Tell me, if you are a kid whom had been bullied…..

you are afraid to tell your parents,

tell your teachers

or your headmaster.

You live in fear, terrorised and traumatised.

How then, do you think the poor kid dare to make an official complaint to the Ministry of Education?!?!?!?

Those who wish to complain about school bullies can call 1-800-884774, SMS to 33238, fax 03-88886681, e-mail or log on to

Taken from The Star.

I can tell you. Even as an adult who knows my rights in this democratic country, I would feel my balls shrunken (oops, I got no balls, only guts) if I have to log on to the website, fill in the form with my real name and real IC number and lodge the complaint. I have to specify which is my school, what is the nature of bullying etc etc.

Heck, I even chicken out of leaving anon flaming comments on people’s blog! How then can you expect a child that had been bullied to log on to the website of the MOE and tell the Minister something that he/she dare not even tell her/his own parents/guardians/prefects/teachers/headmasters?

Link to the form here.

Think what kind of impression are we giving to the children? That they have the right to over-ride all the authorities and go straight to the highest authority? How many staffs do they have that can afford time to actually check each complaint individually? We know kids make prank 999 calls. What gives the impression that some rascals will not make false reports? How do you think the people in authorities in the school will react if they are questioned over all these?

I really like the style which the MOE tries to go down to the level of the kids. They want to be kids-friendly, which is very commendable. But things can be done with more forethoughts? (like the handphone issue?)

For example – Educate us parents how to watch out for signs that our children are being bullied?

B. Jeya said her school already worked with the police force to counter bullying.

Instead of swooping down on these problematic students (remember some school children being dragged to the police station?) and treating them as criminals, maybe we should first ponder why there is an increase in crimes?

It takes a country to bring up a child.

BTW, if you surf to the eMOE site, don’t forget to vote. Last I read, 74% voters said the website is TIDAK (not) helpful.

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  1. Not sure what happens to governments. Bureaucracies are such “enlightened” places of thought and theory. Too bad they rarely visit the real world. I wonder how time they spent with children when developing the tattle tale system. Because that is what a kid becomes when he snitches, no matter what the circumstance or how right.

    Better to teach the kids how to function as a group so they can use their numbers to reject the bully. Bullies are cowards when they have to face a group.

    Of course the best thing is to always encourage the kids to talk. If kids trust their parents they will be more willing to discuss the trouble makers.

  2. no kena buli, how to grow tough? but then buli-no-pukul type lar. MOE should change kempen to “No Throwing, Kicking and Punching”. now, that’s nailing the chair to the head. spits acceptable. 😉

  3. sorry but i never knew what it was like to be bullied cos i’m so likeable in school that no body had the heart to bully me! hahhhahaa!!!
    but i use to bully one particular guy because he really “yong sui” and like to talk big. but then we were all young and ignorant. still sees him once a while nowadays. he is still talking big, but now i just laugh at his big talks and pretend like i bekieves him. i think he enjoyed being bullied by me.

  4. Bully is an age old problem that won’t go away until the victim knows how to stand up for him/herself. Having said that, encouragement and support from parents are vital.

    When we talk about bullying, the first thing that cropped into our mind is school. But, if u really ponder, bullying does not stop at school. If you’re a victim and allows it, it’ll go on for the rest of your life… (family members, colleagues, boss, gf/bf/, husband/wife…)

    The way to overcome bullying is not merely stopping the bullies, but building up the ones being bullied!

  5. Just heard over the radio that a body of a student was just found, believed to be murdered by a fellow student. Surely it was started by bullying first, and the cause of it is believed to be…a new handphone!

  6. mama23beas – Oh my, that is scary man.

    helen – Agree with your last sentence. But how ler….Do you think the children are exposed to these sort of education? Nope. They are expected to learn all the subjects but none on self-esteem, responsibilities etc. In the end, the parents play the ultimate role. And not every child is fortunate enough to have the ideal family. Haih…

    mott – For me, I would say ‘to be the bully’. If our chld is bullied, we can separate the child away from the bullies. But if our child is the bully, we have a tough job to separate that behaviour. Therefore, all these traits start from young. The parents have to have a certain conscious effort to know that each of their words, action are going to affect their children characters. Tough job, eh, parenting?

