Sunglasses at night

Thank God for blogs, I even have the photo, date and price of stuffs I bought.

Click, click and voila, I know that I bought one pair of sunglasses for only RM31 on the 22nd of August last year. Within six months, my toddler had -wanked- yanked off one side of the sunglasses.

So there goes a sunglasses that suits my beautiful face. šŸ™‚


Good thing that piece of plastic costs only RM31 and not RM310.

So, I had been out shopping for a few weekends to find a replacement. Sunglasses is a very important accessories. Trust me. It eithers smack you down on the dirt ground and label you ‘Ah Soh’ (old aunties) or raise you up on cloud nine and spells ‘still saham tinggi’. (high value)

Imagine some ‘Whiter shade of pale’ music playing in the background… get down from your car on a sunny day, the sunlight playing magic with your parprika red hair……your lipstick glimmering in the sun, the breeze blowing your transparent, black, chiffon blouse…. Then, you stride, step by step, imagine that you are walking on Beverly Hills like Pretty Woman…..I tell ya, even a monk also can pause to see.


Oakley – USDS160

At first, I saw this similar looking sunglasses from Oakley. It costs a freaking RM760 (plus minus 25% discount). I did a calculation in my head and it probably is over RM600. The shop taukeh-soh wanted to let me try but sigh…..I know that it is no point to touch something I would never spend my money on. So, I politely told her ‘no, over my budget…..’


Givenchy – 132 British pounds!

Then, I found this super lansi lanyong (snobbish) shop in Gurney. First time ever I see a spectacle shop without the standard Ingrand Optical style. It spells ‘Expensive’. And a similar looking sunglasses like the above by Givenchy costs RM1,630! Chiiiiiisin…..

They can provide ‘Bayar Bulan’ or monthly instalments. Come on, folks. Never ever get tempted to buy something you cannot afford. Buying a piece of sunglasses on instalment is crazy, ok? Discipline, kiddoes. Don’t do it, you will end up with lots of debts until your old age. Unless, of course, you have sugar-daddy to foot the bills.

So, the practical me finally found the perfect sunglasses that I can afford to let my toddler tear apart. Only RM35.90 from Parkson. Pay with vouchers I exchanged from my Bonuslink points. Free! Free! Free! It looks exactly like the above Givenchy and it spells ‘cool’ because there is no brand, not even a casing!

I am now wearing sunglasses at night because I lurve, lurve, lurve my new shades so much! When the sun comes up, I am going to do the ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’ walk. See can make the vegetable seller or fishmonger go a whiter shade of pale anot.

So remember hor….your sunglasses is very, very important. It either makes you look like a pimp or Bond. Don’t buy a sunglasses that suit Brad Pitt if your face looks like William Hung, ok?

Song can be found here.

22 thoughts on “Sunglasses at night

  1. …my toddler had wanked off one side…
    Wei… Your toddler so young already wanking ah? :> Anyway, I think time for me to go buy sunnies as well. Company sponsored šŸ˜€

  2. gbyeow – aiks, I meant to type yank. LOL. Wuah, how come you can get company paid ones? Can buy one for me oso. Either one of the above model oso never mind. I prefer pinkish/reddish ones. Rimless and two tones, please.

  3. i oso only buy cheap cheap sunnies only so i don’t have to worry too much about damage & can replace easily. when i put my sunny on i imagine myself like ‘mark kor’ with his overcoat flapping in the wind when i get out of my car! lol!

  4. i got sell! Rm. 9.00 oni. Come! cOME!

    btw, nice song. my type of music. heard it oni b’cos it autoplayed. i don usually click to listen. i rather listen to the radio.

  5. Pweeet , Pwwweeeet.. … leang lui hui bin dou ar??

    Waaaa, Paprika red hair summore flipping ala Farrah Fawcett style… I like, I like!! Cocka must be wanking liao somewhere!! LOL

    I agree that if u cannot afford it, then just forget it. It’s not like the sunglasses is such an essential item you’ll die without it! Diu.. so expensive… really crazy!!

    BTW, it’s not what u wear it’s who is wearing it. If Brad Pitt is wearing Pasar Malam (WIngz mia fren) sunglasses, nobody would have doubt its authenticity hor? lol

  6. Coincidently my Mum and sis went shopping for sunglasses recently too!! And yea, the salesperson recommended my Mum a RM400+ sunglasses and my Mum said, “No need so expensive, it is just to protect the eyes from the scorching sunlight, not to display the brand.” And my Mum said the salesperson was sooo humiliated!! Hhahahhaha..

  7. I keep picturing Lilian biting on the arm (temple) of her spectacle between her glossy glimmering fiery lips and twisting… twisting… twisting… fling… fling… fling… Cue ‘Whiter Shade of Pale’…


  8. Ah Pek ….. you liar!! Last time u told me u got no speakers to listen… now, Lilian put up her music, you’re saying u love the song?? Niamah you!! Really Dai Sai Chiu! Grrr Grrr…. PIN SAM!!

  9. helen.
    dun angry lah! i fix back speaker oso because of you. you go and put laam song in your site. i wan to listen oso cannot, so got no choice but to fix back speaker lor.

  10. foodcrazee – Buy from pasar malam a bit jatuh standard la. At least in Parkson, got aircon and nice nice mirror. šŸ™‚

    ahpek – You didn’t tell helen about our webcams hor? LOL

    helen – Heh, ahpek will do everything for me. Jeles…

    doc – You mean I am going to eat the specs like a monster, ah?

    Pelf – Yalor, so expensive. And the thing is they give out monthly instalments. It is a bad idea ‘cos they give out free credit cards and one day, not in the very far future, a lot of people are going under due to their bad debts. Our country/society will suffer, I tell you.

    king’s wife – I think your firefox block it. It is on the site, feel free to steal it.

    helen – yalor, I told myself, I so si-thau-poh looking, i wear what oso authentic lar……Hahaha. Like your LV bag, remember? It’s how we carry ourselves.

    decypher – There is a song call Sunglasses at Night. By Prince, I think.

    ahpek – Send one to me. NOW NOW NOW.

    wuching – You already look like Blade and Chow Yun Fatt. Wear what oso can la….

    Cocka – Aiks, I must remember to wear steel underwear.

  11. I have one crazy friend who collects expensive sunglasses. He has nearly 20 in his collection – most of them Ray Bans. Unfortunately or fortunately for me, I stopped wearing them after I gave up on contacts for my reliable specs.

  12. Like Adam, I have a friend with super expensive glasses too because he said they looks cool on him. But he’s lucky to have a banker lau pek lah…

  13. Talking of glasses, Gordon has yanked the sides of 3 of mine, and 1 each of his Grandpa’s and aunt’s.

    Of sunglasses, i’ve never worn 1 since i sat on mine a couple of years back. Y’know, those grossly ex$$$ ones…. and i’ve no one to blame and claim another from, tiuuu.

  14. samm – Yeah, getting sat on has often happened to me too often too. So, a ciplak one serves me well. The sun is really, really glaring lately so have to wear, espcially on long rides to avoid tired eyes from squinting.

    maRLinda – Your name oso so cool to type. Hahaha.

    shoppingmum – Huh? Male one oso got sugardaddy to ‘pau’ him ah?

    ADam – Poket kosong tak apa, gaya mesti ada kinda guy kah?

  15. hrmmm but ……. glasses now are different leh.. make sure you buy the one which is polarized leh…. you will know what i mean when you put on rayban leh..makes alot of difference leh..

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