How old are you tag

This is Cocka Doodle from Johor. ROTFLMAO. He tagged me so I must quickly respond. I love men with moustache. So yau yeng, tai nam yan like that hor? BTW, he got the choy san yeh voice and has a teenage daugther, I think. So, my udang is to be his besan. (in-laws)

1. Name one of the actor of the old days that you missed the most – Patrick Swayze


2. Name a cartoon of the old old days


3. Name a singer/group of the old days

Prince, Michael Jackson when he wasn’t white, Spandau Ballet, Air Supply, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen

4. Band of the old – U2, Human League (cheh, band/group not the same meh?), Frankie goes to Hollywood (relax, don’t do it…)

5.TV Series of the old days

– Dallas, just like Cocka…..eck!!!, Man from Atlantis, Incredible Hulk, High Chaparral


6. Actress of Old Days

– Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman….) Farah Fawcett, Demi Moore

7. Fashion of Old Days that you miss the most

– Beggar look, gypsy look, floral dress with low waist and those bare the shoulders. BRALESS! Come to think of it, how come braless not in trend now huh?

8. Movie of Old Days

– An Officer and the Gentleman, Dirty Dancing, Flashdance, Bodyguard

9. Music Video of Old Days

– Lionel Ritchie singing Hello. MJ with Thriller

10. Coolest Song of Old Days

– Aiyoyo, only one song, I cannot pick la. But if talk about disco, Caribbean Queen is a must have. And who can forget Funky Music-by Wild Cherry (cnP from cocka too). And one more song that goes….oh hoho hoho, I, I live among the creatures of the night (what title forget liao)

3 persons I like to tag is:

Ducky (hey, this new blogger rather fun ler, go moral support him a bit ler ‘cos not many people can write ‘pee with the pants on’ post)

BeeLiBaala (another blogger who also write very funny views. But hor, what I like about her is how she picks up and keep going, keep going after some earlier ‘hiccups’ .)

Siao Char Bor (also a new blog I am reading. Admire her also for her ‘keep going, keep going’ mantra, hor, SCB? Quickly go to
her blog and continue her humsup koochai which was contributed by her blog readers. It is like a chain x-rated story It is fun ler.)

22 thoughts on “How old are you tag

  1. i got a tag ah, i got a tag ah
    na na na na na na
    you cannot catch me
    na na na na na na
    eh ! got tag have to tag other people lah !
    want to tag who ah ? you think my idol mr. rocketman – lim kit siang will tag or not ?

  2. SCB – Pssstt….I never watch before leh. Got ah? Send me la.

    Cocka – Heh, we got Bowie Lam (LB), oso Patt Leong Kum (wingz) and now xxxHKie actor name elvis. LOL. These are the real blog celebs hor?

    ducky – If he do, remember to drop my URL hor? I wanna rub shoulder oso mah.

    SCB- He damn macho ler…Why so few Chinese men like that hor?

  3. char bor,
    cocka hor, 90% like the picture.
    char bor’s humsap koochai, i wrote the grand finale already. maybe u wanna start a new one here?

  4. Adam – Aiyoh, I am born in mid 60s and therefore, my era is the 80s-90s when I am 20 yrs old, rite? Surely I cannot be listening to 60s music ‘cos I am only newborn and 70s I was only mere 10+. LOL.

    ahpek – Dunno how la. Humsup koochai tarak boleh ler.

  5. Welcome to the “young” bloggers club!! ** Congregation came to shake hands and fraternize ** We are from the same era lar!! No doubt!! I believe even Wingz!!

    ah Pek – really ar?? Cocka really looks like that ar??? Wow, that actor really got hamsasp look… and hamsap skills. I know he did alot of XXX HK films back in the 90s…. Damn solid, damn brutal man!! ** drooling **

    ** shit, should’ve gone to meet Cocka in Excelsior Hotel the last time he got stuck in Ipoh…… **

  6. helen – I belong to the nunnery. I never watch any XXX HK! Sobs. I am denied off a normal childhood. Please make it up for me by telling me wtf i can get these? ‘Cos my face si beh si marn, no ahbeng dare to offer Cat 3 to me.

  7. *cocka parading down the catwalk, flexing muscles to Helen & Lilian*
    singing….”I’m too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy til it hurts”

  8. ** woosh, woosh, woosh ** Cocka bombarded with flying panties, bras and girdles and thousands of screaming si-lais and toddlers. (toddlers came with their mom coz mama do not want to leave baby with Indon maid…)

    ** Cocka struts over and bend over Helen ** Helen takes out RM1 and slip between Cocka’s G-string.

  9. Cocka starts lap dancng to turn Helen on even more….
    Gyrating to the music,swaying seductively….teasingly brushing his crotch against her soft velvety skin….LOL

  10. isnt that Laura Branigan’s song titled Night ?

    I said night
    I live among the creature of the night
    ………….whatever the lyric was here ……..
    Again i live tomorrow and tomorrow another’s night

    someting like dat lar….Dont you like PINK FLOYD ? Awwww.

    Damn, i should have left u a message when i was in Penang on Tue to Thurs 14 – 16/2/06.

  11. foodcrazee – Aiyoh, you so old oso ah? Yaya, Laura Branigan. I could have chia you makan mud crab if you tell me!

    Cocka – I jeles liao.

    Helen – Hands off my choysan. LOL. You got Lam Bowie and AhPek liao somemore want to grab the Cock?

  12. lilian you want hk triple x, sure i can burn for you 1, somemore that guy with misai, no problem, 7 out of 10 xxx shows, sure kena him one. he bang shu qi to yip chi mei.

  13. Braless is still in trend ler, its just that, do you “dare” to do it or not only lar…I saw heaps of leng luis going braless walking around outside Sunway College..

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