimpse of him when I was in Borders Bookshop and I can tell you that one can never attach the person to the 9394 blog because 9394 in person is the regular, blue shirt working colleague.

I had been fortunate to catch glimpses of Da Buaya’s photo (but not Mrs. B) and also Simontalks. So, they are not so mysterious to me. I like to see a face to a blog. Or else I will start to imagine, shucks, this guy is horrible. He must be damn ugly in real life. Or awwww….the blog is so enchanting, this woman must be a real gem.

Come on, you do imagine and wonder what your favourite bloggers look in real life? Certainly you do? Now, I said imagine, not fantasise. Don’t mix them up. Imagine is ok.

28 thoughts on “Ever imagine the looks of bloggers?

  1. I met 5xmom even before reading her blog, so not suspen anymore.
    It got all excited when I got to know that I actually ‘brush shoulders’ with Mr B, though found out about it much later. And I have hubby to remind me of what he looks like;)
    Evertime that I wish I can see blog, I try not to imagine takut nanti, they turn out to be completely different;)

  2. i’ve always imagined jeremy c to look like my brother-in-law so when i saw his recent photo he posted, i said “that can’t be right leh!” & 5xmom, don’t have to imagine anymore, ur face is everywhere now! šŸ™‚

  3. Oooh, i fantasize about them!!

    Joking only lar! *Wipe that stupid look off your face!*

    I know what Zara’s mama looks like, you, 90% of Samm and 40% of King’s wife.(her puzzle is really teasing..)

    The men, especially those who write macho macho stuffs like ghiu ghai lar, sex guru, stud, 8″ etc.. usually dare not put their face on their blog. (except Wilwolf.. maybe that is because he is leang jai..)

    Seriously, I do wonder what they look like. lol

  4. dsaint – I see pimples!

    Wingz – You so femes mah, everbodi knows Rojakz, ok? Hehehe, I missed out la. Do so now.

    Helen – Jordan Chan answer correct anot? Or Bowie Lam?

    wuching – I just discovered that you had pics of yourself in the older blog. Earlier I thot that bird mascot was the first time you put pic.

    mama23beas – I hope I look as real as my blog. And I do wonder how your hubby described Mr B to you. Tu…apek cina yang putih-putih, nerdy-nerdy tu… Kahakahkah

    simon – Bloggers Honour, cannot tell.

    Jeremy C – I bet you have a lot of SYT pictures in your mind?

  5. Yeah me too every time every day every minutes imagine how my fellow bloggers fren looks like.

    I’ve got to say I’m most curious how Mr Buaya looks like.

  6. WAaaaaaaaaaaAAA!!!!!!! Alamak!!! Hahaha!! Seiloh… Like this pun boleh ka?!! LOL! Excellent try but totally off the mark. *sigh*.. Next time I belanja you pizza..

  7. i do that all the time. But when i see actual pictures….TOTALLY different.

    Er….just curious, how do you imagine Ms.Fashion look like??? *cross fingers*

  8. Yeah, sometimes I wonder how some bloggers look like. Lilian, I can send you a small photo of mine if you’d like to know how I look like. But promise not to do anything funny with the photo, okay? šŸ˜‰

  9. Cocka, I oso put 20 yrs photo and let everyone arm luen. LOL

    Skyjuice – Yes please. I went to your URL but it seems to be for private only. Saw Marlinda though.

    fashionasia – fuyoh, with the wedding photo and your fashion taste, no need to say oso leng lui la

    Oli – I saw already, no need to imagine.

    LB – Ya, now wondering even more

    eternity – LOL, you won’t miss if you just scroll this month (FEB) postings.

  10. 9394 – Orlando BRoom! You heard wlongry riao!

    sky – Got it!

    LinPeh – Time to change yr avatar

    James – Yeah, the James who pump iron.

    king’s wife – Yalor, like yr teaser pic of your hair.

  11. fantasize is good worr…can have the wildest imagination…fantasize..fantasize..fantasize then sekali one day meet up time, sample don match the goods…chaaam

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