How long does it take you (your gf/wife) to get ready to go out?

Sometime back, I griped about men who never bother about their look:

I observed that only the Chinese fathers do this, wearing like they are at home. Is fatherhood really that taxing that they have no time to look at themselves in the mirror? There is a line between looking casual (ahem, like my atm so smart lah) and looking like a piece of shit. Why ah? Why are they like that?

Then, I touched on why women ought to prim themselves :

What about you ladies? Do you constantly check your facial skin to see that it is not too ‘charn’/teruk/chialat/horrible? No moon craters (large pores), volcanoes (pimples), desert (wrinkled) or cow dung (dark spots) decorated?

Lately, my little toddler has reached an ‘independent’ age whereby going out means, just grab the car key and go. Previously, I have to make sure there is milk, diapers, change of clothes, change him yadda yadda yadda.

I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have time for cleansing, toning, moisturising, sun protection, foundation, powder, eyeshadows, mascara, blusher, lipstick, lipgloss phews……

So, one day while I was preparing to take my son to the hospital, this is what he said:

“Oh goodness marm, you are only taking your forsaken son to some forsaken hospital to see some doctor for some forsaken flu only. Why must you put on so many things, huh?”


(this lipgloss is recommended by fashionasia, try it, only RM9.90. It doesn’t make the lipstick colour ‘bleed’ and the brush is better than those rollerball type. Moreover, in our hot and dry weather, lipglosses keep the lips moist.)

Yeah, indeed. Why huh?

I will tell you why? Because a person will look like shit and feel like shit, otherwise. That’s why. The few minutes spent on bringing on the ICI, Dulux, Pentalite cat (paint) will certainly goes a long way.


This mascara got two lubang one. The white part is the fibre. The black one is the colour. LOL, when I bought it, I thought XXL means more mascara and therefore, more worth the money. When I returned home, I hentam with the black part and then apply the white one. Then, I found that I got white eyelashes. WTF! I look like those wuxia, old masters with their white eyebrows growing long and covering the eyes.

I think I need about 20 minutes for all the paints, chalks, cement, foundation, grout rituals.

So, I do spent a bit of time lately before I can get out of the house. Sometimes, after locking the main door, I forgot to put on my earrings. Then, another 5 minutes required to decide on the right match.

There….it takes me about 20 minutes to get ready to go out of the house. So, what are the kids and hubby doing during this time? Kids don’t mind if they are not in a hurry because it means more time to glue to the PC/TV. Hubby doesn’t mind because he can spend quality time alone with his other darling. Dusting the carpets, wiping the windshield blades, checking the battery water, dipsticks yadda yadda yadda, sort of like preparing the chariot for the queen. 🙂

So, now you tell me.

Women – Do you need time to do some rituals before going out? How long minimum?

Men – Are you the impatient s.o.b. who honked their cars like what some of my neighbours do? Or are you the kind gentleman who waits and waits?

Unmarried women – Remember to set this straight from the beginning of a relaionship because you do not want the bf to turn out like those impatient And whatever it is, please don’t get out of the house looking like some foreign maid. These kind of images stay on in people’s memories. You certainly do not want your long lost friend, colleagues, future bosses to see you in that condition. Horrors!

Moms with little babies – It’s ok. The first few months and years spent in milk stains and ‘fragrance’, hair tied up in a bunch with brown rubber bands, loose clothings that make things easy are just temporary. The light at the end of the tunnel will come….

27 thoughts on “How long does it take you (your gf/wife) to get ready to go out?

  1. i’m not the kind gentleman, but the hardened, immuned old man who knows that i can honked till the cows come home and it won’t do any good. so i sit there and wait patiently.

  2. Well, bf is very patient and will wait but sometimes cannot be too late also or else he will grumble esp when we have an appt somewhere – he and I hate to be late to any appts.

  3. How long it takes for me depends on what reason I’m going out for. If it’s just dropping off someone somewhere, then I’ll just grab the car key and wallet and maybe comb my hair. On working days, and for a special occasion, then I’d make an effort to put on some make-up (usually light, as I hate heavy make-up and I skip blusher, eye shadow and mascara – I’m blessed with long curvy lashes).

    I do the usual 3 skincare steps (cleasing, toning, moisturing) plus weekly or bi-weekly scrub and occasional mask and full body massage. My housemate is a beauty therapist, so I’m lucky I get full body massage at home at a very reasonable fee. I insist on paying her because I feel it’s unfair if I don’t. It’s a skill on its own right.

    Talk about make-up items, I’m not a fan of lipgloss. I use lipbalm with ‘built-in’ SPF. I use lipbalm as a base, wait for 2 mins (for the lipstick to stay longer on your lips), then colour my whole lips with a lip pencil (outlining the lips only is sooooo yesterday) and finally, apply a lipstick (neutral and brownish shades normally). My foundation and moisturiser have added SPF as well. I use body massage oil more regularly than lotion or cream as it’s better for my skin.

  4. I go for my monthly facials, spa, gym and hair do frequently when i was after the breakoff ar…I went even more frequently… muahahaha

  5. usually i’m the one who waits for him!!! i can paint ici very fast one kekekeke… and btw i thot i had already seen the light but now… i gotta go thru the cycle all over again urrrghhhh

  6. y’know, I never really bothered putting on makeup when I started working. sure, there’ll be the occasional lipstick and blush, but nothing on my eyes ‘cos I rub them too often. these days as I’m getting on with age, I very the fatt hao! I still don’t paint my face like a clown, but I pay more attention to my eyes now. rub less. don’t use lipstick much anymore though. it’s all gloss, makes lips look more naturally pouty, hahaha! I’ll try that Silky Girl gloss. I currently use BodyShop, pretty good too, but slightly expensive.

    eyebrows, curl eyelashes, mascara, blush, abit of powder. that’s maybe 5 – 10 mins depending on how quick my hands move. gloss can apply in while car or wherever.

    if go pasar malam or morning market… aiseh, that one I don’t bother.

