Fishing (for fish or men, wateva)

Did I tell you that I love to fish? Ya, I do that very often. As you know, fishing is a very therapeutic activity where you get to sit alone, waiting for the fish to bite and during that period, you get to think about a lot of things.

So, now let’s go through the checklist on fishing. The male species can give their tips on how to catch the swimming fishes in the sea. At the same time, the females and gays can talk about fishing for male partners? If you are a single woman, read slowly and absorb. If you are married or have lots of experiences, remember to give your inputs in the comment box, ok?


# 1 – We need the right equipment.

Well, we have to get the best and most expensive one that we can afford. Like the above rod? It is a cheapo one and only meant for small fishes. To translate what equipment means, it means nice hair, nice body, nice skin, nice smell, nice boobs, nice skills etc etc. If you want big fish, you gotta invest in better equipment.

# 2 – Attitude

We need lots of patience. And be positive. You cannot hook any fish, not even gelama and kembong (the cheapest variety) if you have no patience to wait. And if you are negative and thinks that the fish is not biting, they will not bite! Easy as that. So, have patience. You can’t rush them.

# 3 – Location

You want big fish, you gotta go to the right sea and risk a little to go far out into the sea. No doubt, the sea is full of fishes, not every fish is worth catching.

# 4 – Baits

Bait is part of equipment. If you want to catch garoupa, you need fresh, small, live fishes. If you merely hope to get cheap fishes, worms and cockles will do. In real life, you have to tune yourself to bait your fish. Before that, you need a good mirror. Be truthful. If your bait is mere cockles, don’t put high hope to catch a garoupa.

# 5 – Strategy

When the fish is not biting, you need to change strategy. Chinese has a saying ‘Bertindak mengikut angin’ (change with the wind). Check if you are in the right sea? Move to a new place. Check if your hook is too big, too small. Upgrade, if necessary. Is your bait fresh? Learn new skills.


# 6 – What do you do with the catch?

Be realistic. If you think you cannot ever hook a prized fish, settle for the common ones. Otherwise, you will be left with no fish at the end of the day. But if the fish is too small for your standard, throw it back to the sea without any second thoughts. Don’t keep because fish rots.

# 7 – What if you catch too many fishes?

Say you have several small fishes and finally got a big one. Do you throw all the small ones back into the sea? Don’t be too quick to judge a fish by its outer appearance. Some unedible fish like the ‘sai seng’ (believed to eat human faeces) are huge and looks solid. Whilst some really nice fish like the ‘sua chooi’ (a whitish, small but terribly nice fish) looks unimpressive. Experience will teach you how to judge a fish. If not, come ask 5xmom.

# 8 – What if the fish never bite?

Well, Jesus loves to fish. In the Bible, they talk about fishing all the time. You heard of ‘fisherman and fisher of man’ right? When the fishermen failed to catch any fish after a long night, Jesus told them to cast their nets from the other side of the boat and voila, the net almost burst with too many fishes. So, remember to call on Jesus (if you are not a Muslim, i.e.) to help you fish. Jesus was very mangchang (annoyed) with his disciples (or were they not yet his disciples?) when they doubted and argued with him that there is no fish. So, just close your eyes and ask Jesus for help if you really, really cannot catch a single fish.

(Photo of #2 taken many years ago when he got a garoupa (a prized fish) on a fluke fishing trip. This boy prayed hard when the fishes weren’t biting and out of nowhere, he caught this almost 1 kati spotted garoupa within minutes he dropped his hook into the water. I see that as God’s intervention to seal a child’s belief in Him.)

# 9 – Can you ever get lucky?

Yes, yes, yes. Sometimes, mysterious things can happen when you least expect it. So, good luck on your fishing trip!

More inputs please. Care to share your fishing tips?

26 thoughts on “Fishing (for fish or men, wateva)

  1. Interesting post, Lilian. May I add that the pursuer must be able to take a hint also (or maybe close to being a mind reader)? If the one being pursued has already said that s/he isn’t interested or has given some signs/keep giving excuses, then back off and move on. Don’t bother her/him again. It’s a waste of time and energy on your part and the person at the other end finds it annoying. Don’t these people get it? S/he is just not into you! Have a great weekend and all the best with th changing of your web hosting! šŸ™‚

  2. I have not gone fishing since my kids were born and the same is true for my old fishing buddy. We intend to take up our rods again this summer, leaving the kids and wives at home. Porbably just get drunk, but we can still come back with fishing story.

    Thats right.
    10. Fishing story. Dun have to be true as long as somebody listens. That way the fishing has a good memory.

    Lilian can I add you to my blog roll?

  3. I love fishing. Over here, the fishing seasons starts around July for Salmon. I only did that twice. But I do lake fishing for Bass. The biggest is about 30 inches. Yes, that was my personal prize winner.
    Tips.. use live baits (anchovies, bull heads) and go early like 5-6 AM. They seems to stop hitting around noon.
    Regarding women, nowadays.. just looking, no hooking.
    Married, not dead.

  4. sounds so easy….got step to step instruction some more….like partner-fishing for dummy….but if real life is only so easy. location very susah lah…..what is a good place to meet guys? maybe that should be your nrxt topic.

