I seriously do not know how to put this nicely. But heck, this is something that gets on my nerves. Blogtal, news aggregator and stuffs like these are supposed to be some organised, non-committal, run by certain rules and regulations set up.

Say our country is hit by a tsunami or some major disaster in that magnitude, if these blogtals , news aggregator wateva come forward and feed its users with updated information, I do understand.

Say our Health Ministry gives us a video on how to clean our chicken without getting bird flu, I do applaud the news aggregators for their civic consciousness if they give us an immediate link to the video.

But what the eff? Spy My

What is SpyMy? SpyMy is an aggregator of news and stories you want to read, created specially for the South East Asia region.

SpyMy, the news aggregator for the South East Asia region is putting on it very top page, the video of Tammy. So that everyone can conveniently download. Come on!

Can someone tell me why? Why would anyone in their decency want to keep spreading this video?

For the uninformed, it is a video of a girl whom recorded her own sexual act with a guy on her handphone. She claimed her phone was stolen and the person put up the video on net.

My take as different persons:

1) A Malaysian blogger – I don’t give an eff about Singaporean matters. This case was originally pinged by xialanxue on PPS. I wrote to PPS twice to ask for explanation why the matter keep coming up and why xialanxue is allowed to ping. I don’t see how we Malaysian bloggers can benefit from the case and see it as a ‘kaypohchee’ (busybody) matter.

2) A mom – I would hope and wish that such unfortunate cases don’t repeat often because here in Bukit Mertajam, a girl once committed suicide because of similar case. Do we want to force the poor girl and her family to total embarrassment?

3) A responsible adult – I am sure that all these links are going to feed more young minds with x-rated videos. So, why does SpyMy play this role? Encourage more people to set up spy cams?

4) As a bitchy woman – Awww…the bedsheet colour is horrible. The guy is too thin! The girl has a bruise on her bump. But she will make a good breastfeeding mom one day. 🙂

I am attaching the screenshot I took from SpyMy as at 8 pm on Wednesday, 22nd February which shows that the link is right at the top of SpyMy front page.


Dear fellow bloggers, especially parents,

The only wise views I heard about this case is only from Mahagurusia. Things like these can and may happen to our children. Let’s ponder how we can avoid them instead of spreading this matter like some cheap thrill. It just reflects your immaturity and your lack of civic-mindedness.

Please support my views.

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# Iprayforyou commented on February 22nd, 2006: ^

Lilian, I don’t know Kimberly or whoever Tiger, but I really think you are scrupulous to the max. And if your readers do not see that, they are of the same mentality as you. Shallow. Sorry folks.