KNN, petrol cost RM15 extra per full tank!

I never give much thought to petrol price increase. Why? Because my petrol guzzler Naza Ria is hardly used. My older two kids either hitch a ride from their schoolmate’s parents (which we compensate a little $$ each month) and they take the public bus home. My other kid walks to school.

The only times when I actually need to drive them around town are negligible. Other outings at night are mostly without my eldest son (who’s too coo/old to tag every where) and atm’s company car can accomodate us.

So, increase or no increase, it doesn’t affect me much. I am someone who never pump petrol nor know how much is the price of petrol. But now, atm illustrates the increase in simple language for me:

For every full tank in our Naza – it means RM15 increase.

KNN, RM15!

RM15 can buy me two blocks of Ritter Sport chocolate.

RM15 can buy me two cups of coffee at Coffee Beans.

RM15 can buy me two months supply of tampons and pads.

RM15 can buy me one week supply of Curry Mee.

RM15 can buy me two DVDs of the latest movies.

RM15 can buy me three CDs of software.

And the mother of all KNNs, I don’t even earn RM15 per day from my Google Adsense! MCB betul.

Plus, I cannot ask atm to drive from one end of the town to the other end of the town for my favourite cendol. I just tried….’cos he is on leave today for toddler’s birthday. His reply, “No, we are not going to Penang Road because we are in Pulau Tikus now. Petrol price increase, you know or not?”

So, how does the petrol price increase affects you, if you measure it like I do?

36 thoughts on “KNN, petrol cost RM15 extra per full tank!

  1. auntie, RM15 increase skali pam is A BIT ok la, WORSE is eventually all the harga barang will oso increase…just wait for the penang rd cendoi become RM3 per bowl. So i think, in a few months time, RM15 can only buy you:

    One & a half block of Ritter Sport chocolate, instead of two.
    One cup of coffee at Coffee Beans, instead of two.
    One month supply of tampons and pads, instead of two.
    Half week supply of Curry Mee, instead of one.
    One DVD of the latest movies, instead of two.
    Two CDs of software, instead of three.

    and in kenny sia’s word, wats the biggest KING-KONG TULAN of it all???? our gaji TAK NAIK AT ALL !!!

  2. Petrol price increase means:
    1. My kiam siap hubby will drive my Perodua more often than his Honda for our weekend outings.
    2. I cannot ‘upgrade’ my car.
    3. Our family weekend outings might turn into once-a-month outing.
    4. And when the price for everything else increases, but got no salary increment, time to become a hermit and shift to the woods. 😉

  3. even if you don’t drive you will also feel the inflation sooner or later……petrol increase, transfer hawker, then to us….then kedai runcit increase later, then teksi also increase….then everything also increase except our salary

  4. Ok. Definitely time for another rant. I ranted yesterday night and someone told me to grow up. Sheesh.

    Don’t say your Naza Ria. My Tiara also +RM15! KNN. My car is 1.1 litre engine and drink fuel like I drink water. I think about the consequences of the increase also want to pengsan from high BP.

    We’re only RM0.70 away from free market ok. Current market price for petrol is RM2.62. Everything go up but pay still remains the same.

  5. Better than slow torture by few time increase. I think gahmen is testing water here. If no people go to the street, they will increase the price again next 3 months.

    And I am not going to take bus. KNNCBB, take bicycle is faster than bus(even during low traffics day).

  6. Hi, newbie here. I love “jalan jalan cari makan” and I’m glad that I found your blog.

    I love Penang and its foods. Our last family trip to Penang last year was so enjoyable. A family friend of ours (Penang kia) recommended us to check out this char kuey tiaw stall at Lorong Selamat where this Ah Sim wearing “Oakley” goggles frying the yummilicious kuey tiaw. I must say that was the best char kuey tiaw I have ever tasted. My daughter finished 2 plates on our first visit. We were there for lunch thru out our stay:)…beginning to drool liao…

    Any other recommendations in Penang? Thanks.

  7. Ark! My kancil full tank increase RM 8!! For me its quite a lot, because I’m still a student. Grrr! What are the gahmen gonna do with the money anyway?

  8. ngia meh !!! ah lian, you may not drive but you will fell the pain later with the expected inflation. this time really pook kai liao…..

