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Just found some old photos in CDs I burnt. So am putting these up just for keepsake.


About 6 months old, in the tummy. Had the 3D-4D scan at Bangsar Women’s Clinic. Did it because of previous history of placenta praevia. I remember telling the doctor, “Wah, his nose is so big!” Doc told me that high bridge nose is a good sign because babies with Down’s Syndrome has very low bridge. Can see or not? The baby’s head is facing down, kissing the placenta. šŸ™‚


Awww…so cute….The baby, I mean. Freshly back from the hospital after caesarean. About four days old.


1st birthday! Ok ok, I know I am a lousy mom ‘cos the poor kid got to have his birthday cake on the floor! LOL.


But wait a minute. He got two birthday celebrations. This is with my parenting group. Next to me, in blue blouse is SS who is actually the person who wanted to start the support group. How did I end up with this task now, huh? (scratch head) Don’t know where is SS now. In the light pink blouse is Min who came up with the name MyMomsBest. Min has her own blog.


Here is two year old.


And three years old.

And the good news is…..I think I haven’t aged as much as my kid has grown. Yabba dabba doo!

Yeah, I memang vain. I don’t admit being older, wrinklier nor more senile. It is great to look back at old photos. So much memories and nostalgia.

Heck, I want to add this in. Don’t care if it freaks you people out. If you mimpi, remember to ask Vincent for lucky number, ok?


This is where 5 times mom comes from! BTW, the lower right is a photoshopped pic which I koyak from Vincent’s photo and pasted on his brothers. Of course, his age doesn’t correspond to his three older and one little brother.

Wuah, dem best to own a blog. It is like going up on a podium with a loud hailer and yell, ‘Look at me, look at me, I am so kleberrrrr’ and still got people pause to see. Thank you all. Muacksss…..for reading this!

18 thoughts on “-1, 0, 1, 2, 3

  1. Eh how come I was not in the group pic…ohhh, I was chasing Bea1 to get her in, too as she is the reason why I joined the group.
    Now, only got a chance to see matthew’s pic when he was days old.
    And I just love the last pic, and I still think your no. 3 is the cutest;)!

  2. auntie, ur other leng-chais no jeles dat u always blog abt ur toddler only meh?

    smthng in their face tell me that they’re good, decent kids!

  3. sooi2 – The older ones got frens liao mah, so not very cool if I pokpek about them. Privacy purpose. Yeah, they are very close to each other, but fights too, of course.

    foodcrazee – Yeah, next time I demand monthly allowance from them. šŸ™‚

    mama23beas – You have only one then, right? Now got three. You also have come a long way…

    zberjnak – Tks!

    Cocka – I tutup kedai by order of the doctor, so no more cuties. Unless I marry a sultan or king who wants an heir, I can still go for IVF. šŸ™‚

    MG – Yeah, I paid RM400 and now only found the CDrom they gave me.

    ah pek – Memang my genes. šŸ™‚

  4. simon – He is not a fan of Barney, just that there isn’t many choices there. He is a fan of boobs and babes. And can sing Green Day songs, fuwah, chialat liao.

    egghead – Yeah, looking forward to that.

    jc – Tks

    wuching – Cute cute hor?

    boo – Hehehe, my eldest now very hensem liao lor…Got lots of gfs liao lor…Hahaha.

    Mar – Tenkiu

    may – Chiak!

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