Fatt Hou Meme

This fatt hou meme comes from my blogging cheemui so I better not ignore them or else, my blogging cheemuis may not want to share big girls secrets with me in future. Someone told me that doing meme is a dangerous thing because it slowly, slowly leaks out personal stuffs about the person. Oh well, wateva. It is a moment of fantasy, a moment of thrill and if you people are going to believe what I crap here, go ahead la. LOL.

The Tag:
“You are in an alternate universe. You are a single person not involved in any relationship, and you have just published a New York Times bestseller. A movie studio has invited you to Hollywood to talk about a movie deal for three days, and as part of the wooing process, they offer to host a one-on-one dinner each night with the celebrity of your choice. Who would you pick? It could be a star you want to have a shot at ‘hooking up’ with, or it could just be someone you admire.”


Al Pacino – In most of his movies, he treats women like shite yet with so much attention to details. There is an old world charm about him. Oooh….if I am the one calling the shots, I want him to be the bad guy. He is always unshaven, hair ruffled and he is simply geek-sei-yarn. (frustrates one to death) And the drawl he has?

Can you imagine this, “So my dahling 5Xs, do you wanna go to my place for some Italian coffee?” Probably, I would be so breathlessly excited and murmured back, “Ooooo, did you say cockfree?”


See. see? Nicky here has even tattoo-ed my name on his muscled arms. Can you remember how yau yeng he was in Face Off when he walked out of the building after planting a bomb? He met a group of nuns and he opened up his long coat, look up the sky with his hands open wide and the song ‘Hallehlujah’ was playing in the background. Can you remember the loving husband he played in that movie Con Air? Or The Rock as the fumbling new guy? This is the kind of man I dream of. So, after a long discussion, he probably will tell me, the single, hot-bod, Oriental chick, a NY Times bestseller that he had just separated from his wife.

“Awww…poor Nicky. You know what you need? Some hot oysters oh-chien and some chicken ginseng to perk you up. Come, come, let me cook for you.” I purred.

Nicky probably replies….”Oh yeah, babeh, I want it reaaal hhhot, you hear me?”

In return, I will look coyly at him and says, “Sure Nicky, I brought a lot of cilipadis from Malaysia. The hottest on earth.”

(do you all notice that both Nicholas Cage and Al Pacino got the same kind of facial features and doe eyes? )


I want newcomers. Enough of Chow Yuen Fatt, Stephen Chow and Jackie Chan. This guy is John Woo’s cousin. Ching,Woo is the name. LOL. My book touched on scenic places in Australia and also some horrific rollercoaster rides. So, Ching Woo is taking me for rollercoaster rides and we are going to scream our lungs out. (oi, who can guess where I steal this pic from?)


But aha, this fler here is Hollywood most influential movie mogul. Do you know that he owned all the production houses there? He financed every movie that appears in Uncle Ho DVD stalls. I will jump straight to bed with him. His name? I will have to kill you if I tell you. 🙂 I know I am limited to three nights/three persons but then, how can I not include this? (want my broadband and PC taken away, issit?)

My bestseller story? It is about this silai blogger who got so famous that every large organisations like Google, Technorati, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and wateva wants to murder her because every single one of their search engines bring up nothing but this silai blogger’s website. She is a multi-millionaire as a result of huge income from Google Adsense. Al Pacino is the hired killer. Nicholas Cage is her personal bodyguard cum everything. Ching,Woo provides shelter for her downunder. Me, the hotbod, oriental chick with looks and celebrity sexy smile that make every angmoh turned even ang-er and every Chinese wish they are angmoh, of course will not star in the movie. Siao meh? The heroine is a silai mah. So, probably I will find a heroine in……..King’s Wife! Yay! Tag, you are it! And Wu Ching for some ‘unknown’ reasons. 😉 And MsLengLui, a blogger whose body makes men faint.

silai = housewife

siao meh = are you crazy?

angmoh = red hair/Caucasian

ang = red

15 thoughts on “Fatt Hou Meme

  1. oi! who the heck is that 3rd guy wor? looks so how lien how lien liddat, nanti kena bashed by al pacino & nicholas cage!

    oh but i think the 4th guy is an accountant named encik loh or something liddat can’t remember now..

    ROFLMAO! this is memang ur best meme! how can i top that wor? mati loh saya!

  2. habis liao… I tot I could escape this one. Looks like it’s not to be. Ok lah, do tonight. I also scared you dun wan to share secrets with me….

  3. king’s wife – Dun be afraid to dream and reach your max. LOL (i mean wet dream)

    Che-Cheh – Al Pacino does funny things to women.

    mumsgather – Shhh…not so loud.

    wuching – LOL, I also wonder. How come no one gives me the answer hor? You know who anot?

    ahpek – backside not sincere enuff. Must be on the kkc head and it has to be readable when expanded.

  4. MUAHARHARHAR.. diu, I nearly spilled my chinese tea all over my notebook reading this!! LOL

    Al Pacino is OK… but you sure at his age, he can still function???? Ooops, I forgot you got the KKC extension..the one from your previous posting hor?? Armand Assante is also cute what!! In a matured sense lar!!
    Nicholas Cage I’ll pass but those tattoos are blardy wicked looking! GRRRR GRRR.
    Please (10x) who is the last hunk??? Underworld tai kor… oooh, I love underworld tai lou… especially those that gong yee hei one and treat the woman like shit…(heng dai yue sau juk, lou poh yue ghai juk) …

    Gallen Lo and Bowie Lam didn’t make it eh?? So, in your story, which one did the heroine chose??

  5. Helen – You mean which one? The last is my lou kong (to prevent him from pulling off my broadband), the third guy is for you to find out. If you read enuff blog, you would know. But probably you never expect a demure and sweet thing to look like that? That one in italic is your own description? Heh, I claim first ok?

    Huh? The heroine must choose? Bill Gates la. Definitely Bill Gates.

  6. Cocka – WHAT???? I got tricked. Wingz sold me that perfume, he said gerenti to make the male hormones racing. Cis, must be male gorrilas.

    LB – Go away, I want Al Pacino and Nicholas all to myself. Shoo!!!1

    sooi2 – Hahaha, need some hong eu?

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