Ever dream your way to feeling shitty?

Ever get this? Sleep a perfect eight hour sleep in comfy bed with cool air-cond and yet, you woke up like you haven’t sleep at all?

Once in a while, I get this. My back aches, my joints are tight and the head heavy. All because I dream a full dream like a movie.

Part one of my dream – I went to this convention like thing in a stadium. It is more like a mass. Usually, we are expected to be sombre and quiet in masses in our church. But this crazy bunch of people jumped up from the middle of the ceremony to pee. (roll eyes) So, I got mad at them. Then, we were signing some hymn but they are actually song from Flashdance. They changed the song and did not display the lyrics. So, someone from the group suddenly sang ‘What a feeling!’. (more roll eyes)

Then, come to bedtime, I was sharing a bed with this woman and her little kid. Suddenly, this bald head man and his son come and squeezed into it. I got mad and walked all the way home. But the home was far-far off. I had to carry my bulky camera bag and a box of my jewelleries. I climbed stairs after stairs. And there isn’t stair to come down from. So, I had to slide down from poles, floor to floor, with a camera that I was afraid of breaking and box of jewelleries I wouldn’t want to spill.

Then, I met my priest and complained about what took place at the stadium and the bald men. I said I wanted to lodge an official complain. Priest told me he needs evidence. And I walked all the way back again just to take photo of the bald head.

Finally, when I was back to something like a school, I saw someone. He dyed his hair blonde! He asked me if the colour suits him! I told him, “Heck, no! You are a [profession censored], you cannot dye your hair, dude! How am I ever going to trust you if your hair is blonde. Where is your daughter, btw?” He didn’t manage to reply me and got in his car. I even dream which colour of his car.

End of dream šŸ™‚

Haih….lucky I don’t dream this too often. Either the vegetarian diet has caused major imbalances in my brain that triggers off complicated, action-packed, frustrating dreams or I have a certain dislike or fetish for bald headed man and blonde hairs. Oh, did I mention that I even dream which man is which race? I dream in colours, you see.

Now, who can interpret my dreams?

24 thoughts on “Ever dream your way to feeling shitty?

  1. What’s the car number? Need to bet kau-kau tomorrow. I think that bald guy is Ah Pek since he just had his head shaved and I’m pretty sure he loves to squeeze-squeeze with you in bed. LOL What strange dream!

  2. Haha…auntie, your vege diet is definitely having an impact on you. Probably your body is sending you a message…”Feed us MEAT or suffer the consequences”. Go and buy some lobak and enjoy lah.

  3. I read somewhere that people who dream in colour also have ESP.

    Lot of websites on interpreting your dreams. You can check some of them out.

  4. alamak – what happen to our favourite aunty – si liao lar…..she sounds so stressed up – must ask atm to bring her for jalan jalan or is she afraid of kena rob like all those news in newspaper…chia lat..

  5. auntie, ur dream might seem the length of a movie but i read b4 the longest dream possible is only 20 min…no wonder u woke up with aching bones, u’ve been walking, scolding, complaining, climbing & sliding in a short period of time!

  6. you are so lucky….becos i can interpret dream. reallyyyyy! even got diploma certificate to proof it. ok. this is what your dreams tell me….you have this side of you or something that you want to release. want to shout and tell the world…but you can’t.

    you also carry a heavy burden, which you cannot put down or don’t dare to put down lest you lose it or forget about it.

    there is someone in your life at the moment that you cannot trust…you want to but you don’t know whether you can.

    sooooo, correct or not? how many points i get for accuracy?

  7. Hi LiLian,

    I saw some pixxie in your Flickr featuring Lok-Lok store. May i know where’s that place and how’s the food? Yummilicious? :’)
    [er, i know this msg is abit out of nowhere. Sowie]


  8. Hi Serene – Check my food blog at malaysiabest.net. It is at Padang, the field opposite the Buddhist Association, bordering Jln Anson, perak and dato’ kramat.

    mslenglui – so true, so true. and i keep dreaming of the same person, again and again. Err…good sign ah?

    sooi2 – Yalor, usually when I wake up from an adventure dreams like this, I always felt like I was physically working out. Siao hor?

    foodcrazee- Lucky not humsup dreams hor? But if got oso, I won’t dare blog it la.

    Adam – ESP. Hey I like that. Must hone the skill more and I can predict 4D.

  9. listen to ahpek the dream interpretor.

    part one- you are having too much of this sombreness and quietness in church. Unconciously you wish your church mass were like those churches we see in the movies where they sing and dance during mass.

    part two – you have a hidden lust for bald man and you unconciously know it would be difficult to run away from this lust.

    part three – you feel guilty about this feeling, thus you try to find justification by complaining to the priest.

    part four -= you wished your (profession censored) wasn’t so “lou tou”. and you are not a regular 4d buyer, hence you didn’t notice the number plate.

    you owe me 1800 runggit for this 4 part intepretion. if you don pay, you will have nighmares from now on.

  10. ahpek – pssst….you are not bald, are you? I dun mind nightmares if you come and rescue me? šŸ˜‰

    Prometeuz – Yeah, I think all the mad cows and bird flu bugs in my brain are acting up ‘cos there isn’t new supply of meats. šŸ™‚

    rotidua – I read in Reader’s Digest that some people dream in colours, some don’t.

    Cocka – I gave you the number the other day. Same car, same person. Only thing is I forget where I dropped the number, whose blog comment board, I forget liao. šŸ™‚

    wuching – LOL, I am still grinning from my pic in bikini. Later, I will use that pic.

    maR – Madam Zola tipu mya kut.

  11. lets see, my back aches, my joints are tight and the head heavy.
    i think you had sex the whole night long doing all kind of position imaginable the night before.
    the stadium – represent the how big this event was for you.
    bed sharing – obviously it was done on a single bed
    the priest – guilty that you told atm that you didnt reach orgasm
    school – you were in your secondary school uniform.

  12. Helen – Oi, it is ahpek or cocka, I no need to run away from the bed la. LOL.

    ducky and inevitable – Nay…nothing naughty in my dreams.

  13. s0x, s0x s0x..Its all about s0x lah-LOL lack of meat makes you feel deprived.
    stadium: You like the thrill of being seen.. the more the merrier

    bed: you want more than one partners, female, young old, male young old bald With all , you’re comfortable like the bed but dont really trust them -hence the hanging on to the camera and jewellery

    priest: Guilt .. want to confess but also want to deny so go back to get evidence

    Blonde guy: represent s fear of Rejection by the One you really care for!!!
    MUAHAHAHA— free to you lah Lilian and I’m too far for you to hantam hehehehe

  14. same person……hmmmm, it means there is somebody in your life that you miss or want to know better. good ah my skill? can ‘pai tong’ in sunday market ah?

  15. Oi Auntie…What happened to my postings? You don’t like my interpretations hor?

  16. hey i keep gettin this dream in which i see a huge ocean or sea or an isolated beach with scary sea or i am in a boat n the sea is very rough or the sea level has risen… basically its only gt to do with the Sea or Ocean,….
    its been yrs that i keep gettin this kind dream ..
    wht does this Sea or Ocean indicate
    Pls help me to interpret this dream

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