In sex scandal and whatnots, why the men always go scot free?

Remember Bill and Monica? Marilyn and Kennedy? Bill continued sitting in the oval office. Monica was the cigar smoking handbag seller. Marilyn became Candle in the Wind and Kennedy, well that one I no komen la.

I got bad memories so readers help me to list out how many sexual tyrsts had turned out where the female lost, the man walked off in glory with their manhood affirmed. They walked into a veil of mystery, feeling like a hero eventhough they are jerks. The women become has-been, used goods and some ended up as statistics in suicide like Marilyn.


To quote Rojakz :

The HERO in Tammy NYP Video Identified !!!
It was disturbing me too, I mean the question who is that guy ? where is he? Why is he letting Tammy taking all the blame? I mean, he is the “Director” in the whole homemade movie thingy how come no one mentioned him before ?

and alicia quoted this somewhere:

# alicia Says:
February 23rd, 2006 at 11:05 am

y sexual discrimination? how bout the guy? nobody mentioned bout the guy..

My theory is : WOMEN HAVE ALWAYS BEEN ON THE LOSING ENDS, ALL THE TIME. It is sad, it is frustrating and yet, histories have been like that then. Now, it is still the same.

I tried to query why a certain blog aggregator wants to put the link so prominently and look at the flaks I received. People pull and tear the matter apart and hurl abusive accusations that go beyond my descendants. How can one open the mouth for any sane discussion when one knows the kind of things she/he is inviting?

In short, I do feel for the girl. If I am her mom, probably I would give her a good shelling, cry some, hug a bit and tell her “Girl, chin up, keep walking!” As for the guy, well, all I can say is ‘Life is like that.’ Unless all the female species gang up and demand for the skin of his balls. LOL.

So, do you agree that women always lose out in any situation? In divorces, in sexual escapades, in almost anything. Let’s fight for our rights, women! R0aaarrrr

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  1. what to do, the world is like that….even god is a man rite? otherwise y we always refer to Him as Him, His, He but not Her or She??

    for clinton’s case, i believe that the overwhelming public attention/embarrassment were enough punishment for him…at least we know the “director”(not that there’s a vid of the scandal) is Bill Clinton, the Pres.of USA…but yeah, who is this mysterious Mr.Tammy eh? Mr.Tammy prolly tot it’s better that only one person die than both die.

  2. True that female usually get judged more harshly than the male. But, I think the ironic thing is, it is the female themselves who tend to judge their own kind more harshly! Seriously, guys would download the video and watch. I’m not saying that is right, but, they are curious mar. After the video, will the guy think anything more beyond what’s on the pics? I doubt it.

    As for rights, I think female and male are equally afforded their rights under the law. It’s just that the female is more reluctant to use their given-rights. How many times you’ve seen the wife refusing to press charges against their husband when they are abused??

    The most tragic thing I felt is not how women are mistreated, but the fact they allow themselves to be mistreated. (IMHO)

  3. helen : “The most tragic thing I felt is not how women are mistreated, but the fact they allow themselves to be mistreated. (IMHO)”
    it’s because of the existance of the “love” word.. some ladies/women can take anything cuz of that word.. xcept for betrayal..

  4. true women always get the short end of the stick but in case of divorces here in australia, women always win wan wor! get the house, children half the properties, get alimonies every month from ex-husband & also child support from ex-husband, the men? there’s a group of divored men here formed a group call the “black shirts” where these men would dress in black shirts & hurl abuses & protests outside the family courts! lolz!

  5. helen, unless the guy who watches it knows personally the characters inside the vid, of course he won’t analyse beyond what was portrayed…it’s just like watching the porno from pasar malam bough dvd, zero personal/emotional attachment. but wat if one day, say 1 year from now, if the guy who had seen the vid got to personally know tammy? do u think she wud be judged for her past?

  6. swifty – Then, probably people pay NOT to see them. LOL.

    gbyeow – China history got anot?

    evilcat – LOL, USD3.99 for the link? Might as well rob some grannies.

    alicia – Yeah, but some also swallow betrayal for pride.

    Helen – Hahaha, we are our own worst enemies! True, true.

    sooi2 – MR. tammy? LOL, I am glad you stay out of the issues.

  7. sooi2 – Definitely, guys will not look at a girl the same respectable way again. Hahaha, if we talk more, people are going to accuse us of being moral police.

    wuching – So best ah? Can claim everything. Good for us women then. And the black shirts? Wow, next time you take video and show us? Must be interesting. You get punch, not my fault ok?

  8. i got an idea. why not some guy come out and start thre contraversy. say it was “his” privacy that has been invaded. say “he” was the victim. this should even things out wouldn’t it?

  9. Alicia – LOL… love is the culprit eh?? True. I think we should rate those Korean/HK/Jap dramas and those romance novel 18 PG!! lol

    ah Pek – actually what you said is not totally untrue. But, to be fair, I think BOTH the boy and girl are the victims.

    Lilian – The person who spread the video in the first place is really vicious. Niamah, where is CSI when we needed them!!?? (sure track the culprit down like hell!!) LOL

  10. its just how u perceive it. Culture …….time to change and its not easy. Indeed we are changing but yet certani tradition still stands…..all bullshit of who is to be blame. Both ought to be either blame or blame the society

  11. If you still remember the CMF saga, all the aunties rushed to pasar malam to find the VCD. It was sold as high as MYR 30.00 per disc! Why? Cause they heard that the actor in that clip damn tahan lasak, not to mention the educational value of that clip.

    *run away*

  12. doc – And that makes the world happy. A toast to humanity. Because I am sure this also increase the world population somehow? LOL.

    foodcrazee – Yah, agree with you that all parties are to be blame. Because my daily laughs Rojakz is not funny anymore.

    helen – IMHO, I would not blame the person who distribute too much ‘cos no one should record and carry an incriminating video like that around.

    sooi2 – Yeah, ahpek is the wise one.

    ahpek – Yeah, let’s plot and start a new story?

    wingz – Why must

  13. Tonight no Astro program ngam me so I kay poh again. 🙂

    “IMHO, I would not blame the person who distribute too much ‘cos no one should record and carry an incriminating video like that around.”

    True lar… but we can say those 2 are stupid to record like that, but we cannot say they are wrong mar..:-P It is their right (provided they are of legal age) to record what they want. On the other hand, the baarger who picked up the phone, is wrong to keep ppl’s phone and summore copy the content??
    This is the same argument ppl used when they say it’s the lady’s fault she got raped bcos she dressed too provocatively. lol

  14. Helen – Can also la. That’s the good thing with us women. We disagree on something, we say nice-nice. But the guys hor, (you know where I refer la) pulak tembak-ed. Aiyoh, makes me so tense only. Semua my kawan-kawan.

    Pssst…do you agree with Wingz putting those posts there? You think we Msians ought to discuss this issue ah? For me, I find it ok to let us in on the latest issues faced by the young people because they are our children’s age. But hor, I also agree that he had done too many posts la. I asked ‘cos I see you sticking by. 🙂

    No reply necessary ‘cos we can agree to disagree, right?

  15. Was thinking about why women are at the losing ends when you blog it!

    Coz you see, women have to play by the rules. If you don’t follow, you end up discriminated. Guys on the other hand, breakin the rules make them look ‘man.’

    Seriously stupid, but it’s true.

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