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Spymy and it’s involvement in the Tammy NYP video

I seriously do not know how to put this nicely. But heck, this is something that gets on my nerves. Blogtal, news aggregator and stuffs like these are supposed to be some organised, non-committal, run by certain rules and regulations set up.

Say our country is hit by a tsunami or some major disaster in that magnitude, if these blogtals , news aggregator wateva come forward and feed its users with updated information, I do understand.

Say our Health Ministry gives us a video on how to clean our chicken without getting bird flu, I do applaud the news aggregators for their civic consciousness if they give us an immediate link to the video.

But what the eff? Spy My

What is SpyMy? SpyMy is an aggregator of news and stories you want to read, created specially for the South East Asia region.

SpyMy, the news aggregator for the South East Asia region is putting on it very top page, the video of Tammy. So that everyone can conveniently download. Come on!

Can someone tell me why? Why would anyone in their decency want to keep spreading this video?

For the uninformed, it is a video of a girl whom recorded her own sexual act with a guy on her handphone. She claimed her phone was stolen and the person put up the video on net.

My take as different persons:

1) A Malaysian blogger – I don’t give an eff about Singaporean matters. This case was originally pinged by xialanxue on PPS. I wrote to PPS twice to ask for explanation why the matter keep coming up and why xialanxue is allowed to ping. I don’t see how we Malaysian bloggers can benefit from the case and see it as a ‘kaypohchee’ (busybody) matter.

2) A mom – I would hope and wish that such unfortunate cases don’t repeat often because here in Bukit Mertajam, a girl once committed suicide because of similar case. Do we want to force the poor girl and her family to total embarrassment?

3) A responsible adult – I am sure that all these links are going to feed more young minds with x-rated videos. So, why does SpyMy play this role? Encourage more people to set up spy cams?

4) As a bitchy woman – Awww…the bedsheet colour is horrible. The guy is too thin! The girl has a bruise on her bump. But she will make a good breastfeeding mom one day. 🙂

I am attaching the screenshot I took from SpyMy as at 8 pm on Wednesday, 22nd February which shows that the link is right at the top of SpyMy front page.


Dear fellow bloggers, especially parents,

The only wise views I heard about this case is only from Mahagurusia. Things like these can and may happen to our children. Let’s ponder how we can avoid them instead of spreading this matter like some cheap thrill. It just reflects your immaturity and your lack of civic-mindedness.

Please support my views.

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Comments board is now closed. I shall not tolerate disgruntled forum members who takes opportunity to hit me anonymously and dragging my valued readers into the water.

# Iprayforyou commented on February 22nd, 2006: ^

Lilian, I don’t know Kimberly or whoever Tiger, but I really think you are scrupulous to the max. And if your readers do not see that, they are of the same mentality as you. Shallow. Sorry folks.

49 Responses to “Spymy and it’s involvement in the Tammy NYP video”

  1. I’m still traumatised by that gay movie I watched few days ago… 🙁

  2. I have also posted a comment abt this xialanxue character:

    but so far no response. Perhaps you can add a comment tthere too, make use of the 5xmom power.

  3. Looks like SpyMy and ShaolinTiger are the same person?

  4. sup – Huh? Thanks for the link, will check it out. This is news to me!

    aw – Actually, I posted after yours and support your views and call for PPS to tell us how xlx ‘qualify’ as Malaysian blogs. But my comment was moderated and never appeared until today so I thot Aiz banned me. LOL.

    doc – Awww…we are into video now. Forget the movie. Maybe the video can be the antidote? Like the Chinese sinseh way. Fight poison with more poison! LMAO.

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  6. ST’s whoring for traffic and spamming the bloggers mailbox, and thought “Hey, I’m too smart to let them find out!!!”

  7. Summary of the link: ShaolinTiger and SpyMy have the same Google AdSense ID in the source of their pages. I don’t know enough about AdSense to know if this is conclusive proof though.