  7. Arrghh.
    I always wait her for at least half an hour.
    Make up, change here, change there.
    Meanwhile, I am a father-type guy. Not really care my appearance after working hours but at least clean.
    Believe me, sometimes it works if your didnt wear nice cloth to shopping mall. It can prevent salesgirl/salesman especially cards salesman bugging you.

  8. I’m one of those who wait and wait and not honk my horn. 95% of the time, then the other 5% I wish I was driving a tank instead. Was zipping thru and thot I’d say hi…

  9. i think i still hv my one and only cheapass lipgloss in some handbag somewhere… why is it that moms prim their kids up so nicely when going out, but not themselves? I mean, they’re going to get all grotty and dirty with foodspills and drink stains anyway!

  10. hehe!! my sis oso bought the XXL mascarak. but i dun like it. leceh lar….screw open, flck-flick-flick, screw close then turn, screw open, flck-flick-flick…but still get the same results as those with only ONE lubang. gave up in the end. lol 😛

  11. Lately, my little toddler has reached an ‘independent’ age whereby going out means, just grab the car key and go.

    For a moment, I thought your toddler can drive liao. Haha.

  12. :/ i nver makeup and i comb my hair only once a day.. so .. nobody ever complains.. except when i’ve forgotten to take my stuffs like keys or docs..

  13. Yvy – Yalor, and to hold the bottle and the brush also kekok ‘cos it is the other way round. And so costly somemore. LOL.

    mott – But when too tied up with babies, everything oso no mood to do lar. Bcos by the time we put nice-nice powder and got them into the car, all melted with sweat! LOL.

    CV – It’s good stuffs! And for a fraction of the branded ones. I usually spent on skincare but skimp on cosmetics. As long as they works and the right colours.

    fantasyflier – Hahaha, you want the tank to bulldoze the house, pick up the house and bring along your gf still in the house to your destination?

    patrick – that’s right, i also feel so peaceful when i dressed like some poor woman and no one bothers to sell me kids books, credit cards or slimming centre membership.

    may – Hahaha, fatt hao good lar. It keeps us young and happy inside. When I was working, I used to make up in the car. I very terror and expert in makeup wan. Nowadays, most time, I oso apply foundation and powder and complete the rest of the war paints in the car if my hubby is driving. Of course, I don’t drive with my kids in the car and apply makeup!

    babe – But you will get baby to snuggle and smell soon. I missed that.

    beelibaala – Good for you. Go make yourself hiao-hiao. And sing ‘I will survive’.

    Sky – So that’s your petua for awet muda la. Aisay, you lucky ler.

    wuching – Clever you! But usually I am very punctual so I never delay. Just need advance notice.

    boo – usually if big dinner, I need an hour. Must switch on the room aircon to the coldest somemore. Then hubby has to get the car air con to the right temp also. LOL.

    ahpek – HoHoHo, all the cows from PD come to ahpek and asked “apasal?” and your lou poh still in the house?

  14. alicia – must be one lucky gal that gets away with natural looks. If still young can ler, if over 25 yrs old hor, have to patch here and there liao. How old are you?

    gbyeow – Yeah, by then I will be retired from this world.

  15. Petua awet muda? But I’m still young what? Hehe. I’ve an acne-prone skin. I yearn for a flawless skin sometimes, when I could go to a special event without any make-up on except for a dab of moisturiser and lipstick. Oh well, flaws (some, but not all, of course, e.g. freckles) are what make us unique… kan?

  16. auntie, from ur experience, is putting up makeup and pan-leng-leng of crucial importance to “maintain the husband’s affection” for the wife after married for a few years?

  17. Me like your toddler la, auntie. Me got PSP. If take 10hrs to wait, then 10hrs it is la. 5xPSP Games + Movies => 10hrs lor….kekekekeke.

  18. First time here. About waiting (being a male), I think it’s very improtant for both parties to mutually agree and respect each other. That being said, I guess waiting once in a while it’s OK, but not every single time, that’s a tat too much.
    How about doll-up 20 mins earlier, that might work. 😉

  19. I always makeup before I go out. More accurately, on a typical day, I’ll wake up and do my chores (watering the garden, ironing hubby shirt, prepare bfast) and then I’ll take my bath. After that, I’ll put on my makeup! And that makeup stays for the rest of the day. Even when I felt I needed to take an extra shower in between, I make sure no water touch my face! LOL

    It takes me about 10 mins from moisturizer to full makeup. As for mascara, I don’t apply everymorning because, my lashes wil fall off if I do it too often.. On special hiao days, only then I’ll apply my mascara. Oh, BTW, my makeup regime is standard. Day or night makeup also the same!! But night makeup got mascara…lots of mascara!! 😛

    My hubby is the most patien man on earth. He never hurries me.

  20. I was laughing at your ‘men who never bother’ entry. It’s so true, most of those men are Chinese. You should visit Sarawak one day, I think we’ve more of those men than in the west. *lol*

    I don’t *colour* myself so much, just eye liner, mascara (can never go out without applying it), powder and lipgloss.

  21. This is hilarious and so close to heart! Hubs complain alot of me taking my own sweet time to doll up for say only 2hrs outside. But like you so aptly put it, some images do stay and I most certainly do not want any of those images to begin with.

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