Turn yr speaker up or down, wateva la

First, press the pause button! Quick, do it now! LOL

Disclaimer : If I sound funny it is because I was trying to repress my giggles. It has been hard not to laugh at Cocka’s version of beastility with a poodle. LOL. And all the eff words from my mouth is not from me, ok? I am only reading what Helen’s wrote. So, I am not guilty of cussing the eff word, ok? *point finger at Helen

This is like the old-old time Redifussion. Back then, there wasn’t any Wah Lai Toi. So people listen to radio. And therefore….I am going to tell story today.

I do this to promote the fantastic efforts by the bloggers in writing the Lin Dynasty Saga. It started with Lin Peh and up to now, there are 12 bloggers taking part. More are eagerly waiting for the baton. If you wish to join, it is not too late yet. Just go over to Lin Peh’s blog and register your name.

The links to all the chapters can be found from Lin Peh’s blog too.

Tiu, I can’t stand listening, so you have to go over to Bolt for the recording. šŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “Turn yr speaker up or down, wateva la

  1. OMG… hahaha! this is so farnee! it’s like listening to those old-school dramas on my grandpa’s radio! eh lilian… you can become voice talent liao…

  2. That’s one hell of a meme…

    And lilian.. you have such a sexy voice.. no wonder ur ATM cannot tahan and make you 5xmom…

  3. if you didn’t say it was u, i would have thought she was an 18 yrs. old girl reading. wooweeee!!!! so nice voice.

  4. ahpek- I shud record ‘Ah hiah…ai pakphow boh. Panji-panji. Ai boh?’ LOL

    Beer Brat – Hahaha, must ask him. He maybe say like Donald Duck mya suara.

    foodcrazee – Recently, I got voice training given from church. So, I am training to kong yeh sou next time. LOL.

    may – I tell you hor, it is not easy to read ler. I wanted to do more but it is really funny ‘cos I can picture ahpek who eventually cooked Helen’s poodle which had ben ravaged by Lin Peh. LOL. All these images were on my mind when I read them.

  5. Cocka – Yalor, what’s the name of the fei poh liao? My mom used to listen to her and later when she starred in that family drama.

    ahpek – Wan tan lu hor? LOL

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