  8. I was about to blog abt this, but I have almost the same views as you. So, I suggest this 2 videos instead to satisfy the curiosity of ppl who wanna see the videos:

    (boringest : I have taken out the links but thanks for pointing them out.)

  9. You are such a HYPOCRITE.


  10. boringest – Tks for the links. Not sure what it contains but let this be a lesson and eye opener to us all, right?

    sup – Yeap, it is the same. Though, I do not want to speculate ST’s involvements. Thanks. 😉
    However, I do feel grrr….’cos Quit Smoking is ST’s too. He could have revealed himself when I innocently and kindly wrote to him, responding in action to his (spam) mail. I blogged in support of Quit Smoking, replied with my personal gmail and he replied back without even a hi, from one blogger to another. Go figure…

    alexallied – I am learning each day….

  11. Iprayfor you too… 🙂

  12. And you’re not doing this for traffic, don’t make me laugh.

    So hypocritical, I’d like you to point out exactly what SpyMy has done wrong anyway, it’s a news aggregator, guess what? The NYP Video is the hottest news out there right now, so SpyMy has aggregated the best resources talking about the issue and provided a link to the video everyone wants.

    Other than that you really need to check out the defintion of ‘civic minded’ you don’t seem to understand it, oh here let me enlighten you:

    ADJECTIVE: Concerned with civic interests or active in community affairs.

    Yes, active in community affairs, with civic interest, providing a service for the community, bang on what SpyMy is doing.

  13. ST aka SpyMy – Wateva.

  14. Typical Lillian, hypocrite extreme, can’t take criticism can only dish it out, I asked you reasonable questions yet you have no answer.

    So the only answer for your actions is according to Occams razor you are doing exactly what you are accusing SpyMy of, traffic whoring. Immoral no?

    Just like when you posted the hatesite link to that disgusting hate site about Kimberly, I guess it’s ok if a daughter of yours has a hatesite then I guess?

    Should call you 5 different faces I think, not 5 x mom.

  15. spymy – Hey, that’s a nice new name. 5xfaces! Look, I am not going to argue with you on what is civic and what is not. I just know that the fact you go around leaving comments on where to download the video is pure deep seated interest. And you do bear grudges, no?

  16. oh…now i’m just reminded that you posted the URL of my very crude hatesite for more than a day. i still forgot to thank you for that promotion (my site’s traffic really shot up u know!!!!!). i suppose that means you’re pretty dandy about ppl visiting crude hatesite made about your daughter (if you have one, i mean)? how could you call yourself a shame the religion. you should embrace hypocriticism instead. you disgusts me chanlilian, you really do.

  17. kim – I don’t fight with girls. 🙂


    the 2006 honda civic, for civic minded people! get one today!


  19. I left comments only on those blogs who had SPECIFICALLY posted about the NYP Video incident, and mentioned the video, or the lack of it in most parts.

    I did NOT post on any blogs or posts not directly related to the issue.

    And yes, of course I bear grudges, which human doesn’t? You do I know that for sure, and you claim to be a Christian too, which is quite laughable, having grown up a Christian, not having stumbled into it like you, I have to say you are one of the least Christian people I’ve ever encountered.

  20. Paul – I had two civic before. The first and 2nd generations. Does that make me very civic? 🙂

  21. Lilian, I don’t know Kimberly or whoever Tiger, but I really think you are scrupulous to the max. And if your readers do not see that, they are of the same mentality as you. Shallow. Sorry folks.

  22. chanlilian: ops, i didnt know you were more stupid than girls.

  23. spymy – Ok, now it is Christianity that got dragged in. I am so used to getting hit below the belt like that. Lucky I have no chuntois! LOL.

  24. Seems like you have no chuntois, no heart, no shame and no soul, fair all around eh?

  25. there’s a reason why your 4 kids and husband have chuntois. maybe you like to educate yourself more about karma.

  26. kim – yeah, yeah, I am used to this kind of caustic remarks from you. I read them so often on others’ blogs. I hope I am immuned.

    iprayforyou – THANK YOU! You do not know what you have just done. You do not know Shaolin Tiger, Teh ang moh and you know me so well? I so so touched. And you even know my readers. Thank you thank you.

