Let’s chant the lausai curse

People, I know recently got reshuffling but I never bother to read. Tell me who is the one responsible for building roads/bridges and who is in charge of our island?

I wanna whack kau them, man. You know why? I cooked a pot of tanghoon soup (mungbean soup) and it turned into dry tanghoon with absolutely no more liquid (‘cos the tanghoon absorbed the soup). I need to re-heat all my dishes and rice. My poor hubby was caught in a traffic jam for two freaking hours! Can you believe it? 120 minutes of bumper to bumper.

Niamah chikok. (LOL, I really dunno what this means) He usually arrived home around 7 pm and this obedient wife will time all the food to be ready the moment he walks into the house. But poor, poor dear almost burst his bladder when he reached at 9 pm.

Why? Because a lorry overturned and spilt sugar in Prai. The jam was stretched from Carrefour right up to the bridge toll booth and all the way from the bridge to Penang. Crazy, man.

I so wanna take someone’s bad wig and whack him. I so wanna take someone’s spectacle and break it. Because they can’t even agree on a solution to solve the traffic woes. One Yingrish is so bad, the other one pulak try to ‘vanakam’ into our hearts. Puadah. (you want to know their names, you have to email me, I don’t want to nekid squat) May both of you, trapped in such traffic jam, one day with a freaking lausai* urge. May both of you shit in your pants because your chauffeur driven cars with outriders got caught in these kind of jams. Fulamak, baru padan muka.

I think if we collectively wish for such thing to happen, it will happen? The next time you are caught in a traffic jam, remember to chant, ‘May the lausai* curse befall on the person responsible. Keep chanting and hopefully, it comes true! 🙂

*lausai = diarrhoea

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17 thoughts on “Let’s chant the lausai curse

  1. I can’t help laughing at the way you curse. LOL
    I used to keep a plastic bag in the car and use it whenever I got caught in the causeway jam. I would turn up the aircon full blast to frost up my car windows so that other motorist can’t see.
    It’s quite a feat having to crawl your vehicle and piss at the same time.

  2. aiyah these people probably have a portable potty in their cars lah.
    Cocka.. I hope you dont toss that bag out the window LOL

  3. another method other than the one used by cocka is to tie the cock head with a rubber band tight tight. so even if your bladder burst oso you don’t need to wet yor pants. however, this method applies to men only. ladies will have to resort to a rubber stopper or if they can find a bottle cork big enough, can also.

  4. I’m tired to even talk about the traffic, but about the reshuffling thingy, I’m happy to have one removed. The one who once had fun talking to the wrong audience and made me fell asleep, while cursing myself for wasting my time there. At least now I think my judgement is right!
    Anyway, will do the chanting!

  5. Niamah Chikok! Whatever that means. Hahaha. Poor 5XDad and Poor 5XMom. I know just how you feel when you time everything just right and then the tanghoon dries up!

  6. Vday = 3 hours jam into KL because 999 trees decided to perform synchronised topple all around the city. Nice. I was actually wondering whether I would be able to pick up my dear from her office before midnight.

    Curses all around. Next time, I’ll do one of those 360 jinxes where the whole family of the person responsible will kena.

  7. hey! I wrote how I suffered last nite because of the jam & this thing just went bling, and everything is gone. So tak larat dah nak tulis panjang2, enuff said that we really suffered & I’m covered in heat rash now!

  8. Caught in jam? Nah. Whenever my friend ask me to go down KL, if it is “crowd” hour, I always reject. If they scold me for anti-social, I retaliate with “insensitive” . 😉

    More ROAD is not the solutions, except big money for those people connected to the gahmen. Paul Tan site mentioned Produa get 80,000 Myvi order
    If 10% of the order come from Penang, it will be extra 8,000 car on the road.

    It will become worst.

  9. i moved out of KL to penang cause i cant stand the KL jams. I dont see a logical reason to waste 3 hours of my life everyday in the car on the road doing nothing.

    Penang jams, but the roads are shorted and hence the jams are still tolarable. I’ll avoid the bridge as much as I can.. ie work in the island and stay in the island though its more expensive on the island.

  10. eh.. we have something in common woh… i also ‘tar pao ppl ngan keng’ wan….

    but dont so tension la.. arr meh the sex will cover up geh

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