If Negaraku tiba-tiba blast out, what would you do?

I had an awkward moment just now.

I was standing at this field, lepaking, selekeh like that.

Tomorrow Pak Lah is coming to officiate some Putera UMNO event.

They are testing the sound system. A troop of youngsters cadet are rehearsing their march. Suddenly, the sound system that can be heard 1 mile away blast out :

Tanah tumpahnya darah ku
Rakyat hidup
Bersatu dan maju
Rahmat Bahagia
Tuhan kurniakan
Raja kita
Selamat bertakhta….

(see? I can type the lyrics somemore)

So, I was like, OMG, what do I do? Do I stand in attention like those cadets?

I had been taught from small to do so. Last time, whenever I sent my children to primary school, if the National anthem is playing on Monday morning, I would do the – stand straight, zip the mouth and pay attention.

While some mothers will continue gossiping about the evil hero in Wah Lai Toi.

But I just feel awkward not to do it since I had been taught that way. Hoisting the flag was an honour I used to do when in school.

So, I also did the ‘stand in attention’ just now. In this hawker place. Where no one except the cadets give an eff. Body straight, hands at the side, no movement.

Now, I think I look stupid. I even told my three years old kid to ‘stand straight, cannot talk, got Negaraku must do like that’.

Dear Aunt Agony,

I feel stupid doing the right thing. Was it wrong for me to do something right? If I am right, why do I feel stupid?

Dunno stupid or right Malaysian

Phew…at least I didn’t sing along.

32 thoughts on “If Negaraku tiba-tiba blast out, what would you do?

  1. Here’s another question for you. If you ever find yourself watching RTM and after the last show, when they play the Negaraku song, and no one around to watch you at all. That time will you stand up straight straight like log like that? I think that’s a better indication of conditioning. If you do, then they’ve thought you well.

  2. Normal. I would’ve stood also. When I was young, whenever the negaraku played on local TV, I would stand straight in front of the TV also. And instruct my sisters to do the same. 😛

  3. korok – Ok, I will spell it right, one thousand times. 🙂

    cindy & gbyeow – Ermmm…if on the TV, I never do that wor. Shame shame. If I am on the sofa, I will quickly change channel. Ok, back to Pendidikan SIvik for me.

    fashioasia – Prolly it is the cadets there looking so smart and so discipline that makes me follow. But sadly, the majority of our rakyat don’t give a thought to them nowadays. I can observe that in public Government functions. They are there for the show and free food, usually.

  4. Follow the crowd lor. If everybody pretend not hearing it, then make donno lor, quick quick walk away. If ppl ask, then just say got hearing problem ma. Abo later ppl see & say wat tis dunggu doing standing like kayu only.

  5. LOL… (at myself) So, that’s how one sing the National Anthem. Since primary school @ Song Kheng Hai, I just sang along without using the correct wording. And as there are many kids singing in unison, my vocal tend to drown on words that I wasn’t sure of. That’s too funny. No wonder I failed my BM miserably in primary and secondary. Good post. Thanks for the memory.

  6. i wouldn’t have stood up, because it’s only a rehearsal. I will stand extra straight for the real thing. I would be soooo erect… pple might mistaken for me for a wax statue.

  7. some would have stood – i will too but most malaysian dont as they think only during school days they should or during some official thingy only. Thats Malaysian for you – Boh Chap Siao!

  8. In Bangkok, while I was shopping in the Jatujak market. Every time 6pm or so, suddenly the Thai National Athem plays, and all the Thai Hawkers and Shoppers just stop what ever they are doing and stand straight. The only people still moving and talking are usually foreigners. Its quiet a sight i tell you. A whole bustling crowd, suddenly becomes quiet and still.

    Another time was in the movie theater. After all the advertisement and just right before the movie starts, they play the anthem and show the king on the screen. And EVERYBODY, has to get up, YES in the cinema, and stand straight and still until the anthem finishes and your movie starts. Now that’s patriotic…

  9. I would’ve stopped whatever I was doing (talking, eating, etc) and stood up too. In fact, I do that (minus standing up) when I hear the ‘azan’ (call for prayer for the Muslims) and listen as a sign of respect.

  10. eh, korokmu thinks you are blind ah?

    I guess I would have stood up also. Cos in public mah. But what gbyeow said is true. What do we do when RTM plays Negaraku at the end of transmission? We switch channels or turn off the TV!

  11. king’s wife – Hahaha, my script screwed up whenever they use those tags above. That’s why it become so huge.

    Yeah, quickly change channel, buat dunno.

