I got KKC extension and a lanjiao!

I had bought this for a few days already but never got the chance to go out and zoom some birds. Of course, I can zoom my neighbours’ but I don’t want to appear in the front page of the newspaper with news like ‘Woman caught peeping at male neighbours in their bath’ while I was only innocently looking for real blue birds!

(blue = lam in Hokkien or lan in Mandarin/Cantonese, bird = chiao, the little kuku is called lanchiao in Hokkien, get the joke yet?)


This is a real blue bird (a kingfisher) I caught on my camera the other when I was having mud crabs. Too bad I do not have zoom lense or else I could get a better photo. My current lense is 18-70mm.

The wordings there on the pic is the lyric from Paul Mcartney song which my brother used to sing when I was small. Only thing is I cannot remember what the tune is. Or else, fuwah, I translate to Hokkien….

Wa lanchiao
Lu lanchiao
Hampalang lanchiao


OK, serious talk.

Huge, long zoom lense for my DSLR.


ADT 70-210mm

From ‘normal’
Focal Length: 35 mm


And when zoom in…

Focal Length: 210 mm


Too bad I am a woman and therefore you guys won’t get to see any photos of nekid women sunbathing along Penang beaches. With a zoom, I can spy. Yeah, spy my arse!

Konica-Minolta is phasing out their camera division. It will be taken over by Sony. But I don’t mind because their after sales service is still available for several years. But then, I probably am rich enough to buy a RM20K camera (dream on, Lilian) . Give me any camera not sold by Mawi.

BTW, my other camera is still in the shop. They have kindly replace the lense block for me FOC. Should be getting them next week. Then, I will have photorgasm.

And hey, you all know what oralgina is? Kahkahkah, the hensem lengjai camera guy said that. “I give you oralgina wannn…” It gives me lots of idea, especially after the tammy video. Gee, speaking a little English is a very dangerous thing.

*splash cold water on face, take hammer and knock on head and pengsan terus

(KKC – what it means)

17 thoughts on “I got KKC extension and a lanjiao!

  1. Hehehehe, don’t buy 20K camera, otherwise you ATM will think you are too expensive to “maintain”.

    Oh, yes, I must remind you the zoom rules. Always make sure your shutter are fast enough to minimise hand shakes blur (even your camera come with anti-hanshake stuff). Because normal camera anti-handshake are not as robust as DSLR anti-handshake. Follow this rules to be safe : shutter speed = 1/focal lenght(zoom distance). So you zoom till 200mm, make sure the shutter speed are 1/200s or faster.

  2. moo_t – I am trying to learn panning, taking pics of my sons skateboarding, focus on them, background blur-blur and aiyoh..my head pening with all the figures liao. OK, will note the shutter speed. I.e check the focal length and adjust the shutter speed. So use shutter priority lor, right? ‘Cos I have problems with manual settings still. The pics are samples I took at the camera shop so just snap only.

    gb – People camera lasts long-long, mine one always kena damage. Real sakit hati ‘cos my Z3, a fantastic camera rosaked twice in one year! Lucky the 2nd time was just few days before guarantee expired.

  3. Wuching…go snap some pics at Bondi and post on your blog. LOL
    Lilian…waaa your zoom lens really teror wan. I can see that guy’s fly is open summore! LOL

  4. wuching – yeah Bondi Beach. I have been there before. Just show me the hunks. Cocka – where got? I enlarge 300 times oso never see.

  5. lilian & cocka: to go to bondi, u have to sponsor me ticket to fly to sydney first lah, if u don’t mind, u can go for second best here in melbourne but only got old droopy dried up leather skin old farts ones can anot?

  6. Wah lau. Can vibrate summore ah? Scary ….

    BTW, finally upgrade to zoom here and there le. fun or not? fun or not? Now you can peep at leng chais without fear. LOL!!!!

  7. that bird’s a white-throated kingfisher. they’re quite noisy sometimes, and you find them around town too; usually perched up on the power lines!

  8. tq, untie. learn new word again, oralgina. Y untie didn’t buy oralgina konica minolta lense le? good for collection. worth 1mil in 20yrs.

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