Do you believe in ghosts?


If you do, then, you mustn’t step foot on this beach with about 1KM long of sandy beach and clear water. My sons pulled my legs that tonight (which is about now as I am penning this at 1am whilst I was there at 1pm yesterday) I am going to find many people hugging me to sleep.

Oh well, I didn’t google it before I went and therefore, I am an idiot. ‘Cos OMG, I just google about this place and look what it brings up?

In Penang, more than 100 survivors and others gathered for prayers at Pantai Pasir Panjang, Balik Pulau, to commemorate the anniversary. Organised by the Malaysian Buddhist Association, priests from the Puzian Temple nearby conducted the prayers.

A total of 52 people died in Penang, 34 of them at Pantai Pasir Panjang.

I vaguely remembered about this place but did not know that so many people perished here. Well, at least when I was there this afternoon, I did say a little prayer that may the victims rest in peace and may their families found strength to move forward. So, I hope no spirits come kacau me.

If I am still a Taoist, I tell you, I wouldn’t step foot there. Especially not when Ching Ming is just weeks away. Because….(come closer…I whisper softly so ‘they’ won’t hear me) they need to take one life so that they can be reborn. I joke you not ‘cos that’s what my mom told me.

Service interuption……kids sitting behind me…..

***#1 : You really need to buy a life size cross to place on your bed.

**# 2 : Mom, go check the photos you took and see if there are any shadows in your picture, like some ectoplasm or something…

**5xmom : Shaddap, I am trying to blog, ok?

**#3 : What if the two of you talk too much and they come and haunt you two instead?

(#1 and #2 did not go with us this noon)

Ok, ok, my kids have spooked me out. I am going to bed NOW!!!!!

I actually have lots of photos to post but not anymore. I will do this in another post. A more sunny post.

So, again…to all the souls of the tsunami victims…..May God bless your souls and rest in peace. Amen.

And errrm….anyone wants to join me for a night BBQ at the beach?

20 thoughts on “Do you believe in ghosts?

  1. Don’t believe in ghost, but the thoughts give me cripped. What can I say, I shit my pants easy. Don’t like scary movie, at least not watching by myself.

  2. to find out if you really believe in ghost or not go and spent one night in the cemetery alone. anyone tried that before? especially those who shout that they don’t believe?

  3. if you don’t kacau them, they won’t kacau you.

    BUT a close friend of mine who has “third eye” said that ‘they’ like to hear ppl talk about them. in fact they would even come closer as to eavesdrop. couple of times we had to get up and leave as we were telling ghostly tales and my friend would see something standing or squatting beside our table.

  4. I believe that if you go looking for spirits you WILL find them. As most of my writing has been horror related the last couple of years I have researched supernatural things a bit.

    I am a Christian with a strong faith, but I don’t go investigate ghosts/supernatural anymore. I will read of other peoples encounters. Look at their pictures.

    I was in some caverns in Colorado, which are said to be haunted. And I had voices talking to me and there was no one there. And others in my group heard the voices too. No more for me. The chills I felt. Whoa!

  5. nowadays ‘they’ very advance.. maybe ‘they’ read blogs too becos u see people burning pc and laptop and pda to ‘them’ during 7-14 and chingming..

  6. Aunty,
    I thought u knew oredi about this place. I make it a point to go there whenever I go back to Pg for a long break. I do believe in supernatural. But whats important is your ‘niat’ going there. If u come in ‘peace’ than it’ll be OK. Like what Hedonstic Anonymous said “If you don’t kacau them, they won’t kacau you.”

  7. I don’t want to discount that there aren’t such things as ghost, but neither do I indulge in the idea of it either. I guess, like most of them would say, be at peace with them, don’t play-play lah.

  8. In this world there is a balance between the two. There’s a chinese saying that say that the ghost are 70% afraid of human and that humans are only afraid of them 30%, unless you’re running down on your luck, the percentages changes drastically.

    Ah Pek: Staying a night in a cemetary is not such big deal UNLESS you bring a whole bunch of incense (for chinese cemetary), lights them and start to place 3 for each grave and work your way up to the top. If you do not get out by midnight, you will start to feel your legs gets heavy.

