Naked bodies

Just curious, how do you view naked bodies?

I am not talking about the p0rnish type but just bodies.

Was your parents very strict about this when you grow up? Like closing your eyes immediately if some scenes like that appear on TV.

Or do they go ‘shame, shame’ and use the two index fingers and sort of scratch the cheeks if some little boys or girls appeared naked after a bath?

Why then, does your mom’s bosom did not turn you on but some bimbos’ ones do? Why indeed? I can’t explain too. Does a woman’s breasts provide you the same security that your mom used to provide? Or is it because the breast stands out and hence, become eye-catching? Heck, I also do not know.

I wrote about boobs, breasts and bras and the above is an excerpt.

This questions was actually raised by some young parents who wonder if it is ok to bath with their 1-2 years old toddler of the opposite sex. My opinion is – Follow your comfort level and your attitude can greatly influence your children.

Last time, when we were in Koh Samui, there were lots of half-naked sunbathers and my kids don’t bat an eyelid except for comments like, ‘oh mom, that woman nen-nen is so long!’ LOL.

So, all the humsup unkles and aunties sekalian, can I hear what say you? Do you subscribe to the nudist camp ideals or are you the missionary, hampalang wrap up even the sun can’t see ideals? Tell, tell, tell ‘cos what you provided can greatly help!

22 thoughts on “Naked bodies

  1. auntie,
    naked body if in a dark-lit room, with soft sentimental music, lying on a big soft bed with legs spread eagled, will make my nose bleed.
    naked bodies with neng neng hanging down like papayas frolicking on a public beach will make my kkc hide inside his cage and not wanna come out.

  2. i don’t mind showing kids naked male and female anatomy, but not my own lar!! It’s OK to educate the child but, not show them yours. Let’s say I allow my kids sex education, that does not mean I let them watch daddy and mommy doing ‘it’!! lol

    When adolescent kicks in and the hormones wreck havocs, I don’t think it’s good for kids to see their own mother naked. (Might turn them off forever !! lol)

    On the other hand, just go and ask any teen if they want to see their own mother naked.. I tell you … the answer is 100% …YUCKS!! My thanks!! lol

  3. helen – LOL, no wor. I think it will make them appreciate more because the ravages of bringing them up. Sort of ya, poor mom, she had (whatever flaws la) because she bore us. Of course, I never say do the jiggly dance la. But I have no problem with it. I don’t want to be left to rot if say one day I kena coma and no one can change my clothes and take me to hospital. LOL. I am sick!

    Wait, more explanation.

    It is ok if my kids see naked bodies on TV or something. I won’t scream…..CLOSE YOUR EYES. EVIL EVIL EVIL. LOL

  4. haha helen, u so farnie lar. as usual. 🙂

    actually, i think kids should be educated in such a way that they know the difference between being ashamed of SHOWING OFF their privates in public as compared to totally being ashamed of their privvies all together. like helen said, no need to show off own one lar but i do know some parents who bathe with their kids, maybe that’s when they can show lar. however, i dont know if i would do the same – bathe with my kids that is.

    i’m also not sure why ppl, no…MEN make such a big deal out of OTHER ppls boobs n naked bodies but when it comes to their mother, oooeewww….blek…arrrghh….vomit….die-standing….eeekkks…i’m-blinded attitude. i think it’s all in the mind.

  5. Well, to answer the question raised by the parents of young toddlers on wether its ok to bathe together, I read somewhere that its ok to appear naked in front of your toddler until they start to show signs of awareness thru embarassment or curiousity ie. giggling, pointing etc ie thats a sign to start covering up!

  6. MG – Yeah, but I already started to point out the differences of the sex organs to my toddler. How eh? LOL, I think it is our own personal comfort level hor?

    ah pek – Can la. Send you up mountain to meditate, you got too much humsup thoughts already.

  7. I’ve been wondering about this topic too. My 11-month-old baby can stand by herself already, and I was wondering whether or not I should bathe/shower together with her.

  8. king’s wife – Yeah, I think it is healthy cos they won’t have so much hang ups about their bodies. Do you know that until now I have never seen a woman nekid body? I prolly will freak out. But I have no problem changing from swimsuit to normal clothes vice versa. However, there aren’t nekid body for me to compare with. But ahem, men ones, that one diff story la. Last time, when I went for my first son delivery, this woman took out her breasts to show another woman her nipple and until now, 16 yrs later I am still afraid of that woman. When I bump into her, all I remember are huge, purple nipples. I make lousy breastfeeding counsellor, I suppose.

    Sloggi – I don’t see why not, really. It depends on your comfort level.

  9. Cocka – Family nudist camp?? You siao ar? Who wants to see pot bellied uncles and boob sagging aunties wor???
    …..unless it’s at night and no lights allowed!!

  10. bogelness.. hmm.. i think it’s up to your comfort level la.. me? My tyke n I showered together, only because it was faster to do it at once, rather than he shower first, then wait for me….. Now ah..let’s just say, i stink alot..hahahahahahah

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