My three years old toddler’s definition of ‘pretty’


Damn proud mama gotta boast about her three years old toddler who has good taste in women. Nah, this is his definination of ‘pwetty lohhhh’. Each time the video of The Pussycat Dolls come on MTV, he will drop everything and sit down to ogle. Nicole, the dark hair one is his favourite.

Haih…they start young, donch they? And the worst thing is he can differentiate what is ‘pwetty lo’ with ‘the opposite’.

Mama : Sayang, mommy pwetty or not?

Toddler : Gotttttt……


Mama : This one leh? (point to random pic)

Toddler : [censored]

(Toddler demanded I put up this pic so that he can ‘see on computer’ -meaning my blog.)

18 thoughts on “My three years old toddler’s definition of ‘pretty’

  1. kicks ahpek, Oi, oi, where to download tammy nyp video ah?

    fashionasia – Yeah, too much exposure ‘cos got so many teenage bros at home.

    alexallied – gooooddd

    egghead – I am not sure they got pet cats anot wor.

  2. i’ve been told that boys get their first hard-on as early as 2 y.o… and there’s another 5y.o who likes kehsi-kehsi fondle his 23y.o aunty’s breasts (only chun chics, ok? own mother tak kira) while watching tv. LOL

  3. Tell your toddler, Helen auntie cheh cheh looks exactly like Nicole … 😛

    You know, my sister’s neighbour’s boy called my sister auntie. The mother knowing my elder sister is not married, quickly ask her boy to call my sis cheh cheh instead. (Smart mother) You know what, kids are damn honest! He told his mother, NO…This is not cheh cheh… she is auntie…… she is too old to be cheh cheh!!


  4. actually only the lead singer (the dark haired one) is decent looking. the others don’t get much camera time, its not hard to see why…

  5. all i know is that verse kept playing in my head for the past few months… ” don’t cha wish your gf was hot like me, don’t cha? ” I love those pussies… lol

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