Kancils aren’t made for mating, mate!

This is not the first time I encounter people ber-romancing in their Kancil WHILE driving on the road. I don’t know whether it is because of the tiny space, hence making sparks flew easier and cause the irresitible urge to ber-romance.

Or is it because owners of Kancils are usually those who have mating instinct due to their mousedeer name? You know…..animal instinct?

So, today while I was in the queue to turn into the Race Course garden, which incidentally has the mahkamah syariah, this tiny white Kancil in front of me provides free show. Wallah, lucky none of my older kids were in the car with me or else I would have to make a quick turn into the right lane.

In between red and green lights, these two people were kissing away. Not that I haven’t seen it before but while manoeuvering a tiny mousedeer in heavy after school/office traffic while the lights were turning red/green/red? Not forgetting that Penang has loads of motorbikers who stopped very close to your car? Adoi, tone down a bit la. You are not in some romance movie, ok?

If you really beh tahan, do it discreeetly la. Wanna play with gear shift oso can. You don’t have to attract so much attention. Need a little lubricant, oso can. You don’t have to distract traffic. But nooooo….they just have to act it out. How I wish their car rosak-ed midway and the officers from the mahkamah come out and knock on their window. Then…everyone got show to see.

Haih…call me a prude or whatever but kissing while driving on a busy road in Penang with three lanes of traffic is not a good idea. Unless of course, you are in a convertible, spanking BMX 6 series, along the country road with a blonde.

Ever play peeping tom/jane of such manner? Quick, give me the juicy parts. Does too much hands, legs and paws action in our discreet country turns you off?

36 thoughts on “Kancils aren’t made for mating, mate!

  1. Those days when you were still dating atm, didn’t you do anything in a car? Aww…c’mon Lilian…we all went thru’ that phase. LOL

  2. how come no photo leh? i don’t have to tell u what i see here u oso know lah, ppl sucking faces everywhere oso can wan!

  3. Lilian, this post reminds me of an incident when I was in college several years ago. I was in a taxi with 2 collegemates one late afternoon in the busy Jalan Bkt Bintang. Out came this big Mercedes right in front of the taxi (the Mercedes got into the main road from a small road). The 2 passengers at the back (they were both Chinese, whom I believe were the car owner with his mistress because she looked young, in her 20s) were doing it like nobody’s business, man! We saw them kissing madly, taking their clothes off (no, we didn’t see any boobs, but imagine our shock!) and then the heads disappeared. Wa lau eh! Free show! We were giggling, but the taxi driver was ever so quiet (mesti syiok la ni dpt tengok free show). I don’t know how the Mercedes driver could keep a straight face. Must be dah biasa la ni. C’mon la, tak boleh tahan sgt pun takkan tak boleh tunggu until you get a room. It was in broad daylight along a busy road somemore!

  4. Oh, and I’ve also seen a young Malay couple (the girl in tudung and decent clothes lagi) on a train (LRT) fondling like there was no one around. The boy kissed the girl on the cheeks, then his hands were all over her boobs. Aiyo, tak malu ka? I felt like saying a piece of my mind to them, but didn’t because these people wouldn’t listen.

  5. Convertible BMX 6 series o.O That one really too close quarters liao. Even less space than Kancil. Haha. Gir gir will be sitting on the lap and pegang handle together-gether.

  6. kancil definite kenot. want to ber-romancing lat least must be in saga or iswara. unless its with 2 hobbits.

  7. hmmm… I drive a kancil too… heheheh! kancil means small space = can get closer more easily kwa… (not that I’d know, never made out in my car before! =P)

  8. beh tahan… next time signal them to change their suspension and tint their screen darker to prevent other people from vomiting… LOL!

  9. Weiii!!! Tat’s d only place & time they can avoid those religious authority maaa. At hotel kena tangkap! At home kena tangkap! At jalan raya weeeehooooo!!! MERDEKA!!!