  7. yes auntie, agreed that “to be the bully” is worst. i’ve a 10 y.o nephew who’s labelled “class terrorist” and the parents had gave up on him…in fact,he always get new toys, nike shirts…and get this – the mother even put up with him when he slap her. given the chance, i wud had like to be the bully and cabut off his kkc.

  8. sooi2 – Sad lor, that the parents have lost touch with their role. It happens because nowadays the parents are probably teaching their kids to bully their Indon maids. We can see these bad behaviours everywhere. For my kids, they have siblings and they do fight. I let them fight it out but within limits. Training mah. hahaha.

    ahpek – No one dared to bully me because I was the prefect, head girl somemore. Muahahaha. Ei, bullying on the blogsphere oso happens hor?

    buaya – they get more voilent than kicking and punching ler. Like gang rape the girlfriends or dousing with petroleum? So how?

    SA – Glad to hear your views. I did a little reading up on this issues. As a mom with teenage kids, I myself am not familiar with this issue because I thought ‘it happens to others’. I will share these guidelines on my parenting site. ‘Cos bullying starts from kindergarten too.

  9. I personnally know a 8 yo boy who’s been bullied at school for sometime, and his dad only found out about it last month. He’s been bullied because he’s rather slow in learning, and the friends stole his things, calling him names, while the teachers who know about it didn’t even tell the dad until the dad went to school to ask where the heck had his son’s things gone.
    Can’t imagine this poor boy will log on to fill up the stupid form if he didn’t even dare to tell his dad.

  10. oh yeah, the little kkc is oso damn rude to the maid…wat to xpect if he even dare to slap the mother?? at best i can only hope dat he din grow up to be a sampah masyarakat.

  11. That site sure kena bot spam. Imagine if I don’t like this kid and bot spam the site and lodge complaints about the kid I dislike using random complainee names. We can even go as far as making the complaints look real with real names and IC number. You can get that information quite readily. The poor kid gonna kena gao gao from gaument. Haha.

  12. gbyeow – Yeah, exactly. But the fantastic thing is the gahmen painted the picture like we live in rose tinted world. Haih….

    sooi2 – This is like the bend the bamboo from young lor. Once grown up, how to change hor. My Catholic church had once given us a talk why the divorces rate are increasing. (Catholics don’t divorce 🙂 and they had to go through lenthty counselling with the priest before this is approved etc etc) Part of them is because the children who grew up with maids cannot take no for an answers. So when two people who cannot take ‘no’ for answers, tension increases and therefore, they will spilt.

  13. u mean a guy who grew up with maid, then marry a girl who grew up with maid, both can’t take “no” in the marriage and ended up in divorce?

    but i thought the growing-up-with-maid generation starts only recently? very sad for these kids really…parents chasing corporate glory every weekday and golf glory every weekend…dats y i admire silai like auntie!

  14. sooi2 – The boom in Singapore (sorry forget to mention that it was a priest from Singapore who gave statistics from Singaporean Catholic churches 🙂 ) was somewhere around the 70s. These generation of children are used to be pampered and therefore, do not learn how to pamper their wives, husbands and it was more of a ‘you please me’ attitude.

  15. I have the urge to fill in that form, with something like this

    Nama : Rakyat yang hampir pokai
    No kad pengenalan : 780502086035 (use the sample IC given bwahahaha)
    Tajuk Aduan : Bully by Gahmen
    Butiran Aduan :
    1. Rob me 30 cents and give it to Mr MAS.
    2. Force me to put money in bank and only give me 2% interest but charge me 6.5% interest when I apply loan
    3. Force me to use shit water.
    4. Force me to listen to nosense.

  16. Funny government in Malaysia.. Even given the possibility, that someone fills out the form – I’d be interested to know how they want to handle such issues “top down”… Do they have a special trained task force to send to the relevant school, or do they plan to inform the naxt police office?

    Interesting for me again the “race” you got to add to the form. Thats: Kaum Yang Terlibat: Melayu, Cina, India, Bumiputra, Sabah, Bumiputra Sarawak, Lain-Lain
    Hope I did get this right. My Malay isn’t any good…

    Best regards


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