Will the real men please stand up?

My tai nam yan (the strong, silent, man) aka my hubby recalled the actors of the past. Let me give you kids (anyone below 30 years old belong to this category LOL) a brief blast from the past.

In the olden days, most movies revolved around swordsmen and their quests for some treasures, honour and conquering lands etc. Their mission was to fight to death for things like their ancestors chastity belts (ok, just joking), land or to revenge for the honour of their parents, sifu or noble causes like these. Today, they fight for the CB only.

I almost choked on my fishball when dear hubby showed me the stance of Chen Sing. Chen Sing was one ugly villain who loves to claw and wrinkled up his face. A bit like Bruce Lee but much uglier. He will go ‘aiiiiiyeaaaahhhh, aiiiiiyeaaahhhh’ with his hands clawing in the air likedat.


This is the mellowed but probably constipated Chen Sing. Please go to the site where I steal this photo from, to see the young Chen Sing.

Then, there were other actors like Wang Yu and Ti Lung. I was about 7-8 years old I think when my brothers and sisters were crazy with Jimmy Wang Yu in the One arm swordsman. Tu pi tau wang in Mandarin.


He was the silent, strong and so pahwerful man.

Later on, somehow, story lines from Taiwan revolved into mushy love stories like those by Chin Han, Tern Kwong Yong, Chin Hsiang Ling. And tadaaaa…..that’s when the real men started to evolve into the lembik men. These era of Taiwan movies (in the 70s) had no storyline except poor boy fell for rich girl or rich boy fell for poor girl. Then, poor boy will cry in the heavy rain. Damn! If you think that is bad, now lagi chialat. They cry in the snow. Damn cool hor?

Now we have Gay Chou, Gay Yong Jun and Tak kasi Kanneh silo


Take for example this April Snow movie by Gay Yong Jun. Do you know that everytime I stepped into the Uncle Ho’s DVD shop, the cilaka male promoters sure shove the title to me? Hey, do I look like I fancy long hair, speckie, fair-fair, smooth complexion (smoother than mine, CB!) men? Just because most of the aunties all across Asia fancy this white tofu of a man, doesn’t mean I am one of them, ok? I am 5xmom. I am evil. I am mo…..jojojo. LOL.

So, what I wanted to say is – Somehow, along the years, men have evolved to become more feminine. Is it because the entreprising businessmen know that making men feminine means making big bucks? They will need facial care, skin care, whitening care, hair care, slimming care, clothes and matching accessories, jewelleries, nail care, etc etc. After that, they need a little bit of zen and all those craps. I believe it is.

And then, aren’t we silais (silai = pampered women who doesn’t have to work but blog all day) minds corrupted when all the movies that the big production houses churned out are nothing but triangular, rectangular and octagon love?

Haiyoh, I miss those real men who fights real war and win great honour. I want my man (in the fantasy only, ok?) to worry about protecting the family, not his fingernails, dammit! I want my man to uphold his family’s name, not the number of hairs on his head, CCB! I want my man to care only for his family’s well-being and not where to find the best facial, tiu!

So, are there any more real men around? Other than my atm of course. Like those lumberjacks who drank Guiness Stout kind? Who have rough hands, untidy hair, unshaven face, sweats from working hard, muscles from doing real work and the breadwinner of the family?

Real men, please stand up. And real women, please care to tell what are the real men traits?

26 thoughts on “Will the real men please stand up?

  1. kakaka now men too fucking free ledi … so they got time to put makeup put mask put toner do pedicure and polish their ass and balls…. soon they will even wear bra!!!! mch …. dats all suma farking gay !!!

  2. huiyah! i also remember those old movie stars that look like real men oi! i’m no lumberjack drinking stout but i drink ribena ca anot? my hands r rough from working in my backyard thot!

  3. hahahahaha! U r not into Metroman lar……phew! missed being a kiddo…

    Rough hands, etc makes a real man meh ? Got such thingy as real man one ar ?


  4. Ayo…my work does not require me to sweat or drink guinis stout or have rough hands….but if i go to work with untidy hair and unshaven face, i get seck lo. Everything the opposite of your so called REAL man. What to do, auntie? Should i change job? LOLZ.

  5. Real man for me is like those that work in the farm in the USA… wake up before dawn, dress in check shirts n jeans, don on their cowboy hats and boots, ride on horses get out to work, go to town riding their Chevy pick-up trucks…. cool and doesn’t talk much and has that really deep voice.

    Also I like my men with big appetite, not one who worry about putting on weight after eating that devil curry dish that I painstakingly cooked.

