Women at shopping mall sales is like starving bulldogs unleashed

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Yesterday, atm came back and whispered something into toddler’s ears.

Toddler : Mommy!!!!! Papa in lift.

5xmom : Huh? Papa got stuck in the lift?

Toddler : Nolah…papa in lift tomolo. Two days in lift.

5xmom : Huh?

You get what toddler was trying to relay to me, right?

So, I had been out the whole day since 10 am. Atm finally able to apply leave from work, a belated Valentine’s Day plan.

First stop : Metrojaya. Fulamak, when we reached there about 11 am, the aunties who are dressed like tai-tais were carrying big, big, huge plastic bags on the way to their car park. Aiyoh, aunties ah, Chinese New Year just passed a month ago, now somemore got so many things to buy ah? How many bedsheets do you need in a home? Why buy so many sets?

Plenty more of non-working tai-tais were scrambling for 70% + 10% reduced price hangbags. They have these intent look on their faces and if you so dare to touch something they had fixed their eyes on, you risk getting your eyeballs gouged out.

Less than an hour later, we cabut-ed from Metrojaya. We spent a mere 150 cents (car park fee) only.

Lessons learnt : Never go to One Day Members’ Sale in the morning. It is like running into a pack of hungry wolves.

Wonder how come everybody so rich wannnn….. So, the tip to charm the hubby.

“Dear, I am very nice hor. I didn’t buy a single thing. Not like those people. I saved so much of your money already hor? So, let’s go for Kobe Beef?”

WTF, 100gm of Kobe Beef is RM135! I’d rather keep the dollar notes, hang them above my bed with a string and admire the dollar notes than eat those paper thin, fat-filled, pink-pink Kobe Beef. I need at least 1kg or RM1,350 to fill the stomach. And Penang doesn’t have the Petronas Twin Tower to jump from.

12 thoughts on “Women at shopping mall sales is like starving bulldogs unleashed

  1. doc – kahkahkah, you still remember my promise hor? Ngao Yuk Poh wait you buy a return ticket only. Anytime, NYP sure can carry the whole cow on my back. But I need an extra seat Kobe-KL for my mok-mok.

  2. i hate sale. never go. i hate the crowd. i prefer shopping in peace and quiet away from privy eyes, eavesdroppers and loud-mouthed bitches. and i shop really fast. talk about pay and go, lol.

  3. LOL….. so what did you finally have??

    Seriously, unless the saving is substantial, I won’t go queue up 2 mile just to save 50 cents. Like Samm, you won’t find me during sales.

  4. helen – nothing lor, same old stuff.

    samm – sometimes it is good also to be exposed to them ‘cos I know what NOT to do and wear. LOL.

    wuching – Not dog, bitches

    MG – Tks. I am still fumbling around.

    MamaBoK – 🙂 It’s my calling. Hahaha.

  5. “…papa in lift tomolo. Two days in lift.”
    Sometimes I fantasize getting trapped in a lift with a sexy, voluptuous, seductive woman….and no to rescue until much later. But with the lights and the aircon still switched on, of course. LOL

  6. Cocka – Can what. You go bribe the maintenance people lor. I think you watched too many HK soap operas or Telenovela Latin Amerika (TV1 and TV2 cheap import from Brazil).

  7. Which one would you buy?…1) 500g of Kobe Beef to share with atm & toddler or 2) one bottle of creme la mer.

  8. I’ve tried going to these sales…grab all the clothings i wanted, queue..queue…queue…beh tahan because the queue is too long and the aunty aunty infront of me was still checking if the buttons on their blouse is in place and if the skirt she pick for her daughters fits…No more will you see me in such sales anymore..geram betul!

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