22 thoughts on “Let’s have some cendol!

  1. Hua..lan eh! 24hrs away from the puter only, come back got so much to read ah?
    summore must wear helmet and flak jacket to avoid getting caught in crossfire. LOL .

  2. cendol is good when the “weather” is hot, calm you down. take each mouthful slowly, savour each cendol, jagung, kidney bean and ice tastefully. then swallow. breath in, take another mouthful, enjoy your cendol. sorry today no make you laugh. maybe tommorow.

  3. *drools*drools*drools*

    I hope I can have a big bowl Cendol now (who cares it’s snowing outside!)

  4. I tried the cendol at the juice shack outside Craft Batik on the way to the Botanical Gardens the other day. Have to say that it was absolutely DELICIOUS!!!!! RM2.50 for a big bowl packed with a lot of mango and nangka strips. What a nice combination. Must be the best cendol I’ve ever tasted.

  5. Is that Swatow Lane?

    I think the one opposite it (minus the air-con), the cendol is probably bout the same but the ice kacang is superb! The one where u get to sit in the shop has more customers coz got air con only..imho šŸ™‚

  6. been a LONG time since i had me a bowl of cendol. i too prefer the mushy red beans to those hard kidney beans – they have a distinct taste which i dislike. blek!

  7. lilian, I just had 2 bowls in Tesco foodcourt yesterday. Now that you’ve also broke diet, I felt so much better!!
    Thanks for the emotional support! MUAHARHARHAR

  8. Wait for me auntie…i want some, i want some….i am coming to Penang….now all i need is a flight ticket…errr, duh. šŸ™

  9. Hahaha, glad you all enjoiyed the cendol

    Toxic – Me gonna check that out soon.

    Twisted – Yeap, the coffeeshop. But I hate the small and cramp place bcos the voices from the patrons seem to bounced into my head like a drill. The one in Penang Road is good, though.

    Helen – Thank you! You proved that my theory works. I follow the gahmen’s tactic mah.

    “Huh? what issue? No issue. We are eating cendol only.”

  10. aiseh…ban-cheng kueh nicer la.

    hope u’re feeling better today auntie…i’m sure that u’re a good, decent woman despite the nasty comments.

    yet again…SAVE KATIE HOLMES (from tom cruise)!

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