Damn! I am hooked on American Idol

I just subscribed to MTV and such for like a few weeks? I never understand the hype about American Idol until now. Worst thing is now I am hooked. I can watch American Idol at 6pm to 7 pm and then, watch the repeats at 8pm to 9pm just to see if Simon Cow is being fair.

So here’s the list of the contestants whom I really like:



He is young, clean cut, sings falsetto (woman’s kind of voice la) which I think is a brave attempt and just wholesome. The real American looks. Awww…how can you not like a guy who said these:

What has been your proudest moment in life so far?
Helping my nephews (Carter, Keighen) learn life by being a good role model.

What is your definition of an AMERICAN IDOL?
The leading role model, both personal and professional, chosen by the masses.

Next is Gedeon. He is only 17 years? I wonder if the contestants cheat on their age ‘cos some of the looks old and are only like, 29 years old?

Gedeon has soul in him. The kind where he can croons love ballads and make you swoon.

He said this :

Do you have any rituals or things you do each time you perform?
I say a silent prayer to God!

For the girls, oohlalala. Some jiggle their way through their songs. Woooo…like Katherine? Did you all see lush she is? I like her ‘cos she did not flaunt her assets.

But, I hope Paris will make it to the top three. She is not only good in her performance, voice and all that but she has that extra touch – loving, supportive and friendly. Each time she sings, you feel alive. I always observe how she stood up and clap after fellow contestants’ performances and cried when someone gets booted out. I just love her!



However, Mandisa is really fantastic. But I wonder if she will lose out in looks? I don’t know, sometimes, look is very important and Mandisa is a little bit on the big girl side. Do you all remember how bubbly Bob was in our Akademi Fantasia? Or how Dina shone? And yet….

If you ask me whom I think will win the American Idol, I will bet on Paris.

Here’s what she wrote:

What are your personal goals in life?

To be the best role model for my baby brothers, never stop at being good but strive for greatness, be prosperous.

and this :

Do you have any rituals or things you do each time you perform?

Pray and ask God to be my words and to let Him use me!

All the above copied from the official site.

I watched Carrie Underwood, last year winner, sang ‘Jesus Takes the Wheel’ and like American Idol immediately. 🙂

So, who wanna bet with me that Paris will win?

18 thoughts on “Damn! I am hooked on American Idol

  1. Another Idol fan here. I have even been on non-speaking fan with the husband who took control of the remote and wanted to watch some stupid documentary instead! But all my kids are always in my camp!

    PARIS – how her singing voice is SO different from her speaking voice.
    ACE – he has the X factor.

    All the others are qually good in their own ways … this year’s finalists are going to be so so much better from last years and it will be very difficult for me to vote anyone off (at this point).

    Oh, do you also catch the show on 8TV? I do! So that’s almost a whole week of Idol watching 🙂

  2. waaahahaha… lilian is watching AI!! I tell you, that show is evil… it grows on you. then b4 you know it, its over, and you have to wait another year…

  3. I don’t watch AI, or those local cheap imitations of AI.
    Can’t stand that Simon whatchamacallhim. However, I’m hooked on Amazing Race. Whopeee!!! New season liao.

  4. Cocka – When you are as free as me with nothing to do, you also can turn addict. Week after week, you sort of connect with the characters and pine for them to win. I like Simon a lot. He is the reason I watch AI ‘cos I wish to learn to talk like him. 🙂

    ah pek – That’s what the other Simon told me. I missed the earlier auditions.

    Jee – You like Katherine because she got big boobs? And her looks too, so smouldering, can stare at that face for a long time and it gets prettier each time. I won’t dare bet anymore ‘cos if Gedeon can get booted out, anything can happens.

    YingLai – Me too, so heartbroken.

    wuching – Dunwan

    May – Now the theme song oso got stuck to my head.

    julie – I refused to believe what you said till I just watch AI. So saddddd..

    simon – NVM, I will fill my days with Akademi Fantasiiiiiaaallllllllll

    foodcrazee – I saved RM50 per month, RM600 per year and cut down three channels (WLT and cartoon inclusive). So this is all I have left to watch. So mah watch lor. But I never so situpid to go sms and vote la (local programmes).

    QOTH – Wow, you lagi dahsyat. LOL. I didn’t tune in to 8TV so Idon’t know their schedule.

    JeremyC – I am a new fan.

  5. I like Paris, Mandisa, Lisa and Chris. Katherine and Elliot aren’t too bad either. Ace reminds me of Constantine from the last season. Well, Ruben (he’s a big guy) won the American Idol season 2, so let’s hope the votes will keep pouring in for Mandisa!

  6. Hah? Gedeon is out? I thought it was going to be Kevin. Aisay, I missed it this afternoon and I am watching it now. So, no need to watch already lah. I got the results here.
    I have been a fan since they started showing it on Astro. From Season3 I think.

    Yeah, Lilian. Carrie did a fantastic version of Jesus Take the Wheel. I loved it. Now, my favourites are Mandisa, Paris and Elliot for the guys.

  7. Adoi! I’ve just watched Gideon sing his final rendition “When a Man loves a Woman”. Can’t believe I cried. Such a pity. He’s good.

  8. king’s wife – ya me too, almost only. Cos he was so positive and so brave. Somemore asked to pray for him. Melts my heart.

    zyrin – I oso quiet like the other guy, the one with 90% heaing loss? Chris is the bald one? He is handsome ya.

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