Wrong to be Robin Hood?

Sometime back, I mentioned about working illegally in UK. I only write about it but have no desire to tell parties anything because it is none of my business what they choose to do.

Few weeks later, the same parties talked about this scenario. Go to UK. Follow some people in van. People will give them some credit cards and instructions on what to buy from each shop. Of course, the parties involved must be respectable looking. Women my age, i.e. above 30 yrs old and no longer suitable for waitressing jobs are best suited, I was told.

So, you get down from van, zap card and go home. End of scenario.

And these are the comments I heard:

It is very easy to do!

Yahor, there is nothing wrong to it. It is not like we are robbing people.

Yes, yes, if get caught, go to jail where you live comfortably and given a menu to choose your meals.

Again, I don’t have a thing to say in this group. I don’t even want to hear them.

But I am sharing with my blog readers nevertheless. I don’t know this is ignorance or people had been so used to cheat the Income Tax from paying tax, cheat the Council from paying for minor business licence fee, cheat fun fair rides by telling the gatekeeper that their 13 years old son is less than 12 years (for free ride) or what?

So, what do you think of modern day Robin Hoods? Nothing wrong? It is not like the rich are going to suffer anything. It is not like you kill someone. It is not like you outrage the modesty of their daughter. What? Right or wrong?

Like I said earlier, I don’t wish to give my two sens to the people involved who got no cow sense. I’d rather sit quietly and wait for dramatic things to happen. I give very good ‘I told you sooooo’ looks and sniggering is my hobby. But I lurrrve to write them for people to ponder.

16 thoughts on “Wrong to be Robin Hood?

  1. but i’s human hature isn’t it? to be able to get something witout giving out anything. or get more than what we paid for. or is that typical chinaman way.
    the way i see it, if we can get some “rezeki” without hurting others, without breaking the law, without going against our conscience, why not?

  2. ah pek, level of conscience differs from one to another…those with “higher” conscience will feel disturbed abt it like our auntie.

    but auntie…i catch no ball abt the credit card scenario la…those are fake c/c or wat??

  3. some one offer me to do that oso… n some of my frens even wish to get that job. it seems like getting popular nowadays. i dunno how to convince them to quit it since they will start their job on june. i just worry they will get themselves in troubles. my lulu asked me to keep quiet. shud i?

  4. The problem with this Robin Hood thing is … if we do it because we felt we are not harming anyone, we are instilling our sense of justice into the equation.

    If some things are too good to be true, it probably ain’t.

  5. what robin hoods! robin hood robbed from the rich & gave to the poor..did they give to the poor? they did it as a mean to quick money! but then again, i am not one to judge other ppl oso lah! only GOD can judge ppl! right lilian?

  6. 5xmom should read Warren Buffet. He is the few noble richman that asking policy maker to make rich people pay more tax.
    Bare in mind that the Asian greediness over money and enoumous property bubble are largely due to the lack of strong inheritance tax.

    Bare in mind that the modern day robin hood are mean to rob the poor to enrich the rich.

  7. Referring to your ‘thiau puay kee’ post, I was very shocked to know a lot of Malaysians are doing that. One of my friends’ family (I call them the thiao puay kee family). They’ve been to Japan — Australia — UK and finally got caught in UK.

    By the way, I just found this blog today and checked out your photo gallery. It feels great to see those pictures from CNY and the food. You’ve no idea how much I miss Malaysia, the food and CNY celebrations.

  8. moo_t – We also have people in our community who stole from all the poor peasants whom had saved all their lives to travel to the holy land.

    wuching – Hahaha, they claim to be poor mah, so mah ok lor. LOL, good reason anot?

    helen – pssstt…wanna go with me? We go LV, diamond jewelleries, Rolex shopping wor. Want anot? Free ticket, free lodging, free van rides and the thrill of buy, buy, buy. But surrender the goods to the tai kor and get a fee for the ‘work’. Cun anot? Just call 1-300 13-1300. Then hor, after that, we can travel down to Italy. Now Helen is excited!

    jian – Yalor, whatever they want to do, let them lor. Not that they will listen to us. But you know in your heart it is not right so stay away ‘cos everyone has a bright and long future ahead of us. So, let the future be something we can walk with pride and look back with dignity.

    foodcrazee – This is not small matter ler and yet, some people dun see magnitude of their actions.

    sooi2 – Yeah, credit card fraud. They give you false cards, zap the item and you bring back the goods to the ‘people’. One day, the runners have to shop from several shops with several diff cards to avoid detection. In return, the runners get a fee. Chinese can act like rich tourists in foreign countries.

    ahpek – I know you well, how you believe in hard work. So, I shall just LOL at your comment.

  9. mandy – Yeah, the attraction of the easy money is very strong. These are people who do it for a short term to get quick cash. Not that they are interested to sweat it out to gain a noble income. And the thing is they know the law is hard to get to them when they are in foreign countries. At the very worst, they can yell for Michael Chong! LOL. If they are the ones who toil and work hard to get a decent living, I admire them but not these people that I am talking about.

  10. ooohhhh… i see….yeah, esp in UK, the perception there is that “every chinese is filthy rich”.

    now that i understand abt the fake c/c zappers, i think it’s not really a matter of u thiao puay kee or u do it locally as a legal citizen…same like if u’r a thief in m’sia or a thief in UK, it’s still wrong…but the thiefs (wherever they’re) feel nothing coz they’ve no conscience at all!

    But i do knw ppl who TPK but earn an honest living la (in fact, many mat sallehs here oso TPK)…not all are into vice…their only crime is that they dont have the legal documents.

  11. Lilian, You sure both of us can do it or not?? We’re so damn cun UK immigration ppl probably think we’re there as High Class Call girl. 100% deny our entry mia!

    Diu, if only both of us are born more ‘ordinary looking’…. 😛

  12. Helen – LOL, or we sign liao, we ran off with the Omega, Rolex, jade, antiques, diamonds. Then, we have to run from the good and bad guys. Ish, I think we need to start practise more jogging first. Ideas shelved temporary.

    sooi2 – Yalor, double whammy to these people who want the short cut. And damn proud of it too and coming back here to recruit more people.

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