17 thoughts on “password protected

  1. apa ini??? why post something in a public portal and then password protect it??? “tiau gian” only! if not fit for public eye, why not just e-mail it to them?

  2. now i really scratching me half bald head. how is cocka going to continue the story hah? oh maybe you have given him the password. *half pengsan*

  3. aiyor ahpek, you cannot be sherlock holmes or spy liao. Hahaha. The clue is out there…….(twilight zone music….) I dunwan to make it too public mah….

    gbyeow – yeah, good!

  4. My dear dear ahpek, I gmail you liao lor. Hohoho, soli hor. I also explain why in there. * take see thru red hankerchief and wipe ahpek’s sweat

  5. but if previous post is password protected why mention it in this post ? why dont mention it in the previus post ? … i mean … ok try to imagine this … one day we were talking then suddenly u r telling us eh my last year is password protected liow

    kakakakakaa -_-“”” mahai too much sleep and this will happen to you !!!!! excuse me while i goan continue my sleep marathon

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