My voice is better than Lillian Too, at least…

(cis, I tried changing false to true to false and so on and yet, the stupid thing plays on its own. Cepat-cepat press the pause button if I traumatise you. LOL.)

Count the number of ‘so’.

And don’t laugh because I am really a jakun. Heck, I am like cave(wo)man discovering sex for the first time. LOL. I didn’t know that my laptop has a mike until now. And I haven’t used Skype nor MSN chat before. So, getting my voice directly into the PC and then the net is really so fun. Wheeee! (Ok, confession, actually it was my son who told me, Duh, you got a mike oso you dunno wan ah? What for spent so much money for you, aiyohhh)

(enuff liao lah, I removed the embed file already šŸ™‚ )

Link can be found here.

Now, running to hide with beet red face. šŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “My voice is better than Lillian Too, at least…

  1. I just discovered something too! Haha… Lilian’s voice šŸ˜‰ And first thing in the morning too…

    I’ve always thought my voice sounds… a bit off after recordings but yours sounds perfectly fine!

    Well, congrats on finding that mic!

  2. LOL auntie I was wondering to make a same thing before, but the recorded sound ended up badly so gotta stop it.
    Attractive voice anyway, hopefully u didnt ‘edit’ it lol.

  3. Sue – TQ. I was in the studio with Richard and Shazmin and live on Mix FM, you know? Hehehe, my 30 minutes of fame.

    CLF – Yeah, I use audacity but I did not know can edit voice wan ah? Aiyoh, like that mah shiok, can change the voice to sound like 16 yrs old girl. Hahaha. I only know the Stereo Mix, Record and export as MP3. Nothing further.

    Samm – It was one crazy moment, sort of bungee jumping kinda thing. You know what? I dare not turn on speakers the whole day.

    MamaBoK – I was forced to listen again and again ‘cos I need to get my Bible reading right. It is one big para without comma, full stop so I had to repeatedly read until they are understandable by others. So, after a while, I got used to my own voice. But this mike is ok ‘cos I don’t sound like some fishmonger in the wholesale market. LOL.

    Cocka – Yeah it was just a little dot on the corner. That’s the problem with people who don’t read manual.

    julie – grins….

    wu ching – Oh no, what if you won’t dare to come back at all? Cannot torture people like that. But I am back to choir singing again ‘cos Easter is coming.

    Debbie – Usually people aren’t accustomed to their own voice. I wrote something before.

    SK- Abuden?

    ST – Chey, I should say, “My voice is better than Xiaxue’ and prolly this piece will be on spymy. šŸ™‚

    Paul – You drunk issit? šŸ™‚

  4. chewahhhhhhh, bravo bravo! encho! encho!
    *clap clap clap clap clap… feeewwwwiiiiitttttttt

    ok la, u sound better than lilian too! u have a very evil grin when u laughed! devilllllllllllllll…..

  5. king’s wife – Only males can hear. LOL. OK, I put the link later. You can go directly to Bolt and see? If you can hear Wingz humsup song, you should be able to hear mine oso.

    kampungkai – Hahaha, next one I will record all the Penang Hokkien cuss words ok?

  6. You blogged about whether we wonder what other bloggers look like…. I tell you, forget about looks, I already shocked when I heard what you sound like!!

    Totally not what I had expected!! Niamah, the voice is so hiao so teh…. sort of reminded me of somebody’s mistress… From the voice, I suddenly envision you with King’s wife beautifully set hair! lol

    Ever consider a career in phone sex?? šŸ˜›

  7. I get really really hot and wet during a hot steamy phone sex conversation, I love to make guys do nice things for me.
    RM2.99 per minute billed to your credit card. So do you want to experience the best phone sex orgasm of your life? Dial that number below and call me, if you dare.
    dial 1800-6767-2222 for lilian.

    love your giggle, sound very excited and fire hot.

  8. I suggest next post lilian to sing the song on wingz’s blog, sure damn ‘on’.

    ~~sabye sabye~~

    *run fast fast*

  9. doc – Hehehe, I got just the lyrics, cheebye cheebye…But soli, I sure kena banned from every place, schools, church, markets if I dare do it.

    Sky – It shud works la, prolly your PC setting block it? You use firefox? Got block javascript?

    Cocka – Righto!

    ducky – LOL, earlier when I read, I was full of tension and rushing to church. I mis-read and thot your comment was Helen’s and I was worried why Helen said that. Pheww….At least I know it is apkniah.

    helen – Heh, I wasn’t a sexy-turkey for 12 years for nothing ler. But hor, (from here on, Lilian kong yeh sou with only Helen. You all want to read oso can la) actually this post was to boost my confidence. I screwed up some Bible reading in my last duty (a few weeks ago) and I felt so bad about it. We have 500 ppl in the church and half way my voice faltered and everyone can hear my shaky voice. OMG, I wanted the fire like Pentecost to rain down and burn everyone up. LOL. This evening was my duty again and I know I cannot afford to do that. And praise God, I am ok again. You know la, the duty to proclaim the Gospel is heavy responsibility. When I screwed up, people will ask, ‘You never prepare ah? You should pray you know? How can you do that? Aiyoh…..’ Can die wan ler, ‘cos people are so insentitive (those who are not lectors themselves) and their remarks made me like I am just there for fun. Now hampalang si fook sai. Thanks to all the encouraging feedbacks.

    Phone sex? No lah, I better ‘store up treasures in Heaven’ and use the God given voice to praise and worship God. Good Friday and Easter coming liao, must go back to choir singing liao.

  10. Ah, finally I was able to listen to your voice. Mak aiii, you can talk! You know what’s funny? I actually imagined how you’d sound like and it sounded exactly (well, almost) like my imagination.

    No, I don’t use Firefox & block Javascript. When I tried the link earlier, it said something like ‘We don’t know what you’re looking for because it doesn’t exist’. Lucky I didn’t give up, otherwise won’t know how your voice sounds like and I’ve to keep on imagining, hehe.

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