    LcF – Malaysia Boleh!

    zyrin – I feel as parents, I had to show good examples la. Tapi kan kat sekolah, semua mak sekalian buat tak kenal, asyik dok pokpekpokpek.

    skyjuice – Hahaha, must go make corrections or else…Oh, about the azan until today I thought everyone has to pray at that hour? Can postpone sikit kan?

    jogie – I think it’s because of their ruler? Good that they revere their king that way. Here, things are declining.

    foodcrazee – Remember the big hoo-haa few months ago? I guess people forget and back to the boh chap siao manner liao.

    decyphyer – For a sec I thot the song oso can turn you on. LOL.

    kc – How did you survive not knowing the song? LOL! I thot every Malaysians know it. 🙂

    dizzy – Abo lu kena tangkap masuk lokap, sked anot?

  12. After hearing the azan, we say a prayer (specific for jawab azan lah), then we perform the obligatory prayer.

    It is best to perform the obligatory prayers after azan, tapi ada kelonggaran. E.g. when you travel long distance, you can perform 2 obligatory prayers at one go. We call this ‘jamak’, which means ‘himpun’. One can also shorten the prayers (applicable to some obligatory prayes only). This is called ‘qasar’. We can also ‘qadha’/’qaza’ (ganti) our obligatory prayers. Macam ganti puasa la. But of course, there are terms and conditions lah. Tak boleh saja2 tak nak pray, then nak ganti later.

    The shortest prayer times are Subuh (early morning) and Maghrib (sunset) prayers.

  13. You’ve taught your children well Lilian. Its just a matter of respect for your own country. No matter what ones opinion of the politics/politicians of that country, one should always be proud of one’s own country, it part of your heritage. I stood for “Negara ku” when I was last there even though 2/3 of my life was as a Canadian, sad to say many of the locals were busy being deaf.

  14. We’ve been taught from small to stand when your national anthem is playing. As kids, we never asked why do we need to stand. Teacher say stand so stand lor….

    I guess the correct thing to do is to stand. But then, the act of standing itself is no indication the respect for the flag (country). lol

    But then, who cares what is inside your heart… just stand cukup lar!

  15. most ppl my age group would not bother anymore, we have lost that patriotism spirit long time ago, we are all just short of burning the flag.

  16. It was tested at Harith Iskandar’s That’s Another Story Again play at Actor’s Studio on Feb 1. He blasted Negaraku but no one stood and he said, “This is Malaysians for you…” or something like that. It was so freaking true. We’re all not patriotic enough because we’ve never experienced and sacrificed enough as a country with all the descrimination put aside.

  17. haha… I am from the old school as Lilian (maybe a little younger, hehe) and I would have stood up as well; awkward but I still would have stood up nevertheless. However, patriotism in general is fading away, not only in me but the younger generation as well, do not know why… maybe it’s the country own doing? How to love, when the love is not reciprocated? Or are we just all taking things for granted? Blame it on the education system? Blame it on this, blame it on that but nothing is done to stop the rot. People are just too selfish thesedays and want to live their own lives.

    I not giving up yet and although its an uphill struggle, this is still home…

  18. When I’m screwing and the TV is on, and suddenly half way thru’ it’s the end of tranmission, both me and my ‘little brother’ will definitely be standing. LOL

  19. Lilian, you are right, I should know the lyric by hard, guess now I know why I am in the “not-up-to-par” category in terms of a “normal” student.

    kc – How did you survive not knowing the song? LOL! I thot every Malaysians know it.

  20. Of all the comments responding to this entry, — polite, dutiful, sarcastic, cynical or “patriotic” — #21 truly stands out in a class of its own.
    Not just for its simple candour and honesty, or for the excellent choice of (unoffensive) words used to express the author’s honest opinion. But for the thoughts it provokes, hopefully 😉 A blessing indeed, anytime, anywhere.

  21. Hi Lilian,

    I think I am VERY late to post comments here.
    Anyway, you are NOT stupid to stand straight for our National Anthem. You did the right thing.
    Malaysia is the country where ppl don’t do so. In my recent trip (1st time) to Bangkok) everyone does so… stand straight and no nonsense, even the bad ass at Patpong does that patriotic expression.

  22. nothing wrong and emberassing to stand up…i would do the same too..im proud of you.

    oh…you are allowed to smack anyone who laugh at you for this…..im kidding.

  23. My aunt who has been living in UK since 70’s returned for a short visit. When the national anthem aired in RTM before its transmission end, my aunt stood in attention, unmoving and tears rolled down her cheeks. She said she hadn’t heard it since she was in secondary school and somehow, tears started welling up poured over.
    That was in the 90’s when it happenned. Thinking back, we giggled girlishly. But my aunt’s action definitely got us thinking “If national anthem blasted tiba-tiba, what should we do?”

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