    Please rest assured that unless you’re a FAST runner, please do not temp if you’re the faint hearted.

  9. Chief – It was my two older kids who did not join us at te beach. So, they are being cheeky in spooking my #3 and I. As I was writing that, they were at my back, slapping my shoulder, pulling my legs and it turned into one scout campfire (both of them are scouts) spook night. BTW, they study in a mission schools and the students do insist the old mission brothers are still walking along the corridors. LOL.

    dr_shivan – I think I have 30% believe (in the unexplained world) and I certainly don’t want to find out.

    may – Yeah, especially when you are in the jungle (like you when bicycling). For e.g. if we are going into any jungle resorts or camping, we always NEVER bring any pork/non-halal food/alcohol for fear of making the spirits angry. Have you heard of that?

    muteaudio – Usually, when I go to Pantai Miami, I felt more sedih ‘cos I remembered the little girl’s body. So, over there, I do spend a minute or more in silence. But yesterday, it slipped my mind that En. Zulkifli lost his five children there. If I know, I would have think more of them. Until today, I still wonder how he manage/survive with the losses. He is a great man of faith, I suppose. However, I won’t avoid these beaches because of the tragedy and like you said, I would go with my feelings for them and at the same time, enjoy the sceneries. The water is clear and beach wonderful.

    SengKor – Yaya, they very technological advance. So, I hope they know I still think of them, wonder about their families. Kasi nombor….

    simple_american – WOW, I must go read back your blog archives. I watched Emily Rose and believe these things do happen. But I was brought up in very superstituos environment and sometimes, these old beliefs are hard to shake off. However, I am glad my kids have better reasonings. My 10 yrs old told his older brothers off when they joked with him that ghosts are going to drag him off his bed (last night) and he said, Scare what? God will protect me.

    hedo – I have a friend also with a third eye and he can go into trance. Wow, it is really spooky going to funerals with him ‘cos he can ‘see’ the dead person, whether the person is happy or not satisfied. I don’t know he joke to get chicks or for real.

    ahpek – Don’t want la. Give me chance to win first price in Magnum 4D oso I won’t go. We must respect them mah hor?

    kc – Hehehe, the more scary you are, the more they like you.

  10. BBQ I want!! lol

    No lar… many times, it’s just us scaring ourselves. Self-induced one. I’m not discounting the fact there are no evil spirits, but, evil men are far more scarier than evil spirits. Period!


  11. hvn’t seen one..but hub has. Some more one time, whilst breastfeeding no.1 at 3am. Blady idiot started shouting in his sleep.. to “leave us alone”. I laughed it off at the time. Found out in the morning why he shouted. SPOOKED THE HELL OUTTA ME! Luckily it was a kindly old lady spirit.

  12. whoa…nice beach. BBQ, auntie, it’s a date. Make sure u pack some for the gho…errr…spirit. LOL.

  13. Cheng Beng is around the corner and your kids are fully aware of it.

    Believe in ghost? No, call them spirits. A spirit is a soul that’s still here on earth without its casing or body. Energy is not a spirit. It’s a residue of a large amount of energy left behind upon the death of a person.
    Let’s say a person is about to be murdered, his fear, panic, anger and other emotions blasts out from his body until he really get killed which releases a vast energy around that area he died at. Now, a psychic or a person who can feel energy would be able to sometimes see the event happening again, but the spirit is not really there. The easiest way to give a difference is that a spirit does not really repeat its actions, while energy will repeat its actions.

    “Everything” that exists, be it physical or non-physical, is made up of energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It simply “IS”.

  14. mwt, that’s an interesting comment. my question, what is ur explanation to the reason why the energy wud repeat its action?

  15. My personal experience: in the 80’s we were there for a camping trip. Equipped with my goggles, I went snorkling. I had my lucky star to thank that day as I nearly drown there. Mysteriously I was pulled under water but somehow I managed to kick back to calm water and to shore. Looking back from dry land, I could sea strong current flowing in the sea. A dangerous place to be and not for swimming definitely!

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