I only knew about the existence of this game kids play today. A few kids have died as a result of them.

The game–also known as suffocation roulette, space monkey, pass-out, knock-out, or flatliner–can cause brain damage, disability, and even death.

children 10 to 12 years old were choking each other until they passed out,”

Source : Department of Public Health

Well, this does sound like the sexual asphyxiation adults do for that extra high. But kids? What cause them? Why? What drove them to the edge? Why do they get thrills on this risk?

I wish I can babble on with my opinions but apparently, not. I had read through the journals of several moms whose children died as a consquence of doing this. To give my own opinions would be unfair to the bereaved families. I am a bereaved mom and also know so many parents who lost their children.

Yet, there is something disturbing about this. I hope by blogging about them, we parents can be made aware of the challenges faced by our children. Keep the communication line open, folks! Yet, sometimes this did not work too.

Heck, I am not used to be tongue-tied like this. So, to cut a long story short, let’s look at the preventive measures :

Essential is to talk to the children about the
dangers – keeping in mind they feel it’s ‘just passing
out’ because it’s not doing drugs or illegal. Tell them
that EVERY time they are risking DEATH -either brain
cells or themselves.

If your child IS actively participating:

Increase supervision- be aware of your
child activities and whereabouts

Remove any paraphernalia that could be
used as a ligature.

Alert school personnel (principal, nurse,
counselor, school police, teachers, etc.)

If one student is involved, there probably
are others involved.

Alert the parents of your children

Consult with a physician to explore and
address any health needs that have
resulted due to participation in this

If an older teen is involved, younger
children in the same family may be at risk
for participating in this activity.

Source websites:www.lungdiseases.about

So, kids, if any of you are reading this, please, please don’t ever try this. Even if you think it is cool to show-off to your friends. Or you think that your existence does not matter to anyone. Do talk to an adult if you know any of your friends playing this.

Adults, time for us to ponder over this, isn’t it? We cannot just brush aside that this is a Western country’s trend. Our children are now living in a borderless world and it is our responsibilities to be a step ahead.

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