  6. i really bey tong the metromen…celebs like david beckham might be nice to look at, but never in thousand yrs i wud want someone like dat (a man so into fashion, manicure, pedicure, facial) for a husband!

  7. I heard men thesedays go for facial, manicure, hairdo etc. Ewww…. those are for women. Sorry maybe I am OLD fashion but real man only use one soap to wash head to toe after long day work in the field. hehe

  8. Isn’t it weird when a woman tries something different, she’s being rebellious. But when a man does something different, he’s looked down upon. Is masculinity so fragile (oh the irony) that it breaks apart everytime a man wears makeup or goes for pedicure?

  9. Real men got moustache!
    By the way, I can’t stand those korean drama. They make the men look damn ‘liao pu chi’. Like as though the women damn hard-up of them ..wtf!

  10. Still don’t understand why must associate “real man” with macho. Those old time wu-xia story is about “xia” , an heroic act to help the weaks and bring in the justice.

  11. Real men hor… first trait must have KKC lor.. LOL. (can’t get any more real than that!!)

    Talking about fighting for honour, my hubby does that everyday with my blonde bf. So damn syiok seeing those male fighting over me day in day out!! LOL You all think love triangle only happens in Korean drama ar?? It’s happening to me everyday! Sian!!

    Who wins?? Hubby gets to sleep with me but my poodle gets all my attention.

    **pssst** I remember those Guiness ad on TV when I was young. Waaa, all those men… lol

    But seriously, it takes more strength and courage for one to reveal their vulnerable side. Being strong meant being not afraid to show they are weak. IMHO. lol

  12. I Agree. Those actors looked like real men! and even in the peak 1980s TVB days the actors were solid.. like Chow Yun-Fat, Tony Leung, Andy Lau, Simon Yam, Francis Ng.. and many others.

    Who does TVB have now as a leading man? Anyone?

    Dont even get me started on Leon Lai.. that guy couldnt hurt a feather!

  13. Wang Yu, yes! Ti Lung, yes! But don’t forget David Chiang! These guys were there even before we heard of Jackie Chan. Not even Bruce Lee.

  14. Aiyah, I’m sure those who look like real men on the big screen these days oso got slabs of makeup put on etc to look exactly that way and hair to be arranged exactly to look like in disarray macho style and they probably have water sprayed on to look like sweat just before the shoot as well. Heh. heh. Don’t u think?

  15. shireen – cute ler, not seductive ler, eh eh, you sked me already

    MG – Hahaha, makeup to make like macho la, issit

    fishtail – Yeah, Chiang Ta Wei. Yeh Huah.

    Tracy – The current batch all look the same. Long straight, blonde hair, thin thin. LOL

    Failer – You are right. Got money, hampalang doesn’t matter anymore hor?

    helen – I even remember the ads in Tamil!

    moo – that’s why so man mah, save the weak, protect the poor etc. So man what.

  16. Samm – U provide is different ler, you pamper a real man.

    Cocka – You so man…can see it that way. Actually, these do give some people ideas and hence, the fishmonger, butcher, gas delivery ahpek semua suddenly looks attractive to the fansi of Korean dramas. LOL. I know of a few silais who are into these, with Bangladesh worker too. Die ler…

    Bawang Merah – hahaha, I better dun argue with you. Makeup?

    mahagurusia – hahaha, like wingz, pakai sabun cap kapak for the clothes, body, kkc and hair

    sooi2 – yeah, later fight with you for the bathroom mirror hor? LOL

    egghead – so why aren’t you afraid of the wife, faster

    thunder – Yeah, and I want to be the one at home, cooking. LOL.

    Prometeuz – You got spent 30% of your salary on personal care anot? If not, you are not guilty. LOL.

    ahpek – Guiness Stout!

    foodcrazee – Oh ya, real man can cook too! Now happy liao?

    wuching – U love ribena and not afraid to tell us, so another point for you! No need to boast with Jack Daniels hor?

    Wingz – Gay gay gay.

  17. ya ya, my real man must be tanned dark, drinks alcohol, rough hands and mebbe a hint of man smell….not so ketiak smelly la, i cant tahan la…leg oso must got hair, …neeeeh, like cocka’s picture you posted earlier….that yee phit kai

  18. Woohoooo…definitely not guilty la….only use one soap for everything…kekeke. Bought and watch Philedelphia DVD….very old movie la. Denzel Washington in the movie claimed Real man must have Hairy Chest & Leg….doh…have to start applying jonny walker now on….there.

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