  9. RM15?
    1. Potong dates – date my darling lesser. Jiak ka ki.
    2. No more weekly nice food with my darling – only eat mamak food.
    3. Daily lunch cut – now everyday eat roti.
    4. If see kids on the road, especially rich kids, extort money.
    5. No more buying junk food & sweets for niece.
    6. No more use public toilet. Need to pay eh!! Tahan until reach home.

  10. Dizzy – Dating go see stars instead of movie lor.

    gbyeow – Yeah, that’s so true.

    Saygore – What is ngiah meh? For sure, things will escalate but what to do…..We all poor people kena suffer lor.

    alex – But of course!

    Kenny – And the thing is the gahmen is still relaxing the lending process (through credit cards and loans) and one day, semua sure mati because of bad debts.

    Ken – Rob the poor to feed the rich!

    KK – I have two food blogs, please check my side link on the main page? There are over 400 posts so you have to slowly drool over each and every one of them. Enjoy! 🙂

    Chief – Now kapcai need like RM5 to get a full tank. Last time, RM2 only. So take bicycle.

    moo_t – No worries, they will probably find something to pacify us when there is a GE around the corner. Or else…

    pelf – Poor pelf!

  11. egghead – But the gahmen is giving out loans, pushing their cars and bikes like supermarket selling toilet rolls. Everything oso can bayar bulan.

    sooi2 – Yeah, when I left my job in 1998, times were getting bad at that time. I heard from my ex-colleagues their increments have been pathetic since. Thank God I only serve my hubby now. LOL. No need to fume over salary increase. Every day, just try to save more, spend less. 🙂

    Sloggi – Yeah, we are forced to cut corners a bit here and there. And the favourite sentence from bosses will be, ‘Times are bad….’

    Malaysian Property – It is indeed a vicous cycle. Hope the gahmen can find some solutions to bring some changes (fat hope of course).

    gbyeow – It is a big pinch for a lot of people.

  12. simon – Yalor, that means lots of rantings from 5xmom and lots of KNNMCB posts. Ish Ish Ish. So better comment properly or else silap-silap kena hentam buta-buta. All due to petrol price increase.

    samm – My atm still ok ‘cos his car company punya. So is petrol and maintenance. Plus bridge toll. Or else pokkai ‘cos he drives long distance to Kulim. Mesti jaga him baik baik so that he go to work with oomph! Send him early to bed, early to rise and bring back gaji nice nice. LOL.

  13. Unfortunately, the situation is much more dire than just 15 ringgit… oil is running out and everything under the sun being an oil derivative, we wont have enough money for basic necessities in a few years time. Welcome stone age…

  14. Myself sure die. Konsortium and Kesatuan will raise their bus fares to Penang to start with. The hotel in Macalister Road will raise their rates. The dim sum shop in Macalister Road will raise their prices. So will Rangu on his coconuts. Even the foreign workers will raise the toilet entry to 30 sen, you just wait and see.

  15. But frankly, look at the bright side. With so many new cars hitting the road every month, don’t you think something drastic like this is welcoming?
    I’m not too bothered by the fuel hike, because what comes around goes around. We just have to increase prices of our goods and services to even out. It’ll hit the oil companies and those in the govt eventually.

  16. Cocka – You just give me an idea on my next posting!

    SCB – Good idea. We can also enjoy watching the kerbaus mating, no need paid TV.

    Kiasi – I immediately check with my atm and our Naza was just given a full tank BEFORE that. Or else, we will run out and line up.

    fishtail – Yaya, Rangu needs petrol to transport his coconuts too. LOL.

    Alchoholic – Ouch, don’t think too much ‘cos that is scary, man.

  17. 0ooo..I hope that konsortium wont increase their price anymore. The previous increment from Rm22 to Rm27 is pretty high. It cost me a bleeding RM60 each time i come home for the weekend. If they increase again, this poor student wont be able to go home neemore *sobsob*

    Does the Rangu u guys mention located near Penang plaza? The coconuts sold there are very nice!!!

  18. Gonna change my resolutions I made for this year to the following :-

    – Work at home
    – Eat at home
    – Shopping in ebay
    – Watch movies downloaded from P2P
    – Don’t play football outdoor, play FIFA2006 instead

    Like that really can save a lot. :p

  19. Well, just pray that the electricity is not goona go up up and away!!!! otherwise….errr wut to do huh?

    Eat at home? LPG oso now increase to 30 sen/kg…cook megi oso need few mins of burning the gas..hiyaaaaaa later better use dapur arang laaaaaa

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