This shit is caustic stuff

Our car has been bombed with lots of shit lately. Real caustic stuff that stuck to the windscreen and leaves rough spots on the paintworks too.

So caustic that we can’t wash it off from our windscreen with normal water. Atm sprayed some WD40 to dissolve it. Only thing is he did not tell the wifey and she wipe the windscreen the next round she drove which left a blurred windscreen.

Later in the night, she grumbled about the blurred windscreen and why the shit caused the whole windscreen to be like that. Then, only atm remembered.

“Oh ya, shit I forget! I sprayed WD40 on the spot of shit in the morning before I went to work. BTW, Mr. Teoh told me those are bat shits. These bats come during the night and that’s why our car get those purple shits.”

Dumb blonde, “Really ah, bats? I thought bats live in caves?”

Wise man, “They are even making nests at Block 11 apartments.”

DB, “You better get rid of them.”

WM, “Yeah, Ah Teoh told me they are going to chop of the tree this Saturday”

DB, “Better la, now with all the bird’s flu and stuff.”

WM, “Oi, bats are mamalia. Mamalia adalah binatang yang menyusukan anak dan beranak, bukan bertelur. Bird’s flu are burung mya flu. Tak sama lah.” Gave ‘bodohnya…’ kind smirk.

(Bats are mammals. Mammals are animals which breasfed their youngs and give birth to babies, not eggs. Bird’s flu belongs to bird. They are not related.”)

DB – Red face. Brain works hard to cover dumb factor.

DB, “Wait a minute! That SARS was spread by fruit bats mah. So, it is the same lah.”

Ish, I just realised that atm who is four years older than me studied his science subjects in English whilst I did mine in Bahasa Malaysia. Physics, Biology and Chemistry all in Bahasa Malaysia. Now, my eldest son, born in 1990 is back to study the science subjects in English. I wonder if that has anything to do with my lack of errmmm….intelligence? After all, I have to translated English to Bahasa Malaysia in my brain all the time when I watch Discovery and National Geographic.

20 thoughts on “This shit is caustic stuff

  1. Glad to hear that they are changing back to English. Your kids will definitely have an easier time if you decided to send them abroad to study.

  2. woi, auntie, like that you got chance to make big money liao. chase out all the bats and rear swiftlets. “yin wor” fetch very high price.

  3. and so was the story of the birds and the bees and now the bats too came along and don’t forget the rats for the bubonic plague ….. alamak malay or english wat the difference? maybe in school only lah, but big big towkay cannot speak one word of england wan oso got more money than university professor hor šŸ˜›

  4. Indeed. It’s very good to hear that students nowadays study Science subjects in English, instead of B.M. *Kiss gahmen*

    Honestly, I also don’t like the idea that Science & Math subjects to be taught in Chinese language in the Chinese schools.

  5. eh auntie, ur terror BM reminds me of my nyonya melaka nai-nai…but u sure anot hav to translate the tv scripts from B.I to B.M?? everyday u can blog blog in england so lancar woh!

  6. it will be good if u send ur car for a layer of waxing to protect the painting as most shits are acidic..most or all, i cant remember….

    If not, then u can spotted colour all over ur car like a colourful dalmation………chuckle

  7. wuching – You buy for me lor. I want a Smart for Two car. So cuteeeeee….

    foodcrazee – My atm dem sayang his car wan. His other car company mya, no sakit hati lah. But this one, our personal wan, wuah…like his wife oni.

    sooi2 – Half of my things are exaggerated a bit la. Baru ada oomph mah.

    Cocka – Dun care what ecological la. Better save ourselves first ‘cos they really shit a lot ler. Residential areas are not for bats, go back to their caves. Dunwan my kids to breath in their shits. So, jaga diri dahulu. Lain lain boleh pigi mati. LOL

    tongkat ah lian – Yeah, it beats me why the gahmen want to do two languages. Poor kids.

    fantasy flier – Money rules.

    ahpek – Here in Penang, they are catching up. Stupid la, all money is the devil lor. How to live with thousands of birds shitting like that. I wrote about this swiflets before.

    Prometeuz – I hope they dun bring another new Education Minister who have different policies and then, change back again la.

    moo_t – Then, we learn to eat insects lor. Make them like fried ikan bilis. Yummm

  8. Eh? was also commentin to my leng chai that his car was full of bird shit yesterday. Avian flu giving them diarhoea ah? Runny nose, behind also runny. Why bat shit purple ah?

  9. Wei, WD40 is anti-rust lah…it’s oily and makes it worse. Next time, just use Lux or palmolive soap. Save all that scrubbing also.

  10. your house also got shit ah ? you see since last week i started to complain my son shit all over the house, then now got shit in tap water, you pulak got shit on windscreen. all full of shit lah!

  11. Really, I know it’s drag having to clean bat shit, but really Lilian, bats are the MOST important balance of our eco-system. (more than birds) Maybe you can go coverup your car at night. lol

    In my house, I welcome bats and the frogs that share my garden. With the tadpoles/frogs I dun have to worry about aedes in my water garden. The tadpoles will control the mosquito larvae. That is why I don’t allow my mother to go put racun inside my mini water pond.

    This is a community message brought to you by Helen.

  12. i don’t think chopping the tree down will do any good. Bats have a 50KM radius to gather food. the just find another place to stay after you chop down the tree, maybe your house lar.

    i think its the color of the car that attract the bats to shit.. either that its the location of the car. your neighbour’s car got kena bombed ah?

  13. neeshen – No no, we are not felling the whole tree but certain branches that protrude out into the streets. As a matter of fact, it is time to trim the tree ‘cos one tumbled during a storm previously. These are not small trees but those very tall one, as high as my third floor apartment. Hahaha, I hope no bats were sacrificied though. Only our parking lot is under this tree.

    helen – *grins sheepishly. The branches have to go and the bats need a new home ‘cos their shits are a lot. Hope they find a better abode. šŸ™‚

    ducky – Go buy 4D lor. Dunno what number la.

    LC_Teh – Yeah, I know that but the thing is my hubby sprayed in the morning and forget to tell me. When I drove the car in the afternoon, all I see is some liquid which I thot is water.

    Ms Lenglui – Maybe the birds like your lengchai leh? I oso dunno why purple, maybe the fruits they ate?

    simon – The mere mention of keluang man enuff to make me grins. Aiyoh, terrible cartoon kopikat.

  14. It is on the front page : Mammal can be infected by bird flu too! Can update Mr. Wise man a.k.a ATM on that šŸ˜‰

  15. LittleGirl! I wonder which one? šŸ˜‰ Thanks for that news. Cats also? Hmmm…time to mass culling all pets. Yay! Just joking.

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