  27. ok, this is turning ugly…anyway, lilian, in case someone thinks i’m posting up 18sx movies, it’s not really one – it’s just a re-enactment using soft toys.

  28. boringest – Yeah, one of the guys who clicked to me AFTER I removed it. I didn’t click them.

  29. chanlilian: im hoping i’d be immuned to your severe lack of intelligence

  30. 2nd hand civic for sale for civic minded people !!! *runs*

  31. wingz – You can post the price and contact number here. We need to buy lots of civic.

  32. Lilian, do you ever stop to ponder for yourself, what you have done?

    I have to constantly remind myself that you are just not worth it.

    But hey, since you enjoy the traffic so much, let me just indulge you one last time.

    I understand from some people from your other site, that you are really not a pleasant person. I think that speaks alot, doesn’t it?

  33. iprayforyou – Aha! Now I know. You just revealed your own identity. Too bad….

  34. My boss pay RM500 as deposit for the new Honda Civic. According to him, it’s refundable when he don’t want to buy the car. Thus, the salesgirl call him everyday ask him whether he wanna apply for loan or not.

    On the other hand, my friend keeps bugging me to go to the showroom on march 9th for test drive. I dunno that that Civic damn cun until i saw …



  35. Let’s all have some cendol and go read ok?

  36. frostier – It is so chio. Not like my very first car, the Honda Civic First Generation. Which got burnt become besi buruk.

  37. spymy – Cendol at this hour will give me a tummy ache. But for you, ok la.

  38. Thanks for the mention!

  39. cendol ?? i want !!! can tahpau anot ?

  40. Well it looks like we stepped into the middle of a personality war.

    But as a SpyMy user, I’d still like to know:

    1. Is it official fact that our e-mail addresses submitted to SpyMy will be receiving spam from now on (i.e. quitspeed)?

    2. I don’t remember voting for the link that’s permanently right on top of the spymy front page. How did that get there?

  41. Lilian ; yeah.. i know.. but then hor.. sometime we cannot prevent what people wanna say unless Itu Sama Arrest wanna involve la.

    But then hor, i felt sakit hati sama itu mia Msia blogsphere jadi kiasuland macam sama drama 9 9

  42. sup: i think itu QuitSpeed itu will ambik pembelog yg manyak traffic

  43. This is one of the best filmmaking, film-related/literature blogs ever. If I don’t see that particular person on the mirror everytime, I would’ve loved him even more.

  44. Makanlah kentucky fried chicken !!! gerenti Bird Flu Free!!!

  45. If you think this blog is hot, try somewhere cooler.
    like Outkast say. what’s cooler than ice?

    what’s cooler than ice?


  46. wingz – But go wan kai, sure kena flu wan. Oi, like that your pimping job mah suffers business drop? How jek? Wanna learn how to increase adsense income?

    swifty – LOL, you are not making sense. But who cares..

    frostier – Yeah, the day we go drag kiasuland into our kpc business was the day the worms start crawling. But hor, I dunno any kiasuland bloggers so saya tidak bersalah, tuan!

    sup – Good questions but heck, I don’t know oso.

    wingz – Wait I go snooorrrt out green green cendol from my nose for you ok? you want with or without brown sugar jek? Or red syrup. Oso nice.

    GhOst – Gotta mention it since xlx had been pinging our Malaysian PPS for several days and how this matter involves us, Malaysian bloggers.

  47. Yayaya, go hizecool for your free ice and cendol.

  48. Lilian.. Ice i got manyak
    but cendol… i need to digg my nose 1st. wait ar

  49. […] The previous occurence of the Tammy effect is the Star Wars Kid phenemenon. His leaked video of himself spread like wildfire across the internet and became one the web’s most searched people. Only this time, it is unlikely that people would add music and special effects to the ten minute sex video. has taken the liberty to link to the video for download, an act that has been disagreed upon here , here, here and here. […]