Syco…Syco…syco what? sycophant


I learn a new word today. Let’s learnt together, chewren!

sycophant \SIK-uh-fuhnt\, noun:
A person who seeks favor by flattering people of wealth or influence; a parasite; a toady.

In Bahasa Malaysia – Ampu bodek

In Penang Hokkien – Porh Larm Pah (porh = carry, larm pah = chuntois, testicles, balls)

In Cantonese – I dunno but it’s up there in the pic. I only copy paste. Don’t know how to pronounce oso.

Sycophant is derived from = Psycho and elephant

It means some psycho people with skin as thick as elephants. There.

So, is it good or bad? I don’t know. You tell me? (Beware! Tricky question. LOL)

22 thoughts on “Syco…Syco…syco what? sycophant

  1. LOL.. that’s a new word for me!! Rest assured, I’ll be flaunting my new word so I can let ppl know my Engrish best one!

    Cantonese we call these ppl dai geok yau. As for whether this is good or not… hmmm, hard to say. I am too biased to give an honest answer! LOL

  2. LOL! Brilliant word. I also like Mah Pei Jing. If only i read your blog before I did my Malaysian slang podcast. Sycophant will be mentioned! Keep us educated!

  3. uuhhh… por lam pah ahh??? gooddd..if gau por means can can rich easily. if gau por can get promoted easily. if gau por can live happily ever after.
    so people, be a lam pah kek. go and por lam pah kuat kuat.

  4. Mah Pei Jing = horse fart spirit (in this case spirit=enthusiast)

    I have since learnt a long time ago that a little flattery goes a long way.

  5. Another Cantonese word is ‘chart hai’, which means polish shoe (no, wingz, not charp hai).

    In extreme cases, we say ‘chart hai chart dow xiong chun doi’ – polish shoe polish all the way up to the scrotum. But in cases where there is no chun doi, this doesn’t apply…

    *run away fast fast*

  6. doc – That means you no need to buy bulbs liao, correct anot?

    CV – Try harder, I am not amused too.

    moo_t – No wor, in fact, I am a professional scyophant.

    Seng Kor – It is better than any degree or MBA. I swear!

    romantic – These are traits we must learn. 🙂

    sooi2 – If done tastefully, they do serve a purpose. But mostly people did it badly and they are parasites more than anything else.

    Beer Brat – Oh, very long way, all the way to the top too.

    ahpek – Very good advice. Everyone follow ahpek. But remember to do so with style and some sincerity.

  7. adam & eve – You got it right, but sycophant sounds more sophisticated, ya?

    wuching – Hu in Hokkien is to carry like a sedan. So it must be a damn big ball. LOL.

    Cocka – yes, it will looks like that if over done.

    Sky – They are everywhere, at work, at home (relatives la) and in the blogsphere!

    wingz – No nid to admit, I early-early know liao.

    Failer – You learn young, good for you, it will take you far.

    shireen k – Yalor, if you look like toad, people also say pwetty…..

    ki – Wow, am gonna check out yr podcast. My new interest.

    king’s wife – That or open legs, that is even faster! hahaha. We are bitchy.

    helen – Try it the next time you visit blogs. Just go ‘Wow, this is interesting, I am so amazed, You are so smart, You blog is the best’ LOL. Tell me the result, ok? But dun try here la.

    Samm – No lah, people teach me wan.

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