  10. moo_t = Yeah hor, hotel rental by the hour increase so good idea oso.

    xxxavier – Q1 – Not yet but like siamese twins
    Q2 – 6pm

    Ashraf – Front or back seat? 🙂

    mslenglui – That one major nosebleed, another health hazard.

    Dizzy – I swear off not capturing people like that. Nanti bad karma, my camera rosak again. Yahor, sex on the run.

    egghead – They did put the sunscreen but still can see through la.

    may – Yeah, I think that is one of the reason. GUYs, next time borrow your little sister’s Kancil for the important dates.

    simon – You tried before issit? Your limbs got tangled? LOL.

    gbyeow – But at least got class mah. “I can afford to buy a house with the price of this car but I choose to make out in the car.”

    skyjuice – About the train – Yes, I encounter before too. Aiyer, very uncomfortable for the people around but they don’t realise it. And your other story, cukup intense. LOL.

    wuching – If in OZ, ok la. We memang biasa see Caucasians doing that. But here, we are so conservative mah.

  11. ya loh.. this morning went to makan breakfast with my friend in Gelugor and the same thing happened!! we parked next to this KANcil and this couple (the usual ‘khamthau huan nah por’ with ‘abang’) smooching away in the car, oblivious to all the stares we gave them! there i was trying to crack my eyes open in the morning before i pekena my daily dose of coffee and already got people in the mood to mate! fook lah!!! geram betul!!! first thing in the morning see this kind of thing, patut la my ‘cai’ all lari..

  12. Reading Lil’s story and the comments is enough to make me stay awake for the whole day…just pray that all the ‘scenes’ won’t keep appearing when I’m working!

  13. lilian, whats ur Naza plate number…cant be paparazzi to follow u everywhere in case u beromen with ATM, then we can snap pic and post lor..

  14. ks – Now my DSLR can zoom up to 300x ler but I tell you la, I swear I won’t do these kind of peeking, nanti bad karma, my DSLR rosak-ed. Dun pway-pway wei, RM4K there. If I tok only, the most my mulut kena bisul oni. LOL.

    dsaint – Chewah, the love guru speaks… If the continental car with gear shift at the steering, lagi best hor? The front seat one single piece.

    helen – Indeed. Distract the expert driver like me even.

    foodcrazee – Choy..I no need to theou-theou mo-mo (curi curi raba) like that la.

    mama23beas – Seriously, some where along, there is a breakdown. It is not only the other groups but Muslim youths themselves.

    shoppingmum – Like kena flasher la hor?

    Soleilina – Hahaha, I wonder if we are looking at the same couple?

    Sloggi – Oh really?

    king’s wife – Open your eyes wider? Or go to Lake titiwangsa or wherever you KL people phaktor? Be a peeping Jane! LOL.

  15. Just on Saturday, I walked past a car in the carpark of a mall at about midnight just to see a girl’s head on the lap of the guy. I almost forgotten about the incident until this post – the car’s a Kancil! But really, it’s not only the Kancils.

  16. You sitting in your high high car, sure get the best view larrr. i will also buy an MPV next time. Can see more beneath the windows action then, hehehe. Like how ppl work the joystick, errr, no, gear…..

  17. hahaha! ya la hor? can be also.. Penang is afterall such a tiny island.. hehehe.. so it’s easy to spot these kind of on- heat mousedeer drivers with their mates! lol

  18. doc – huh? huh? what? what?

    soleilina – Now that everyone reads this, probably they will keep an eye on all Kancils! LOL.

    samm – yayaya, vantage position. I can oso capture video and fulamak, I can post on my blog. Sure bust my trapik.

    linpeh – You still haven’t tell me if that is your hand.

    Max – Keep an eye, you will be lucky next time.

    Emily T – Hahaha, you didn’t pause to see more action. Eewwss..

  19. yea lur hor, continental 1 damn syok, syokest is a van la… take off all the back seats, place matress. yes, this 1 also done b4. 😛

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