Narnia, Tash Aw and Michael Crichton


What’s nice about not going for holiday is – you have plenty of dough to buy stuffs with. And I did just that.

Popular Bookstore has 20% off on all their English titles. So, I picked up Memoirs of a Geisha and Brokeback Mountain. Walked around for a while. Almost bought them.

Later, The Harmony Silk Factory caught my eyes. I had heard about Tash Aw but never read any of (his or her ah?) books. Blushes….I know, I am very out of touch with reading because motherhood sucked away the time and interest. It has been ‘The Art of Breastfeeding’ these last few years. Just google and found that he is a cina-apek-ish looking Malaysian guy and just wrote his first book. šŸ™‚


Tash Aw was born in Taipei to Malaysian parents and brought up in Malaysia.

He was educated at a Catholic school in Kuala Lumpur before moving to England to read law at Cambridge university.

Aw moved to London before taking a place at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, where he gained an MA in creative writing.

Set in the 1930s and 1940s, The Harmony Silk Factory follows three men and a woman as they journey through the Malaysian jungle.

Citing his influences as Flaubert, Faulkner and Nabokov, Aw is currently working on his second novel.

So, I was carrying these three books and doing mental calculation how much RM39.90 x 3 – 20% costs. Much more later, I found Michael Crichton ‘State of Fear’. I had always love John Grisham, Michael Crichton suspense thriller. Someone recommended this title to me few days ago.

Die ler, so many books I want to buy but so guilty of spending so much money in one day.

After that, my 10 years old wanted to buy all the 7 books from the Chronicles of Narnia. RM167-20%. I flipped through Narnia and damn, I am going to love them too.

So, I had to reluctantly put back Brokeback Mountain and Geisha. Anyway, I dare not show my atm that I chosed Brokeback Mountain ‘cos I know he is going to turn blue at Popular if he sees it.

Now, I can forget about blogging and just make myself a big pot of tea and just read. Life is good! Life is beautiful!

P/S : If you written a review, let me know your URL please?

17 thoughts on “Narnia, Tash Aw and Michael Crichton

  1. I do write reviews, but none on the book titles that you bought. But you’d have to find your multiply ID and password and let me know before you can view my site. Sorry! I’ve flipped through Tash Aw’s The Harmony Silk Factory. Not my cup of tea, really. Please do tell me (after you’re done with the reading) if the complete collection of Narnia is worth parting some moolah with? I thought of getting them. 20% off seems a pretty good deal for me. Is the discount applicable to members only?

  2. books ah..make me go to sleep only wor, no thankz lah, maybe years ago but now they r good if i can’t sleep only! haha

  3. Books, ahhhhhh – I love them.

    Good choice, but a while ago, I read State of Fear and believe that this is Michael’s weakest book by far. Tell me what you think. I am curious if you share my opinion šŸ™‚

  4. I’ve read ‘State of Fear’ – hard cover jumbo size edition. It you give you enough reason to pollute the air. Kihkihkih.

  5. yepz, Memoirs of a Geisha is really a good book in contrast with the movie… i have mar, can lend it to you if next time you coming to my area for shopping, can drop by šŸ™‚

    I also have Tash Aw’s Harmony Silk Factory but haven’t started on that one… currenly reading Frank McCourt’s ‘Tis, the sequel for the brilliant Angela’s Ashes…

  6. Recently read Tash Aw to see what the hype was all abt – wouldn’t say it’s fantastic but it’s a pretty good effort for a Msian author.

    State of Fear – I thought it was pretty ok. I liked how the facts are entirely different from what you always hear in the media and what Day After Tmrw talks abt.

    Memoirs of the Geisha – great bk. Reread recently becoz of the movie.

    Narnia – also reread recently becoz of the movie. Excellent stuff. I bought the complete set in one huge book – RM34 in an MPH sale.

  7. I wish my kids would finish reading Narnia so I could start. *pouts*

    I’m with you husband on Brokeback. I’m just not interested in packing fudge. Do wanna get Geishsha.

  8. wah, spending spree kah? Narnia is irresistable. one or two of the middle books are boo-oooring, but it gives a sense of accomplishment when you find out what happens in the final chapter of the last book.

    tash aw, hmmm… i haven’t tried his book yet, got some mixed review. the last crichton book i read was jurassic park, believe it or not…

  9. Ooooooo….I’m reading Narnia now. Ted bought me the whole set too. šŸ™‚

    I think it’s reading good for kids to read. It’s interesting but although not my kind of books, worth a read all the same. I’m into Stephan King kinda books. Like you, I’ve lost the reading touch but not due to any sort of art lar. HAha!! šŸ˜›

  10. Lilian great choice!! I bought State of Fear and another book last year and……

    The another book I think I won’t read anymore… the oomph factor is not there… I rather kay-poh around in blogosphere and State of Fear I’m waiting for the right moment.

    Lying on the pristine sand, and sea breeze blowing my way….. šŸ˜›

  11. You are one lucky woman! I love to read, but cannot YET afford to buy books for myself. I usually read second hand books from the library, friends, sister etc.

    BTW, I have finished the whole collection of John Grisham’s books šŸ™‚ Marathon-read the whole lot of them in secondary school šŸ™‚

  12. hie. I’ve done review on Memoirs as i read that book like 3 times hahaha.

    The rest i’ve not read before. I’ve read a few of John Grisham’s as well. I’ve also reviews about Dan Brown books..if you are interested =) However, the reviews are not in my blogspot blog..its in my multiply site.

  13. There’s a 7 books in one edition of Narnia. It’s RM 79.90 and you would be able to buy Brokeback Mountain and Memoirs of a Geisha.

  14. memoirs of a geisha book was better than the movie in my opinion. but i prefer joy luck movie compared to the book har har.

    tash aw’s reading was interesting but I felt short-cut coz I wanna know what exactly happened to Snow and the jap guy!!!

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