Is it just me or is there a bug somewhere?

Question first : Do I or do I not upgrade my WP? I am still at 1.5.2.

Somewhere along, within the last few days, I feel that my regular gang of bloggers seem to be moving on a sombre mood.

9394 went on hiatus. LinPeh went on DIY post. Wingz lagi terror, he just CnP. Then, AhPek lost his pantun. Helen. I always expect to laugh but lately, she got me thinking and pondering about crying pulak. SiaoCharBo whom I just started reading also on serious mood. MsLengLui also a new blogger I just discovered also mentioned this (lack of humour).

Ok, got one laugh. That’s WuChing photoshop. Cocka resorted to short jokes. Simon went down memory lane.

As for sifu, his blog is my daily read but sometimes, it can be pretty ‘chim’.


Is it the 30 sen increase? Is it the impending recession? Is it the bird flu? Or the HMFD? Or what?

I remember the last two recession periods. One somewhere in 1986 or thereabout. Supermarkets closed down, causing poor, old uncles struggling with uncollected debts. I was in the legal firm working OT issuing legal bills to poor uncles to sue the supermarkets. (which I later found out that my lawyer boss did not pay me my EPF, KNN!)

And I managed to find a job as a secretary where there are 74 shorlisted candidates who were much more qualified and experienced than me. Then, somewhere in 1998 when I was about to leave my job, another recession hit. My ex-boss told me that I would starved if my family goes on single-income. I had three kids then. So, fearing for starvation, I bought RM1 worth of ikan kembong and limited our daily meals expenditure to RM5 only! Serious!

So, if you tell me that our country is doom. And that, we are all going to be dead, it will not scare me too much. Because back then, things were pretty bad. No one went to overseas for holidays. Factories closed down. All the retail outlets were either closed or the few employess ‘ta woo ying’ (beat flies). During Chinese New Year, the supermarkets were deserted. We only had money to buy new underwears.

Let’s bounce and bounce, float and float? I suppose life comes with cycles like these? Good times, bad times.

But let’s make our blogs the sunshine admist the gloom! Come, come, say cheese! *Passing sunshine around to everyone. Smiles!!!!!

17 thoughts on “Is it just me or is there a bug somewhere?

  1. Cocka – I was only 19 yrs old. I tried to report him to the EPF, he phoned me and threatened me that Penang is a small island. I scared shit and dare not lodge the official report. I was earning a farking RM300 per month and worked till 2 am and he did not even pay me the OT too. But the positive thing is I know law! I can write wills, serve summons (bankcruptcy) and my Ingrish not bad hor? Somemore, last I heard, he remained a one man show doing some small farts litigation only.

    wingz – I thot yr balls hurt from laughing too much?

  2. I’m around, but very busy with work. Work picks up after CNY with lots of promos, new product line-ups, testing and new business plans. Myself is on a research spree online a susual. Cant even tear myself away to blog down my thoughts. I dont want to blog work related stuff now, bleh factor #1, damn sien already. That’s why i havent even had time to get back to you on the colema thing. But i assure you that we’re working on a promo on that and the details will be out soon. Keep you updated, k. Muackkksss!!!!

  3. eh how come today wan you so see-ria-us, but one thing lah, i learned already no matter wat can happen won die wan, I kena retrench before during sars, I tot sure got to sell house, sell backside but somehow I survive, come over here start all over again still surviving! LOL
    You wearing a super miniskirt and braless low low cut top for that interview issit? or you tok hamsup boleh already LOL

  4. I felt the pinch and walking along the blogosphere, I see so do others. But, the thing is…..I see ppl changing car like me changing bra…. those cars above 100K, neighbour still doing mega renovation to their already spacious kitchen, someone still going to overseas vacation, kids changing handphones that cost more than my monthly expenditure and ladies going to saloon for RM300 haircuts……

    sigh, you tell me. Thank god there are still many like me…. at least I’m not alone.

  5. i lost my pantuness. lost my focus. lost my directions and purpose in life. HELP! i am a lost sheep. Send in the angels! i need an angel tp perk me up. where is my angel? come quick before i sink further.

    i’m a kite with a broken string.
    i’m like a souless human being,
    i can no more laugh and sing,
    Life has got no more meaning.

    we are seeing without looking,
    we are hearing without listening,
    we are just but a worthless living thing,
    we want everything without contributing.

    we eat we sleep and do some fucking,
    we rise we work and do some complianing,
    we chat we blog and do some ranting,
    Think! my friends, where are we heading?

    Are we here just for the sake of living?
    Are we living for the sake of belonging?
    Are we belonging for the sake of well being?
    Are we not just an empty shell in passing?

    When we leave, do we have people remembering?
    That we once were here and we did something,
    When we leave do we have people admiring?
    The tombstone that reminded them of us existing.

  6. RM5 a day is better than mine!

    One of my teenage year, we survived with RM1/day for family of 4! 50sen of taugeh and 50sen of potato enough for 3 meals for a day.

    To me, life is pretty good now!

  7. During the recession in the 80s, I vaguely remember my mother breaking my piggy bank (it was actually a Pac Man) and emptied all the monies I had in the world (without me knowing). When I found out I was so mad… what will a child no older than 10 years do without a sen to her name?

    Thinking back now, I wish I had more to give my mother. We somehow survived the hardship. She sheltered us children from the cruel realities and made sure we had enough to eat.

    Now that I’m a mother myself, I know what I must do when hard times hit us. Go with the flow and we will be okay (adapted from the saying about the rice and the corn – anybody can recall this?).

  8. aiyoh! another so depressing post. i think the difference between now and then is then we really hit rock bottom. so there was no way out but up. now, like limbo. not worse enough but not getting any better also. no light at the end of the tunnel lah. best thing to do is……..don’t talk about it. it will go away, the depressing mood i mean. not the economy lah. the more we discuss, the more we are stuck in this ‘thing’. but worried about ah pek. you guys should go bring some cases of or kau and drown him in his misery. i think he needs companionship. or a good knock on his head to get him out of this mood. or maybe, a good………

  9. like helen says, times are really not that bad. it’s just our mood and our perception. we need something to make us feel……..complete. we are all searching for that extra something.

  10. My mom once poured kicap into a bowl, so that she could sell the bottle to get a few sen to pacify my wailing sister who just could not wait for an icecream.
    And now, she would always remind me not to worry about her and dad, saying that I don’t have to send them money if I need it *sniff*

  11. sooi2 – mama23beas is one special lady. She has a doctorate in geology, one of the best candidate for the astronaut programme (until they decide to choose someone who do teh tarik in space 🙂 instead of studying moon’s surface ) and a superwoman.

    mama23beas – I guess these tough times polish us to be better persons, ya?

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