Cartwheel and SpamKarma2


Whee! My dear, dear atm has taken a whole week off from work because it is the school holidays. No plans to go anywhere yet but we will take short trips around the place. And today, my other camera is back from the shop. No charges at all! Happy!

SpamKarma 2

My SpamKarma2 Reloaded doesn’t seem to work lately. I have set it to ‘Total Biatch’ (the max and strictest setting) and also enabled the Capcha. So, sorry if you guys have to type in some two digits word verification. Will have to do so until I can find some other replacements. I hate word verifications, especially those from blogspot which is like a mile long. (ei, can make it shorter anot?)

I tried checking out Askimet and Bad Behaviour but heck, I don’t know what is phpMySql so I dare not meddle with these two plugins. Anyone got any other plugin that I can just upload without changing all the php?

My SpamKarma 2 sort of over-ride my WP comments moderation. I no longer can set a post to mod comments. I want to hold comments before passing through but this option no longer works. *sobs

I hate spams!!!!

9 thoughts on “Cartwheel and SpamKarma2

  1. You should switch over to Akismet spam filter. Better than SpamKarma IMHO. Although you’ll have to register a wordpress account with in order to get the activation key.

  2. What word verification? I didn’t know about that feature… LOL…

    Anyway, I think in time, Spam Karma should be able to adapt to the new spams and eventually block them. Akismet on the other hand relies on the WordPress server . If the server is down, your website will not have comments… šŸ˜›

  3. Treatment Plugins Settings

    Captcha Check – Strength: [?]
    If (and only if) the comment’s karma is within a certain error margin, provide the commenter with a chance to clear himself by solving a Captcha.

    n305 – This one.

    samm – Yeap WP greek šŸ™‚

    ahpek – I wish, I wish. But no plan yet.

    SA but unfortunately, I can’t use halascan on my blog

    gbyeow – I have a wordpress blog LOL but as usual, I forget my ID and PW! Maybe when I am free, I go dig back or sign up another one.

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