I found the perfect way to torture your greatest enemy!

One evening….5xmom rushed into the house after grocery shopping….. It is such an emergency, she left her #2, #3 and #4 to struggle with the shopping cart while atm is parking the car.

Barge into the house with a bang.

5xmom : Arrggh….the greatest tragedy!!!!!!

#1 son couching-potato in front of the TV : What? You shit in your pants?

5xmom ran into the bedroom, stripped, put on towel and ran with pile of clothes to washing machine. Frantically, add Dynamo, soap powder and Comfort.

5xmom ran out to living room again.

5xmom : No, something worse than that. Faster, go unload the groceries. I gotta bath!!!!! Argggh!!!!!!!

Spend 20 minutes, washing her hair three time with three types of shampoo, Head&shoulder, Johnson baby shampoo and Sunsilk. Soap herself with Dettol medicated soap, Sebamed soap and rub her skin raw with Sebamed liquid soap. Brush teeth. Wash hands with more anti-bacterial handwash. Dry self and pour on body lotion. *smells every inch of body, fingers and toes

Finally….I can breathe. Guess what happen? It takes me several minute to get over the trauma.

30 thoughts on “I found the perfect way to torture your greatest enemy!

  1. err…
    some cina old ahpek wanked in the supermarket and the ‘sauce’ shoot so far that it hits you?

    no idea lah…tell lah

  2. I wanted to go for bird shit, but that doesn’t mean you have to bathe 3 times, head to toe.

    Tripping into dirty water makes sense, but that would mean your #1 would ask how come you are wet when you enter the house and not izzit you shitted in your pants.

    I take it as it’s something dry, very smelly, and uhh..gross you out? You’re making me curious now šŸ™‚

  3. I know, you were at the petrol pump, the pump didn’t stop in time and some/alot of petrol hit you in the face/body.

  4. 3 differnt brand shampoo, ROFL, bird shit lor. Why not wash it with dilluted dettol, works better than dettol soups šŸ™‚

    Better be safe than sorry.

  5. Auntie fell onto a big pile of belacan when foto taking and while getting out of car, bird lausai on your hair.

  6. the #4 puked on your head while in the car?

    or slipped and fell into the longkang but head down first and also kena some part of the body? (like my sister when she was 13. Accidently stepped on a cardboard and slipped next thing we knew she was upside down in the longkang)

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