Adoi, I feel like a hero from Brokeback Mountain

I sat, it doesn’t happen

I squat, it still doesn’t open

Tears ran down my face

Sweats trickling down from every place

I sit again

Still no gain

Squat back

Still as bad

For 20 minutes in that same agony

Finally get the final victory

All because of a few sips of banana lassi and a small cup of masala milk I had last night.

I must take note never to drink or eat any bananas, ever. Banana is the culprit. Last time, I fed my baby with banana cereals. Oh my, I practically had to dig out his black gold with my fingers. Poor, poor baby.

Tips :
If you have loose stool, eat banana and rice porridge.
They will sure firm up your stool.

If you have constipation, eat bananas BUT in between meals and not with your main meal.

If you feed your babies with banana AND rice/cereal/biscuits, watch out if he/she can get hard stool. If so, avoid that. Feed the banana separately.


16 thoughts on “Adoi, I feel like a hero from Brokeback Mountain

  1. EH..
    banana can help when having constipation mah not meh?
    patutlah tht time i eat banana…makin eat makin cant come out

  2. auntie…eat papaya for easy pangsai.
    Banana is a very good source of energy food leh. So that should give you enough energy to sit, squat , stand many times. LOL

  3. I had constipation when I was a small kid, and Mum made me eat bananas. I think it didn’t work because she had to use some soap on me *blushes* But now I down a glass of water before going to the toilet and I don’t remember having any constipation problems anymore. GO WATER!

  4. wah!! really?? i never knew…i always thot that bananas were good to help clearing all that ‘back-log’. this is indeed educational.

  5. Yeap.. never knew until in my twenties.. lol. I always thought the other way round was true. That misinform knowledge was pass on from previous generation. For constipation, I heard fiber in diet can help. Metamucil, anyone??

  6. mott – It is like making cucur kodok. LOL.

    foodcrazee – It binds other food, so stay away from your main meal. I ate with some roti pratha with chick peas and that is lethal, to the butt la.

    sarah y – 🙂 Pisang tanduk?

    kc – So next time don’t eat banana with main meals.

    Yvy – Heh, now you know.

    wuching – depends on the timing

  7. Pelf – I oso hardly get constipation. I am sked of it ‘cos sked kena hemarroids (sp?). Dun wan to get punggung berbunga LOL.

    Sharon – Hard work ya?

    Cocka – I have an aversion to papaya that smells cos pangsai out same smell, same colour. So I hardly try papaya unless they are absolutely nice.

    ahpek – Your pantun was playing on my mind when I was doing it. At least you are in my mind. LOL

    CLF – Banana pancake is nice wor, with some peanut butter and chocolate sauce.

    zberjanak – I got one angmoh woman who told me she fed her husband with banana and rice when he was here and lausai. That’s how I know lor.

    SCB – Wei, that one cannot hate. LOL

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