  5. aiyoyo!!! you know, i have nothing against fishing nor fishies. i love fish – really. BUT when i see the fish hooked up like that, aiyoooo……got no hati to go fishing lar. i perfer just using the net or something. sakit lar!!! šŸ™

  6. I don’t like to fish, too slow. I normally go to my uncle in Sungai Besar and take a fishing ship out and dug out everything earth has to offer. Then I choose which fish i like….muahahahaha.

  7. Wow, it’s amazing you like to fish. Living in Penang makes it easier for you also, huh. What’s the biggest firsh you’ve caught single-hahdedly so far? Did you cook it after that?

  8. I used to fish when I was young. Then, one by one the fishing spots were covered to make way for houses. Sadly, all my favourite fishing holes are now somebody’s backyard. šŸ™

    Now, I dun fish anymore… the UV is bad for ageing skin wor..:-P

  9. Lilian, brilliant entry,
    hey for all of you who wanted to fished rather than fish… fishing provide extra excitement…..the emmhhh.. and ahhh… of being a hunter. You got to set your strategies….and test the market!! he he..

  10. Aiya… I thought fishing is for guys. Must have big rod to catch big fish. The more ponds and oceans you cast your rod in, the better the chance of hooking the chun one. Or something like that. But must be careful also to avoid getting your rod broken. I’m sure Lin Peh can explain this one better than I can…

  11. Not often that you’ll find a female angler (I think). I don’t fish, I only cook fish. My husband is the fisherman. You ever been to the Russian wreck, Lilian?

  12. I love to fish also. Biggest catch I got was a Barracuda. Scared the shits out of me when I finally reeled it in…the farking sharp teeth was out to bite something or someone.. I felt so bad, I couldn’t eat it.

  13. mott – Wah, barracuda is the one with sharp sharp teeth wan mah? I never been into any big fishing trip cos my lou kong pening laut one. The moment he got on a ship/boat/sampan/ferry/wharf or anything with moving floor (including revolving restaurant), he get motion sickeness. So, I have to content myself with beach and small fishes which I dare not eat.

    Queen – I am no angler. I only small time fart fishing. Dunno what is the Russian Wreck oso.

    gbyeow – Big rod hook pretty fishies, not big fishes. LOL

    apple – Yeah, exactly, we are the fisherman, the fish is the suiyee. LOL.

    burp – I will check that out but I doubt I can take up fishing ‘cos I dare not even hook a bait for fear of hurting the worms. LOL. I only know how to throw the reel (?) and roll it back. Dare not even touch the slippery fishes.

    helen – I dun get dark easily but I did burn myself several tone darker last time when I was pregnant with my #5. I fished in Manjung lakes before. Wuah, dem best la the lake fishes.

    samm – All rather small la, mostly cat fishes only. This one very dangerous ‘cos they can sting. Yeah, I do enjoy eating them fresh. Mostly I fried them only.

    prometuez – You mean dug clams and cockles, issit? Fishing is good for thinking. I can sit here for hours just do nothing but thinking. šŸ™‚

    Yvy – Yeah, very kesian the fish one. I usually cepat-cepat throw them back into the sea unless they are big enough for eating. But once you got a hang of it, dem shiok to feel the fish biting and tugging.

    beelibala – Good luck in your fishing trip!

    oliviasy – Hope next time when my kids grown up, I can be the fisherwoman. Now cannot, must keep an eye of the small one. Very stressful, sked he fall into the water la, got hooked by the sharp hook la, etc etc. So, now just play play only.

  14. I don’t agree with U. Because I think, if U really have FATE with that fish, that fish will come to U eventually.
    No need pening kepala thinking/doing too much.
    If do it purposely, one will probably catch the wrong/bad fish.

    I only like to “see” fish(es), as many as I like.
    “Fishing” is boring.

  15. mslenglui – oi, real fishing oso very hard one. sometimes, day after day oso never get one decent fish. Must have patience…..

    zberjnak – Yalor, my hubby ran out of the small hooks (‘cos I got them all stuck to rocks šŸ™‚ ) so we use the bigger ones. This poor fish for some funny reason had his tail bitten off by a bigger fish. I think if I did not pull earlier, the big fish would have eaten this small fish. But if you are referring to the hook my son hold, it is the S hook, not the fishing hook la. We got home and took photo so use the S hook for drama only.

    kc – Wow, salmon! I hope to be able to do that one day. Can I eat the salmon live? Hahaha, slice off the meat while it is still struggling? Yum…like Japanese sashimi. LOL @ married not dead.

    SA – It is my pleasure, I will add your link soon. As for fishing, we can always talk about ‘the one that got away’ ya? Each time, the fish gets bigger. LOL

    wuching – You are fished, no more choice. End of fishing career.

    twisted heel – Fish soup. Hahaha, I hope women like the challenges.

    jian – You mean swimming as the fish?

    Alynna – I somemore got more tips, watch out!

    Sky – Yeah, I think the other end must take the queue that when the fish is not biting, must move on ya?

    Pelf – Haha, when I have too much time lor.

  16. If so “sui” luck, no fish comes. Catch “turtle” lah! Or go to wet market & buy as many as possible.

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